APAC Advance Planning Quarterly Ops Review Jasbir Singh

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Text of APAC Advance Planning Quarterly Ops Review Jasbir Singh

  • Executive Summary17% YoY Growth2.3M (ASCP+Demantra)Demantra performance poorFY08 Budget @ 160% YoY GrowthR12 Readiness Completed (545 Mandays)Important customer successERP Customers Advancing to SCP

    SCM Solution Sets ($K)FY03FY04FY05FY06 Procurement4266418236979515Manufacturing 2800279635243175Order Management2970258925675964Maintenance Mgmt21412097282879Logistics281110013755624SCP130295620131805High Tech (OSFM)36050865103PLM012857640

  • FY07 Summary Results2.3M FY07 Revenue Across MRD Industries Only84% Revenue from EBS SCPANZ contributed 44% of total APAC48% Revenue from Top 5 Customers Top 10 @ 68%36 Customers (Transactions) Avg = 66K

    FY07 Details

  • FY08 StrategyTARGETS $6M: EBS-SCP 4M, Demantra 2M 160% YoY Growth

    Demantra Focussed Sales Reps in Place (5 headcount)NAMED & COMMERCIALS Sales Teams formed for more focus (SEGMENTATION)Niche partners strategy started : 2 (AU), 1(India)New markets (Healthcare Supply Chain, Demantra for Media Fairfax Success)Continue Close collaboration with PIBU (Ex: AGSS)Upsell into ERP Install Base (NAMED ACCOUNT PLANNING)ERP+1 Strategy. Sell +1 Component and Down Play ERP (Change the Game)



  • FY08 Strategy Pipeline SituationForecast FY08: 2.6M (43% of Target)Open Pipe : 14M (2.3 Times Target)Close to 10M in pre-pipe (Qualification Stage)Healthcare new market Partner Enablement Producing ResultsSegementation showing +ve growth in SCP


    EBS Supply Chain Planning

  • Market OverviewMarket Description: Total SCM 2006 software rev market* (Gartner July 2007) is 121M Planning application showing healthy growth ANZ, KR & CN is 60% of market

    Oracles Market Position: Solid Growth of 62% YoY No 2 at 28% of market share


  • Go To Market PlansMarketing: Demand Driven Supply Network GTMi by IBU Regional Shows Adaptive Supply Chain for High Tech GTMi by IBU Regional Shows Supply Chain Roundtable in India ( 3 cities in India) Supply Chain Rountables in China (4 cities in Greater China) SCMLogistics (Primier Event for 1H FY08) Sept 2007 Singapore 15 Cities SCM Unlimmitted Apps Days PR Campaign in Q2 on APAC SCM Key messages around SCM Best of Breed Apps 80% YoY Growth Demand Driven Adaptive Supply Chain Applications

    Target 2 SCM Awards in FY08.

  • Sales ModelSALES FORCE: NAMED Accounts Sales Team (MRD) Direct Field Engagement (> $500M Revenue)COMMERCIALS Accounts Sales Team 0 200M (Partners)200 to 500 (TSR & Partner Preffered Strategy) COMMERCIALS owns all Oracle Direct Team and have formed a BDC team to drive upsell campaigns

    SALES READINESS: ASCP Readiness Green, Demantra Readiness AmberSales Force lack domain knowledgeSCM 101 Bootcamp Training in planning stages

    Partner (Demantra)ANZASEANINDIAGCKRJigsaw (ANZ)3Fusion5 (NZ)1PT Sigma Solusi Integrasi2 Pointcode 7PT Jati Piranti Solusindo2S&I Systems Pte Ltd1HCL Technologies Limited1Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited4Polaris Software Lab Limited3

  • Oracle Consulting Model & PlansOCS FORCE: OCS APAC created SCM Program team as a part of APAC Consulting Sales team which will be staffed with SCM Solution Architects with focus on niche SCM Solutions Current Headcount 4 people across APAC (These architects will be 100% dedicated for business development and measured on Services revenue for SCM Solutions)H/C locations SG, Shanghai(China), Seoul(Korea), Sydney(Australia)

    OCS READINESS: Currently 5-6 consultants trained on Demantra across APACOne project live in NZ (Tru-Test)Working on various opportunities in advanced stages Fonterra, Parit Padang, GE Plastics, Giti Tyres, Foxconn

    OCS FY08 High level Plans FY08 bookings target USD 4M for Demantra

  • Observations & Challenges Observations & Challenges on Supply Chain Solutions Planning Hubs & Collaborative Planning is becoming critical to manage complex contract mfg business Planning is now taking priority over ERP replacement in some customers in India and Taiwan Customers still demanding SCP Strategy discussions during pre-sales. Extending the sales cycle Strong Domain expertise needed in certain industries (Many sub-industries for MRD Space) Customers are insisting for POC for Demantra (Compare Forecast) Need tools for quick load and demo (small scale POC) Accenture & IBM (More than 100 Man hrs of Training & Awareness Completed). Poor ROI Uptake seen in China and India (Maturing ERP Customers)Observations & Challenges on Demantra Value eroded when selling with EBS Suite (Worst if selling with HRMS) License VS Budget Customers love the UI and compares it with ASCP. Branding. We still see i2 and Manugistics as 1st instinctive choice. (ANZ) Need more case studies to be sent out to the masses (Push Awareness & e-Blasts). Some case studies are internal only Good to have our marqee customer to do a joint roadshow. It is best to get customers to talk in front of prospects. Need more stories around OCS or partner implementations (Re-use OCS assets) Buy the 1st Customer. Need higher discount for 1st and early adopters by Region Only

  • Issues & ChallengesThe market does not know that this products exist and hence don't ask for themNeed for awareness campaigns for the field (SC's & Sales reps) & partnersThere are planned (Q2) JDE demand creation activities APACGet the sales teams to try and position these products in sales campaignsPartner delivery capabilities are completely absent - we need to give them trainingOpportunity In Commercial APPS - About 40-50% of industries preferred solution is JDE.Strong Install Base to Tap.

    Good opportunity to position Planning solutions with JDE in CPG/F&B, Wholesale/Distribution & IMStrong partner network:PDP APAC update > 1000 JDE customers in APAC 400+ in ANZ 500+ in ASEAN & India 250+ HK, China & Taiwan 25 JDE partners in APAC average 5+ in India, ANZ, ASEAN, GCAbout 35 Named accounts 1+B revenue Fonterra (Current Demantra opportunity) Fosters APB PDP opportunity HPCL, RS components, etc CPC China Petroleum (current opportunity for JDE) Expect about 20-30 Partners Sales/Presales and 10-15 Oracle SCs needs PDP/Planning solution Sales Presales Training Regions: ANZ, GC & India/ASEANPlanned Training

    Historical:: May : IDC, June: Garner dataFuture growth: Terina to supply