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  • APS Council Minutes Annual Meeting 2008, Hilton - Minneapolis, MN

    Friday, July 25 7:30-10:00 AM Saturday, July 26 8:00-12 Noon

    Friday, July 25, 2008 Guests: Jim MacDonald

    7:45 AM Call to Order (Martyn) Welcome and Introductions: Present are Michelle B., Ray M., Amy H., John R., Kate E., Tony K., Wayne W., Randy R., Jan L., Joyce L., Melodie P., Barb C., Margery D., Jim M., Lee C., John S., Barb Mock, Steve N., Marci S., Danise B., and Miles W. Absent: Ann Chase, Mike Boehm, Rob Wick, Bob Gilbertson, Ray Hammerschmidt, Jonathan Walton, and Gary Moorman

    Appointment of Parliamentarian (Martyn): Jan Leach

    8:00 AM Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (Beadle): No discussion. Motion to approve 2007 annual council meeting minutes, seconded: passed unanimously

    8:15 AM FAC Initiatives (Rowe/Mock) -Reviewed years financials; highlights are the journal revenues (with much credit to staff and the publications board), PMN has much improved and showed almost a breakeven surplus without overhead consideration, and APS Press surplus exceeded last year. The increased overhead allocation is due to an unrealized loss in investments -FAC will make a motion to increase dues of 3.5% which is lower than the suggested 5% CPI

    8:30 AM EXEC Initiatives (Martyn/Nelson) -APS membership at all time high with significant increases in three categories: Postdoc, student, and regular members

    8:45 AM Report on Auxiliary Meetings Adhoc progress (Hope/Rowe) Recommendations of the adhoc: The APS Ad Hoc Committee on Auxiliary Meetings recommends to APS Council that it form an Auxiliary Meetings Board whose charge would be to oversee the selection, investment, planning, delivery, and assessment of all scientific meetings of the society held apart from the Annual APS Meeting and Divisional Meetings. The Board would be charged also to generate ideas for scientific meetings on important issues that are timely and of broad interest to regional, national, or international constituencies. Guiding principles in constructing an APS portfolio of Auxiliary Meetings would be to conduct meetings that build APS member value, are consistent with the Strategic Plan, enhance APS reputation and brand recognition, and that, on balance over the portfolio, produce revenue for APS. We recommend initially that the Board include an appointed director and six appointed Board members who would each have responsibilities for overseeing individual meeting projects approved by the Board and executed by APS staff and a designated program chair. In addition, we recommend that one ex officio Board member be appointed from the Scientific Programs Board and one from the Public Policy Board. These members would participate in all Board discussions and votes, but would not be expected to oversee meeting projects. The Auxiliary Meetings Board would also include at least one senior APS staff member as a non-voting, ex officio member. We suggest that the director be appointed for a three-year term and that the six regular Board members be appointed for staggered three-year terms. The membership of the Board should be broad enough to represent many aspects of the discipline, but it is not necessary that all member areas be represented. It is especially important that Board members encompass expertise and experience in academia, government, extension, industry, private practice, and international agriculture. The most important attributes to consider in identifying candidates for the Board are broad vision, strategic thinking skills, and an enthusiasm for working with diverse people and providing new educational opportunities. We suggest that Auxiliary Meetings be re-assessed by Council after three years to determine whether the Board is accomplishing the mission set out by Council. Motion that council accept the report of the adhoc committee on Auxiliary Meetings and that we move forward to develop a new board based on those recommendations, seconded.

  • Discussion: initially this should not require additional staff hours as it is in fact formalizing an already existing mechanism. Is it necessary to have the number of members on the board suggested? What if there was one central board (SPB) with two arms, one annual meeting and one auxiliary? These questions have been addressed in the report. Motion to table vote until Saturday, seconded: passed unanimously

    9:15 AM Report on Education Committee Adhoc progress (MacDonald) -Has been requested that it is held in DC area. Staff is working on RFPs currently. The budget and agenda have been revised and the focus streamlined. Jim is working on the invitation list. It should be around 60 people. Still working on additional fund raising: Will meet with OIR and has met with Colein Hefferin who will assist in bringing to other agencies for funding consideration. Originally looking at early to mid December but would like to consider moving this to March, nearer the PPB meeting. Once dates are set Jim will begin contacting presenters.

