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  1. 1. Apple - iOS 8 - DeveloperWith deeper-than-ever access to iOS capabilities, developers are able to create better, morecustomized experiences for you.Sharing OptionsiOS lets you quickly share photos, videos, websites, and other content with social sites like Facebookand Twitter. For iOS 8, we've opened the sharing options to all developers, which means you'll havemore places to share what matters to you.Custom ActionsWith a tap of the Action button, you can do things like assign a photo to a contact or print adocument. iOS 8 allows developers to extend those capabilities. For instance, a developer couldmake it possible to watermark documents, add something to a wish list, or translate text to adifferent language.Notification CenterSee more items in the Today view in Notification Center. For example, you could add widgets thatupdate you on package deliveries, the latest surf reports, or breaking stories from your favorite newsapp.DocumentsWe're expanding how iOS handles documents to enable you to open and edit documents using moreapps, and to share documents between apps without creating unnecessary copies.Photo EditingDevelopers can embed their filters and editing tools directly into the Photos app. So you could applythird-party effects to images without leaving the app where you view your photos.KeyboardDevelopers are able to create new keyboards you can install and use systemwide. Once they'reavailable, you can choose your favorite input method or layout.