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  • 229For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Off-Road T-Shirt86313B S-3XLOff-Road design, featuresthe new Crower off-road logo.

    Hardcore T-Shirt86320B - Black S-3XL86320W - White S-3XL100% cotton, back printed with Crower name and products list.

    Hardcore Long Sleeve T-Shirt86307 White S-3XL86308 Black S-3XL100% cotton, back printed with Cower logo and products lists.

    Anniversary T-Shirt86310 white S-3XL 86311 black S-3XL86312 gray S-3XLCelebrate 50 years of Crower heritage with this classic print.


  • 230 For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Every Part for Power T-Shirt86328 S-3XL100% cotton, back printed with Cower logo and performance cars.

    55th Aniversary Shirt86319 M-2XLCelebrate 55 years of Crower racing heritage.

    Cool Vented Polo86317 White S-3XL86318 Black S-3XLVented polo shirt, classic logo.

    Engine Kit T-Shirt86387 S-3XL100% cotton, printed with Crower logo and engine kit.


  • 231For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Womens Apparel

    Every Part for Power 86303 M-3XLClassic logo withrace cars.

    Off-Road Tank86300 S-2XL Back86305 S-2XL PinkPrinted off-road logo.

    Womens Hoodie86380 S-XL - Purple/Orchid86383 S-XL - Turquoise/WhiteZip up hoodie, withembroidered cam lobe logo

    V-Neck Shirt86351 White S-XL86352 Black S-XLV-neck with printedCrower logo

    Long Sleeve86302 Black S-2XL86301 White S-2XLLong sleve t-shirt,back and sleeves printed.

  • 232 For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Nostalgia Apparel55th Aniversary Killer T-Shirt86330 gray S-3XL86331 white S-3XLFeatures the vintage Killer Crow, new 55th annivesary logo on the front.

    The Beast T-Shirt86353 S-3XL100% cotton, back printedwith "The Beast",Cam Lobe Logo on the front

    Vintage Cam Lobe T-Shirt86332 S-3XL (white)100% cotton, back printed with vintage Cam Lobe Logo printed front and back.

  • 233For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Nostalgia ApparelNostalgia Jacket86314P Purple S-3XL86314B Black S-3XLEmbroidered with vintage Crower logo, leather sleeves, originally released in 1966.

    Killer Series Jacket86315B Black S-3XL86315 Gray S-3XLEmbroidered with Killer nostalgia crow, shop jacket.

  • 234 For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Sherpa Zip Hoodie86338 S-3XL Embroidered with classic logo, sherpa lining.

    Classic Logo Hoodie86339 S-3XLEmbroidered with classic logo, no zipper.

    Fleece Vest86337G S-2XLGray fleece vest embroidered with classic logo.

    Youth Hoodie86333Y Black S-XLBlack hoodie with classic logo.86334Y Pink S-XLPink zip-up hoodie with classic logo.Also in toddler sizes.86333T Black 2 thru 686334T Pink 2 thru 6

    Cam Lobe Hoodie86382 S-2XLBlack/Gray86381 S-2XLNavy/TurquoiseZippered hoodie withembroideredcam lobe logo


  • 235For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    ApparelOff-Road Pinstripe86375 S-M, L-XLBlack Flex-Fit, Pinstripe, 3D embroidered off-road logo.

    Off-Road Pique86360P Black Flex-Fit Pique,3D embroidered off-road logo.One size fits all

    Off-Road Stone86377 S-M, L-XLStone Flex-Fit,3D embroidered off-road logo.

    Cap Black 86367S S-M, 86367L L-XL Flex-Fit, polyester spandex, Crower Racing Products logo.

    Black Pique86360B one size Flex-Fit, pique, classic logo.

    Beanie86359 Embroidered classic logo.

    Peter Grimm Hat86369G Straw HatStraw hat with liner86369HB1 BandBand sold separately.

    Wool Shop Classic86361B Wool cap, with classic logo embroidered.

  • 236 For technical support call 619-661-6477 or visit

    Apron86350 Shop apron, classic logo.

    Can Koozie86386 Neoprene can cooler.

    Crower ClutchEquipped Decal86362Q

    Crower Cam Lobe Decal86362N

    Every Part For Power Decal86362L

    Crower OffRoad Decal86368

    Crower Beast Decal86362B

    Crower RacingProducts Decal86362R

    Crower Clutch Sign86444

    Every Part For Power Sign86445

    King of Cams Sign86442

    Cam Lobe Sign86443

    Killer Series Sign86440

    Vintage Crow Sign86441

    Crower Scarf86358B black86358 gray Embroidered with classic Crower logo.