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    Friday, December 9, 2016

    Friday, April 28, 2017

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    Welcome Letter ..4

    Fine Arts & Social Sciences staff/contact information...5-6

    Music Convocation7-9

    Applied Music General Information..10-11

    Applied Music Syllabus...12-14

    Jury .........14-15

    Flint Institute of Music15

    Applied Music Student Scholarship Information....16

    MCC Music Facilities.....17-18

    AppendixOMCME Club...........AMCC Music Practice Room Usage Policies.....BGrading System........................................CMusic Program Sequential Guide.........D

  • It Starts Here!

    MUSIC PROGRAMFine Arts & Social Sciences Division

    1401 E. Court Street Flint, MI 48503(810) 762-0332

    Welcome to MCCs music program!

    We are happy that you have chosen MCC for your studies! Beginning in fall 2012 students who complete all degree requirements can receive an Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Music. The Music Department atMott Community College offers a comprehensive collegiate program designed to fulfill the freshman and sophomore requirements needed to transfer to four year colleges and universities. Through its variety of music appreciation courses, there is a strong focus on multiculturalism and global awareness.

    Offering a broad musical curriculum from classical to jazz and commercial music, we serve a wide variety of students that include high school graduates and retirees. MCC students have gone on to complete their de-grees at other institutions throughout the state and beyond, such as Columbia College(Chicago), Berklee College of Music (Boston), Western Michigan University, and Wayne State University, among others.

    MCC has offerings in music technology and composition. Composition students have the opportunity to have their works read by the ensembles and possibly performed on a concert during the year. MCC also offers a wide array of ensembles that encompass all genres of music. Large ensembles are open to all MCC students and community members. Both small and large ensembles perform in concerts on campus and throughout the community several times a year.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (810) 232-3491. You can also visit the Music Program web page at

    We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve success here at MCC!

    Musically yours,

    Dr. Mary Procopio, Associate Professor of MusicDirector of Instrumental StudiesMott Community College

    Dr. Townes Osborn Miller, Associate Professor MusicProgram & Outreach CoordinatorMott Community College

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    Contact InformationFine Arts & Social Sciences Division Office

    MMB 2005(810) 762-0332

    Mary Cusack, Dean of Fine Arts & Social SciencesMMB 2005 (810) 762-0474

    Debbie Killian, Administrative Assistant IVMMB 2005(810) 762

    Joi Callahan, Secretary IIMMB 2005(810) 762

    Kim Gregus, Secretary IIVADC100(810)

    Jeff Bussure, Music Technical AssistantMMB 1019 (810) 232-3470

    Music Faculty- Full-Time

    Dr. Townes Osborn Miller, Program & Outreach Coordinator, Music Theory & Fundamentals of Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music Appreciation.MMB 1034 (810) 232-3531

    Dr. Mary Procopio, Scholarship Coordinator, Director of Instrumental Studies, Concert BandDirector, World Music and Culture, Music Appreciation.MMB 1036 (810) 232-3491

    Dr. Bill Withem, Coordinator of Music Technology, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Music Technology, Composition.MMB 1030 (810) 232-3505

  • It Starts Here!

    Music Faculty-Adjunct

    Jim Coviak, Steel Drum Ensemble DirectorMMB 1123 (810) 762-0332

    Ms. Andrea Floden, Piano Class, Piano AccompanistMMB 1028A (810) 762-0332

    Dr. Ben Fuhrman, Music TechnologyMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

    John Hill, Jazz Ensemble Director, Music & Jazz AppreciationMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

    Dr. Eddie Howell, Music AppreciationMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

    Larry MacDonald, Film Music, Music AppreciationMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

    Delaina Oberman, Percussion Ensemble DirectorMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

    Dr. Matthew Packer, Choral Director, Chamber Singers, Voice Class, Piano ProficiencyMMB 1032 (810) 736-4893

    Holly Richardson, Piano class, Music Appreciation, History of Rock & RollMMB 1028A (810) 762-0332

    Mari Yancho, Guitar Ensemble Director, Guitar ClassMMB 1040 (810) 762-0332

    Frank Yon, Jazz Combo Director, Music & Jazz AppreciationMMB 1032 (810) 762-0332

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    Mott Community College Music DepartmentTuesdays 2:45PM-4:00PM

    MMB Auditorium

    GENERAL INFORMATIONAll music students enrolled in applied are required to attend applied music convocation on select Tuesdays throughout each semester from 2:45pm until 4:00pm in the Music Auditorium.*All students taking music classes are encouraged to attend as well. Performances are free and open to the public. Tentative Music Convocation classes for the fall and winter semesters are as follows: **

    FALLSeptember 6, 13, 20October 4, 18November 1, 15, 29

    JURY- Friday, December 9, 2016

    WINTERJanuary 31February 7, 21March 7, 21April 4, 18

    JURY- Friday, April 28, 2017

    On certain days convocation begins at 2:30pm instead of 2:45pm.**A more detailed schedule with information on what will be covered during each class will be available shortly after the beginning of each semester.

    OBJECTIVETo provide music students with the opportunity to learn more about music, performance practices, and special topics through performing on student recitals, attending faculty and guest artist recitals and lectures, and participating in various workshops, including: master classes, mock auditions, transfer panel discussions (with representatives from other uni-versities), and seminars that address how to get the most out of your teacher, how to practice, what to do with a music degree, performance anxiety, stage presence, and music business, among other topics.


    Be on time for convocation classes. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class.

    Students should perform an accompanied piece approved by their applied instructor on their recitals and juries. First semester students perform on one recital each semester; second through fourth semester students perform on two recitals each semester. For students performing more than one time per semester, or performing more than one piece on a recital, a solo (unaccompanied piece) may be performed with approval from the music faculty and the applied instructor. An etude does not count as a solo, unless it is specifically a concert etude composed for performance.

    Students may NOT miss an academic class or performance ensemble to rehearse for recitals.

  • It Starts Here!

    Students may not perform the same piece on more than one recital. However, students may perform a recital piece for their jury. (see Jury Information Sheet in Handbook)

    As a general rule, popular music is not to be performed on student recitals or juries.

    Students must turn their Applied Performance Form to Joi Callahan in the Music Office (MMB 2005) on the sec-ond floor of MMB by 5:00pm Wednesday the week before they are scheduled to perform. Blank forms can be obtained from the Music Office.

    Applied instructors may e-mail Joi Callahan (joi, with their approval in lieu of signing the Student Recital Form, but the e-mail must be received in the same time frame, one week before students are to perform. The Student Recital Form must be filled out completely with the correct title of piece, movement or movements, composer and dates of composer, name of accompanists and instrument they are playing, etc.

    Students who do not turn in a signed Student Recital Forms on time may be prohibited from performing, which will result in a grade of 0.0 for that recital.

    ACCOMPANIST Students are responsible for obtaining and paying for their own accompanists. Professor Floden is available to accompany students.

    Students should contact her (or another approved accompanist) as soon as they know the piece that they are performing at

    Music should be given to your accompanist no later than two weeks before your performance, preferably sooner. It is the students responsibility to provide music to the accompanist and to schedule rehearsals with the accompa-nist prior to their performance.

    Students should schedule rehearsals during their free time.

    Students may NOT miss any academic classes or ensembles (i.e. band, choir, etc.) in order to rehearse with their accompanist.

    Accompany FeesThe student may opt to use their own accompanist with approval by the full-time faculty. Otherwise all accompanying is done by Professor Andrea Floden. Fees for her services are:

    $20 for recitals

    $20 for each hour rehearsal for recitals