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April 2017 - Hershey Public Schools · April 2017 Hershey Public Schools, ... Clarinet/Flute Duet - Lanie Allen, ... Trumpet Duet - Christian Folchert, Reace Anderson Superior Solos

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    April 2017 Hershey Publ ic Schools, P.O. Box 369, Hershey, NE 69143

    The Nebraska Unicameral is looking at ways to reduce their budget. One of the bills LB409 will

    reduce the amount of net option funding to be paid to our district in the 17-18 school year by $78,367

    dollars. This amount equals 1.4 cents on our current levy. If you recall, in my February newsletter I

    outlined the reduction of state aid that our district has received from the state since the 2007-2008

    school year. It was a loss of $1,195,176. To put that dollar amount into perspective, in this years

    budget that would be 21.7 cents on the levy. We are no longer an equalized district for purposes of

    the TEOSSA formula because of the increased value of agricultural land. Currently the only funds

    that we receive in the form of state aid is for net option. If you have any questions on the budget,

    TEOSSA, or how any of the legislative bills will affect our district, please give me a call or stop by my


    We have just entered into our final nine weeks of the 2017-2018 school year. There are a lot of

    activities during the fourth nine weeks to enjoy. Make sure that you take the time to come and

    support the students and staff.

    We celebrated our eighth annual Academic Pep Rally which was titled NeSA Round Up on March

    31th to kick off the state assessment testing season or NeSA testing. World Champion Bull Rider,

    Dustin Elliott, spoke to the students about the importance of setting SMART goals. Students in

    grades 3-8 will test in Reading and Math. Students in grades 5, 8 will be tested in Science as well.

    Juniors will take the ACT test on April 19th. This will be the first year that the Juniors will use the

    ACT test as a replacement for the NeSA reading, math, writing and science tests. Please make sure

    your child gets plenty of rest the night before their test event. These test results are recorded at the

    Nebraska Department of Education and will be used to grade both your child and our school district.

    We utilize these test scores to determine if we need to change our curriculum or to determine if we

    need to offer additional classes or sections to meet the needs of our students.

    I would like to thank the HELP Club for sponsoring the Kids Carnival that was held on March 30th. It

    was a huge success! Thank you to all of you who help to make this event happen! It was wonderful

    seeing so many smiling faces and families enjoying a fun evening together!

    We will be hosting the Mike Troxel Invitational Track meet on April 22nd. If you would like to help

    time, pick or help with a field event it would be greatly appreciated. Please give Mr. Thomas a call to

    let him know if you can help.

    Please give me a call or stop by office if I can ever be of assistance to you!

    Mrs. Jane Davis, Supt.

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    News from your Principal

    We will begin a month of testing in April to meet the requirements of the state of Nebraskas standardized testing. All 7th and 8th grade students will be taking the NeSA (Nebraska State Assessment) test. There are three areas that are tested, they are Reading and Math for all students and 8th grade students will also take a Science test. All 11th grade students will take the ACT test that is provided by our state at no cost to students.

    The testing schedule for our students is as follows:

    All juniors will take the ACT online on April 19th.

    Our 7th and 8th grade students will be testing in the areas of Reading and Math on April 4th, April 6th, April 11th, and April 13th. Our 8th grade students will take the NeSA test in Science on April 20th.

    A couple of tips for having your child prepared for the upcoming tests are: Talk with your child about the importance of taking their time on the test and doing their best. Results for the tests will be available to parents in September. It is important for students to show yearly growth.

    Students should have a good breakfast and lunch on the days they are testing. Our school has a breakfast and lunch program to provide these meals to students. Please encourage your child to have a good meal each day that they come to school.

    It is important for students to get plenty of rest during the weeks they are testing. Encourage your child to get adequate rest and to be to school on time.

    Please try to schedule any appointments around the days that your child is scheduled to test. Students that are absent on the testing days will be required to take their NeSA test in a make-up session. This will create more time that they will be absent from their classroom instruction. If there is no way to avoid being absent on a testing session, please notify your childs teachers, so we can make advance accommodations for your child to be tested.

    If you have any questions about the upcoming NeSA tests please contact your childs teachers or the administration at Hershey High School. We will be happy to discuss your child and their testing at any time.

    Please take some time to discuss your childs progress in the 4th quarter with them. All grades and assignments can be viewed on PowerSchool. If your child is struggling in a class, please contact the appropriate teacher or the administration.

    Easter break will be April 14 and April 17 with students returning to school on April 18.