    10:00 AM Adjourn to Leadership Forum (10AM-5PM)

    Saturday, July 26, 2008 Present: Michelle B., Rob W., Ray M., Tony K., Kate E., John R., Mike B., Ray H., Randy R., Wayne W., Melodie P., Joyce L., Margery D., Ann C., Barb C., Jim M., John S., Lee C., Jan L., Steve N., Marci S., Danise B., Miles W., Steve K., Barb M., Betty F., and Amy H. (M. Roca) Guests: Kellye Eversole, Jacque Fletcher, Phyllis Himmel, and Cleo DArcy

    7:55 AM Council Reconvenes (Martyn)

    8:05 AM PPB report of activities/priorities (Fletcher/ Eversole) .ppt Are there other ways that PPB can work with council to achieve strategic goals? Are PPBs priorities still relevant? Internship: There is an OSTP Fellowship opening: Looking into funding to support the fellowship. FDA also has paid Fellowships available. CSREES becoming NIFA (Natl Inst. For Food and Agriculture) NRI becomes AFRI (Ag & Food Research Initiative) These will have a unified budget and complete reorganization Significant investments of political and financial capital into the Farm Bill, however, the result is no funding increases. Food Safety funding is relatively flat. No vision for change. Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy. APS can lead the creation of an international industry-public sector alliance to double funding for ag research. Strategic vision for 2050 and beyond: Would like to bring together OIR and OPRO with PPB to work towards this initiative. PPB: Need to put together a plan with council approval to explore this initiative.

    8:30 AM APSnet update; progress on CMS implementation process (Kronmiller) .ppt: MOSS share point software implementation underway. We are halfway into the information architecture study. OEC will be reviewing the wireframe (basic layout) and assisting to finalize taxonomy. Site design is scheduled for completion by the end of September 08 followed by system installation that same month. Integration with database Nov-Dec 08; content migration/search workshop in Dec 08; user training Jan 09. Final migration Nov 09 and final by Dec 09.

    Initial features include My APS, searching indexed within and without APS, etc.

    8:45 AM ISF Codification Adhoc initiatives (Himmel) .ppt -lack on consistency in naming plant pathogen strains and races; need a system allowing access to differential host and pathogen sets for a unified approach Have secured initial support from USDA Natl Plant Germplasm Collections (GRIN) in proposed development of a storage and distribution format. The same proposal was developed for a third party lab for reference isolate storage and distribution. ASTA willing to manage funds to facilitate.

  • Propose to set up a custom permit for this collection format; working with APHIS to move this forward no commitment from them at this point. They are working towards a 2009 workshop and securing financial commitment by the seed industry to get the program up and running.

    9:00 AM Final Update on the Centennial (DArcy) Followed by (Moyer/Ford) .ppt Review of all the components of the meeting and acknowledgement of the volunteers involved. Attendance currently at 1805; anticipating 100 + onsite registrants.

    9:45 AM Quick update on governance ad hoc (5 min) (Boehm) Have signed an agreement to work with Bud Crouch (Tecker). Anticipate this effort will take eighteen months.

    9:50 AM Quick update from International Collaborations Adhoc (5 min) (Leach) This group is exploring inter-societal alliances to the benefit of all members. Will meet with societies of the Netherlands and Japan at this meeting, at their request.

    10:00 AM Review of Annual Communication Updates (Reports) and any issues (Danise) (see comments on consolidated report spreadsheet.)

    10:30 AM Capture and synthesize issues and consensus PPB request for input: what is the structure/mechanism for PPB to gain input from council and membership at large; part of that is addressed in Phyto News. Input should go directly to the director. Need clarification from PPB on the specifics of their request(s). Jan will take this discussion to the PPB meeting on Monday.

    11:00 AM Council Business Agenda I. Motions

    a. FAC Motions (Rowe/Mock) Motion to raise dues by 3.5% for all categories of membership b. Motions from Annual Communication Updates reporting none presented within reports c. EXEC Motion: Motion to re-incorporate the Midyear Saturday night stay and work on

    an efficient agenda to be able to end early Sunday and begin by noon on Friday Others: TABLED MOTION: Motion that council accept the report of the adhoc committee on Auxiliary Meetings and that we move forward to develop a new board based on those recommendations, seconded. II. Appointments See Appointment Template and council ballot final. Thank you to all outgoing council and welcome to incoming members

    11:50 Council