APPLE CRUMBLE RECIPE - Another teacheranother- CRUMBLE RECIPE how to make a good apple crumble The apple crumble is a traditional english dessert. You can also make a crumble with

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APPLE CRUMBLE RECIPEhow to make a good apple crumbleThe apple crumble is a traditional english dessert.You can also make a crumble with other fruit : apricot, peach, pearINGREDIENTS for 4 PEOPLE and UTENSILSyou need 4 large APPLES A WOODEN SPOON250 g of white SUGAR A PAN with a LID200 g of FLOUR A BOWL150 g of BUTTER An oven proof DISH1 CINNAMON stick An OVENCREAM or VANILLA ICE-CREAM A KNIFE and a BOARDPrepare the applesWASH the applesPEEL the applesCORE the applesCUT the apples into CHUNKSCOOK THE APPLESPUT the apple CHUNKS into the PANADD some sugar, clove, cinnamonCOVER with the lidSTEW the apples for 30 minutes, STIR with the WOODEN SPOONPUT them in the DISH and let them COOLMake the crumble toppingMIX the FLOUR, the SUGAR and the BUTTER with fingers in the BOWLCRUMBLE it with your fingers until it looks like sandBake the crumblePREHEAT the OVEN (150C)COVER the apples with the crumble in the DISHCOOK the apple crumble for 30 minutes, it must become CRUNCHY golden brownServe the dessertSERVE with CREAM or VANILLA ICE-CREAMENJOY !!!


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