    One final reminder is that we will be having our activity and honors banquet for the senior high on April 24 at 6:00 pm. We will also be doing an academic awards presentation for 7-12 students during the school day May 10th at 2pm. Please plan on attending to honor the accomplishments of our students.

    Jeff Steinbeck

    Hershey High School Principal

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    April Newsletter from the Activities Director/7-12 Assistant Principal

    The last quarter of the school year is here and activities will soon become busy again. Weather has been nice at times but also a thorn in our side on some days. Through it all our activity programs are working hard at finishing strong.

    I would like to congratulate Mr. Rolofson and our Speech team on a very successful season. We had 2 students qualify for the state speech meet in Kearney. Erica Schufeldt in Persuasive and Lanie Allen in Entertainment. Erica has qualified for the state tournament 3 years and Lanie Allen has qualified the past two years.

    Hershey won the championship trophy in the jazz band competition once again at the 2017 Southern Platte Valley Conference Music Competition. The contest was held Perkins County Schools on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. There were vocal and musical entries from all 7 conference schools. Our instrumental and vocal music students all performed well and are looking forward to District Music on April 21st at Sutherland High School. As well as winning the SPVA championship, our instrumental music and vocal music received superior ratings.

    Instrumental Music Results:

    Superior and Best of Conference:

    Jazz Band Percussion Ensemble #1 (Trio) River, Reagan, Dalton Percussion Ensemble #2 (Large Ensemble) Clarinet Solo - Lanie Allen Snare Drum Solo - River Hudson Clarinet Duet - Lanie Allen, Ericia Schufeldt Clarinet/Flute Duet - Lanie Allen, Kendal Naranjo Saxophone Quartet - Celie Childears, Katie Compton, Kelsey Folchert, William Stone Trumpet Duet - Christian Folchert, Reace Anderson

    Superior Solos and Ensembles:

    Percussion Trio - River Hudson, Reagan Hudson, Dalton Zeigler Alto Sax Solo - Kelsey Folchert Tenor Sax Solo - Katie Compton Bari Sax Solo - William Stone

    Excellent Solos and Ensembles:

    Clarinet/Flute Duet - Ashlyn Banks, Raychel Banks Flute Solo - Kendal Naranjo Trumpet Solo - Christian Folchert

    Vocal Music Results:

    Superior Solos:

    Andie Venzor

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    Superior Ensembles:

    Kelsey Folchert and Andie Venzor Josh Eshleman and Andie Venzor

    Excellent Solos:

    Kelsey Folchert Avery Fischer Marissa Newman Ben Fischer Aaron Melvin Trey Legas

    Excellent Ensembles:

    Show Choir Andie Venzor and Varsha Huebner Lexi Melvin and MacKenzie Wolken Boys Ensemble-Sam Mackley, Josh Eshelman, Dawson Seamann, and Aaron Melvin Girls Ensemble: Marissa Newman, Sydney Reed, Katie Compton, Ericka Adkins, Danise Sianiqui, and Natali Rojas We will be hosting the annual Mike Troxel Panther Track Invitational on Saturday, April 22rd. The annual Hershey/St. Pats JH Meet on Wednesday, April 12th. If you are interested in helping with our track meets please contact the high school office and ask for Sherri or myself. Tennis and Golf have both began their first meets of the year and look forward a very exciting season. Tennis has competed versus McCook and North Platte. Boys golf had their first meet of the year on March 30th at Augusta. That is Augusta Hills in Stapleton not the Masters at Augusta! There is just a little difference in the golf courses!

    Our Quiz Bowl team both in JH and HS have been going strong and have brought home some trophies. The HS team placed 1st place at the Hershey Invite. The JH team placed 1st at the meet in Arthur County Invite. Our HS JV and V teams just placed 1st at the Paxton meet. Great job Quiz Bowl team!!!

    Jeremy Thomas

    Activities Director/Assistant Principal


    Its hard to believe that spring is already here and as the weather begins to warm up it will

    remind us that summer is just around the corner! Many outside activities will be starting for

    children and it can become difficult to remain focused on their academics. It will be important to

    continue to monitor homework and attitudes to insure that students are continuing to show

    responsibility, respect and a readiness to learn. With just over seven weeks of school left, I ask

    parents to maintain the school routine as much as possible. Summer will be here soon but

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    there is certainly time for more goals to be set so that continued growth can be seen before

    summer break.

