Aperture 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

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<p>Keyboard Shortcuts</p> <p>3</p> <p>D</p> <p>C</p> <p>A</p> <p>E B</p> <p>A Viewer B Browser C Inspector pane (Library inspector, Metadata inspector, and Adjustments inspector) D Toolbar E Tool strip</p> <p>A ViewerY</p> <p>option</p> <p>U R H O T M A S B X</p> <p>Show/Hide Viewer Metadata OverlaysY J</p> <p>Viewer Show Multiple Viewer Show One Viewer Three Up Viewer Compare Viewer Stack Secondary Mirror Secondary Alternate Secondary Span Secondary Blank Secondary Desktop</p> <p>option option option option option option option option option</p> <p>shift</p> <p>Switch Viewer Metadata Overlays Customize Metadata OverlaysH O</p> <p>shift</p> <p>option shift +</p> <p>Highlight Hot &amp; Cold Areas Edit with External Editor Zoom Viewer Out Zoom Viewer In Start/Pause Audio or Video</p> <p>space</p> <p>B Browsercontrol control control shift shift U F G L [ ]</p> <p>control</p> <p>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 P</p> <p>Filmstrip Viewcontrol</p> <p>Show All +1 or Better Show All +2 or Better Show All +3 or Better Show All +4 or Better Show Selects (+5) Only Show All Show Unrated Only Show Rejects Only Print Images</p> <p>Grid Viewcontrol</p> <p>List Viewcontrol</p> <p>Decrease Thumbnail Size Increase Thumbnail Size Show/Hide Browser Metadata Overlays</p> <p>control control control control</p> <p>shift</p> <p>U shift shift F S E</p> <p>Switch Browser Metadata Overlays Export Masters Export Versions Show/Hide Query HUD Show All Unrated or Better</p> <p>Viewsoption shift V W W</p> <p>Swap Browser Position Rotate Browser Position Cycle View Mode</p> <p>control control /</p> <p>Show Flagged Images</p> <p>C Inspector PaneI</p> <p>Adjustments InspectorShow/Hide Inspectorcontrol control H C M N S V</p> <p>Highlights &amp; Shadows Color Black &amp; White Noise Reduction Edge Sharpen Vignette</p> <p>Library InspectorQ L shift N shift shift shift shift F P N delete L</p> <p>Put Focus in Library Inspector New Album New Smart Album New Project New Folder Empty Aperture Trash Enter Faces View Enter Places View</p> <p>control control control control</p> <p>Note: Hold down Option to switch between the brush and the eraser.</p> <p>Light Tableshift shift shift space N X A</p> <p>Navigator Uncover Scale to Fit Pan</p> <p>D Toolbarshift shift T H I H option N E</p> <p>L</p> <p>Shuttle Right Cycle View Mode</p> <p>Show/Hide Toolbar Show/Hide Keywords HUD Show/Hide Import Browser Show/Hide Inspector HUD Email Version Assign Name</p> <p>V</p> <p>Note: To temporarily hide the Inspector HUD while adjusting an image using a control in the HUD, hold down the Shift key. When you release the Shift key, the Inspector HUD reappears.</p> <p>LoupeShow/Hide Loupe Increase Loupe Diameter Decrease Loupe Diameter Increase Loupe Magnification Decrease Loupe Magnification</p> <p>shift shift</p> <p>option option shift shift</p> <p>+ + </p> <p>Full Screen ViewF J K</p> <p>Enter/Exit Full Screen Shuttle Left Stop Shuttle</p> <p>E Tool StripDisplay ControlsZ M P</p> <p>E X</p> <p>Red Eye Tool Retouch Brush</p> <p>Zoom Viewer Show Master Quick Preview</p> <p>Rating Controls+ </p> <p>Increase Rating Decrease Rating Reject Select Reject and Move to Next Image Decrease Rating and Move to Next Image Increase Rating and Move to Next Image Select and Move to Next Image5</p> <p>Adjustment ToolsA R</p> <p>Selection Tool Rotate Tool Rotate Clockwise Lift Tool Stamp Tool</p> <p>9</p> <p>Select Rotate tool, then Option-click.O shift G C O</p> <p>control control</p> <p>9 </p> <p>control</p> <p>+</p> <p>Straighten Tool Crop Toolcontrol 1 0</p> <p>to</p> <p>Apply 1- to 5-Star Rating Remove Rating</p> <p>Version Controlsoption option shift G V option G</p> <p>Create Version from Master Create Duplicate Version Create Version from Master and Add to Selection Create Duplicate Version and Add to Selection</p> <p>Previous Keyword Preset Group Next Keyword Preset Group</p> <p>Comparison Controlsoption return option return return option option option option option option 9 + [ ] O</p> <p>Compare Mode Set Compare Item Select Compare Item Deselect Compare Item Rate Compare Select Rate Compare Reject Decrease Compare Rating Increase Compare Rating Rotate Compare Counterclockwise Rotate Compare Clockwise</p> <p>shift</p> <p>option</p> <p>V</p> <p>Control BarD shift option D 1 8 option option 1 8</p> <p>Show/Hide Control Bar Show/Hide Keyword Controls Apply Keyword Presets 18</p> <p>tooption shift</p> <p>toshift</p> <p>Remove Keyword Presets 18</p> <p>Stack ControlsK shift K</p> <p>E</p> <p>Select All in Stack Enter Stack Compare Mode</p> <p>Stack Image Selection Unstack Set Stack Pick Promote Stack Item Demote Stack Item Split Stack</p> <p>option</p> <p>T</p> <p>Selection ControlsNavigate Rotate Counterclockwise Rotate Clockwise Select All Deselect All Invert Selection Select to Beginning Select to End Previous Within Selection</p> <p>[ ] option shift option option K K</p> <p>[ ] A</p> <p>Open/Close Single Stack Close All Stacks</p> <p>shift R</p> <p>A</p> <p>'option A</p> <p>Open All Stacksshift home end</p> <p>Auto-Stackshift</p> <p>option option</p> <p>page up page down</p> <p>Previous Stack Next Stack</p> <p>'</p> <p>Next Within Selection</p> <p>Color Labels0 1 2 3</p> <p>4</p> <p>Add Green Label Add Blue Label Add Purple Label Add Gray Label</p> <p>Remove Color Label Add Red Label</p> <p>5 6</p> <p>Add Orange Label7</p> <p>Add Yellow Label</p> <p>Customizing Keyboard ShortcutsIn Aperture, you use the Command Editor to customize keyboard shortcuts and streamline the way you work. To display the Command Editor in Aperture Choose Aperture &gt; Commands &gt; Customize.</p> <p>Using Keyboard Shortcuts at LaunchYou can use keyboard shortcuts while opening Aperture to disable preview generation or choose an Aperture library. To disable preview generation Hold down Shift while opening Aperture. To open the Library Selector window Hold down Option while opening Aperture.</p> <p>Copyright 2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Aperture is a trademark of Apple Inc.</p>