    During the month of April we celebrate our wonderful volunteers but we appreciate you all year

    long! We know how crucial volunteers are to the running of a school. Our H.E.L.P. Club is one

    of the best PTA organizations in the state and these wonderful people continue to support our

    students, staff and community in many ways! We have parents, grandparents and community

    members who help our students and staff individually, each and every day. We have one of the

    strongest TeamMates Mentoring Programs anywhere that provides support and encouragement

    to many of our students. We also have a large number of volunteers who help us for specific

    events and activities. I know we can never say it enough, but thank you to all of you. Our

    children grow emotionally and academically because of what you do.

    Thank you all for your support for Hershey students, families, and staff! It is truly a privilege to

    work with such a great community.

    Jason Calahan

    Elementary Principal


    With the nice weather upon us, parents and students are reminded to check the Student

    Appearance section which begins on page 41 of the Parent-Student Handbook. By doing so, it

    could avoid a problem.


    Our appreciation goes out to:

    The officers and members of the H.E.L.P. Club for all the hard work and dedication in putting on the annual Fun Carnival. The Carnival seems to get better every year due to your planning and execution. Your hard work never goes unnoticed and you provided a great night for many of our students and their families.

    All who came to the Carnival Fun Night and bought tickets, donated food and other items, volunteered to work a game, ate dinner and bid on silent auction items. Your effort and generosity went to a good cause and we cant thank you enough.


    Students in grades 3-8 and 11 will be participating in the state reading, math and science tests

    during the month of April. These tests are given in every school in the state. Since

    comparisons will be made, we want Hershey students to do their best. Parents are asked to

    see that their child gets a good nights sleep, eats a healthy breakfast and comes to school with

    a positive attitude.

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    The school has done several things leading up to the testing dates that we hope will motivate

    the students. Along with individual classroom goals and an all-school pep-rally, the students are

    being challenged to do their best with incentive packages for high scores. All we ask is that

    students take the tests seriously and do their very best. Parents, please help us reinforce this

    from home as well.


    Students who have earned AR (Accelerated Reader) points since the last newsletter include:

    10 Points

    Tyce Didier KM

    Jessie Knoles KM

    Marcella Willard KM

    Hadley Etherton KJ

    Benjamin Frame KJ

    Calvin Schaffert KJ

    20 Points

    Brekkyn Baker KM

    Macin Summers KJ

    Alise Odean 1J

    Toby Sward 2T

    30 Points

    Adalyn Magill KM

    Zane Morgan 1J

    Jacob Koch 2T

    Kora Addleman 3R

    Timothy Caudillo 3R

    40 Points

    Johnathan Kucera 1W

    Theo Caudillo 1J

    Mavrik McConnell 1J

    Sawyer Willard 2H

    50 Points

    Noah Murdock KJ

    Ryan Rawles 1W

    Brady Odean 3T

    Kara Selken 5K

    100 Points

    Ty Vaughn 1W

    Khia Romero 2H

    Landon McNeel 3T

    John McNeel 3R

    Tatume Rink 4K

    Blaine Schrotberger 4K

    150 Points

    Madison Haddow 2T

    Jensyn Hampton 2T

    Rachel Simonson 2T

    Jacob Kreiling 3T

    Samantha Hill 4D

    Landon Farmer 5K

    Ruby Nutter 5K

    Kason Bruns 5G

    200 Points

    Cole Murdock 2H

    Jase Long 3R

    Zoe Schmitt 4K

    Krysta Eckhoff 5K

    250 Points

    Lilian Huegel 3T

    Riggin Hutchison 3R

    Shelby Smyth 4K

    Ethan Elliott 4D

    Pake Dewey 6K

    Eva McConnell 6K

    300 Points

    Bailey Bell 5K

    Ali Vaughn 5K

    Addilyn Wilson 6K

    350 Points

    Quintin Pinkerton 3T

    Emma Hall 5K

    Gracie Seamann 5K

    400 Points

    Emma Elliott 4K

    Ceiden Childears 5K

    Maci Cox 5G

    450 Points

  • 7

    Logan Fletcher 4K

    500 Points

    Lauren Haddow 6K

    550 Points

    Madison Guernsey 6H

    800 Points

    Natalia Toribio 3T

    900 Points

    Peyton Fischer 5G

    Kaitlyn Hendricks 6K

    950 Points

    Bryce Bode 4K

    1200 Points

    Brodey Hund 5K

    1250 Points

    Brodey Hund 5K

    Congratulations to the students for their effort and dedication to reading.


    Erica Schufeldt and Lanie Allen for qualifying to compete at the state speech tournament at the

    University of Nebraska at Kearney on March 23. Erica finished in 8th place of a field of 18

    contestants in Persuasive Speaking. Lanie finished 15th of 18 overall in Entertainment


    Post-Season Basketball Honors

    Congratulations to Clay Frels & Jason Davis for making the Lincoln Journal Star C1 State

    Basketball Team as Honorable Mention Selection.

    2016-17 Yearbook

    The 2016-17 Yearbook is on sale and orders are being taken at the school or on-line

    through Cost for the yearbook is $35.00 for advanced orders prior to May 15. After

    the deadline, the cost of the book is $45. No orders will be taken after the publisher's cut-off

    date of May 20. Please refer to the order form on the school web page. Contact Rich Rolofson

    for additional information.

    Retirement Party

    Come and celebrate the RETIREMENT of: Leona McConnell, Bob Mark, Merle Konken and

    Lori Evans. There will be a retirement party held on Monday, May 22nd from 3:00 p.m.-6:00

    p.m. in the Hershey School cafeteria. Cake, nuts, and refreshments will be served! Please help

    us honor and recognize the years of service they have given to our school and community!

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    Name ___________________________________________________

    Grade Entering _____________________________________

    T-shirt Size

    Please Send This Form Back ASAP To Receive A T-shirt!

    Dustin Jorgenson HERSHEY BASKETBALL

    Box 18 or PO BOX 369

    Hershey, NE 69143 HERSHEY, NE 69143



    K - 6th Grade Boys & Girls

    Date June 26-28

    Time 9:30 am -12:00 pm

    Tuition $45 (Includes Camp T-shirt)

    Campers are taught all aspects of the game with an emphasis being placed

    on fundamentals. Campers will learn new drills to help improve their overall

    skills while enjoying a fun, energetic, and positive camp atmosphere.

    Campers will also participate in contests and games.

    Send this form ASAP to get your camp T-shirt reserved.

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    EducationQuest Foundation

    College Planning Bulletin A monthly college planning guide for Nebraska high school students

    April 2017

    SeniorsImportant FAFSA information for you and your parents

    The IRS recently took down its Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) due to security concerns. The DRT allows

    students and parents to transfer income tax information into the Free Application for Federal Student Aid


    If you already filed your 2017-18 FAFSA and used the DRT to input your tax information, this

    outage should not affect you.

    If you and your parents have NOT completed your 2017-18 FAFSA, follow these steps:

    1. Complete the FAFSA at If you get an error message when you try IRS Data Retrieval (page not

    found or access denied), manually input your 2015 tax data.

    2. Request an official tax return transcript of your 2015 income tax data from the IRS. You will need the

    transcript if the college(s) you list on the FAFSA request verification of your tax data.

    3. Respond to verification requests as soon as possible and send all requested documents to the college.

    Colleges will not award financial aid until the verification process is complete.

    For free help with the FAFSA or verification process, contact EducationQuest to make an appointment. See

    locations and phone numbers at the bottom of this bulletin. You may also submit questions via Facebook and

    Twitter. We will quickly respond!

    College fairs happening across the state

    Talk to representatives from colleges across the state, region, and nation during upcoming college fairs.

    Juniorsthese events will help you narrow your college choices before taking the ACT this spring and applying for

    college and financial aid early in the fall.

    Seniorsattend if you havent made your final college decision.

    Lincoln Area College Fair Sunday, March 19, 1-3 p.m., Southeast Community College

    Grand Island Area College Fair Sunday, March 26, 1-3 p.m., Pinnacle Bank Expo Center

    Scottsbluff Area College Fair Sunday, April 2, 1-3 p.m., Western Nebraska Community College

    Omaha Area College Fair Sunday, April 9, 1-3 p.m., University of Nebraska Omaha Sapp Fieldhouse

  • 17

    Tri-State Area College Fair (South Sioux City) Sunday, April 23, 1-3 p.m., Marina Center

    Before you attend, register for a barcode at Print the barcode (or download it to your

    smartphone) and take it to the fair so college reps can scan it.

    SeniorsIts decision time!

    Heres how to decide on the college thats the right fit for you.

    Compare your college acceptance letters, financial aid award notifications, and campus visit notes. List the pros

    and cons of each school using the following criteria:

    Location Is the college too close? If you come home every weekend, you wont experience true campus life. Is

    the college too far away? If so, you may not make it home as often as youd like.

    Cost Can your family afford the school? What can you expect for financial aid beyond your freshman year? Did

    you receive renewable scholarships? How much in student and parent loans will you need to cover expenses?

    Academic program Does the college offer the program that interests you? What happens if you change majors?

    Does the college offer other programs that interest you?

    Student life Does the school offer activities you will enjoy? Do you like the living arrangements provided by the

    school? Will you have an opportunity to work on or near campus?

    Make your final decision by May 1 and then notify the colleges youre rejecting so they can offer your spot, and

    any financial aid, to another student.

    April To Do List


    ___ Continue applying for scholarships.

    ___ Make your final college decision.

    ___ Start purchasing dorm essentials now to avoid sticker shock in August.

    ___ Start looking for a summer job.


    ___ Attend a college fair in your area. ___ Schedule campus visits while colleges are still in session. ___ Register by April 7 for the May 6 SAT. ___ Register by May 5 for the June 10 ACT. ___ Start looking for scholarships.

    For free help with college planning, contact EducationQuest Foundation:

    Omaha Lincoln Kearney Scottsbluff

    402-391-4033 402-475-5222 308-234-6310 800-303-3745 ext. 6654

    888-357-6300 800-303-3745 800-666-3721

    Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Your Journey to College Begins with Us

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    MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2017

    The Hershey Public School Board of Education held their regular meeting on Monday, March 13, 2017 in the board

    conference room. Official notice of the meeting was advertised in the March 9th edition of the Courier Times and

    posted in three places within the Village. The meeting was called to order @ 7:00 pm followed by the Pledge of

    Allegiance and the notification to those in attendance of the posted Open Meetings Law Poster. Members present

    were Brenda Johnson, Lucas McConnell, Yvette Troyer, Bob Arnett, Jodi Seamann and Steve Koch. Also present

    were Superintendent Davis, Bookkeeper Konken, Principals Steinbeck and Calahan. Principal Thomas was absent.

    No guests were present.

    **Approved the consent agenda which consists of minutes of the February 13 regular meeting, bills for payment in

    the amount of $497,570.63, all financial reports and resignations of Tyler Cronin and Jeremy Thomas, retirements of

    Merle Konken and Bob Mark.

    **Approved the 2017-2018 school calendar.

    **Approved the contracts for Jessica Giesellman (middle school special ed) effective February, 2017 for the remainder

    of the 2016-2017 school year and for Sam Siegel (history) for the 2017-2018 school year.

    **Approved the option IN of Knox Demaree (kindergarten), Bryce Butterfield (9th gr) and Carter Butterfield (7th

    gr) from North Platte Public School Dist #1 effective the 2017-18 school year.

    Discussion was held on KSB board policies #3012, #3014, #5032 - #5067 and 6000 series.

    Review of 2016-2017 goals in preparation of the upcoming board goal setting session.

    Principals Reports: Mr Steinbeck report: Enrollment and graduation update; Fourteen seniors have earned a Red

    Cross red cord to wear at graduation to signify they have donated at least 3 units of blood or recruited at least 10 first-

    time blood donors and Congratulations to Colton Clark who was named HPS Education Foundation Student of the

    Month for March. Mr. Thomas reported we hosted the SPVA speech meet. Congratulations to Lanie Allen who

    placed 3rd in her event. We also hosted the SPVA Quiz Bowl. Congratulations to Bryan McGahan for his 3rd place

    finish at the State Wrestling Meet. Also his 2nd place at the AAU event qualifying him a spot on the National Dual

    Team which will be held this summer at Disney World. Mr Calahan reported on pre-school and kindergarten

    orientation. Destination Imagination - all 8 teams will be competing at the state competition in Kearney on April 8th.

    Congratulations to Ashton Lambert the March HPS Education Foundation Student of the Month.

    No Board Reports:

    Superintendent Report: Mrs Davis reported that Stephanie Apple of Ogallala was offered the bookkeeper position.

    Update on Legislative issues. Reminder of Board Retreat / Training of Wednesday, March 15 at Rivers Edge. NRCSA

    conference in Kearney on March 22-24th, NSBA national conference in Denver on March 25-27 and NASB School

    Law Seminar in Kearney on June 8-9.

    Next meeting will be held on Monday, April 10, 2017 @ 7:00 pm in the board conference room.

    Meeting adjourned @ 8:35 pm.

    I t i s t h e p o l i c y o f t h e H e r s h e y P u b l i c S c h o o l D i s t r i c t n o t t o d i s c r i m i n a t e o n t h e b a s i s o f g e n d e r , d i s a b i l i t y , r a c e , c o l o r , r e l i g i o n , m a r i t a l s t a t u s , a g e o r n a t i o n a l o r i g i n i n i t s e d u c a t i o n p r o g r a m s , a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , p o l i c i e s , e m p l o y m e n t o r o t h e r a g e n c y p r o g r a m s .

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