Antonio La Torre - European Athletics Anti-Doping Education ¢â‚¬â€œI Run Clean¢â€‍¢ Workshop Vilnius 2017

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  • Antonio La Torre

    Anti-Doping Education – I Run Clean™ Workshop

    Vilnius 2017

  • Background

     As we know, doping phenomenon is enormously increasing in the last decades,

    representing in this way a worldwide concern.

     In 2015 Italy reported the highest number of doping cases in the world (72),

    followed by Russia (70), India (26), USA (26) and Kenya (24)1.

     Athletics was the most doped sport with 203 cases, followed by cycling (98) and

    weight lifting (64)1.


  • Doping today

     Nowadays, the use of substances in the pursuit of a body ideal appears an

    increasingly accepted practice among youth and amateur athletes:

     literature reports a small but significant proportion (3 -12%) of male adolescents have

    used anabolic-androgenic steroids at some point of their life; in adults the prevalence

    reaches the 70%2;

     in Italy, in 2014, anti-doping tests were performed on 1427 young sportsmen and

    amateur sportsmen: 4% of them is found positive at doping and 73% said they were

    taking pharmaceuticals and health care products2.

     Genetic doping.


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  • Doping is….BUSINESS!!

     The business of doping is estimated to be around 200 BILLION of dollars.

    Mafias, pharmaceutical companies and large entrepreneurs manage the world's

    largest market after the cocaine traffic.

  • The newest alarming news

     14 years old cyclist found positive to an anabolic steroid at a regional race

    (June 2017).

     Athletes as young as 12 are using performance-enhancing drugs in the

    hopes of emulating their idols (The Guardian, 2014).

     A study of more than 900 junior athletes carried out by Griffith University

    and the University of Canberra has revealed 4% of those surveyed have

    taken performance or image-enhancing drugs3.

     Almost 5% of junior athletes say they have been offered performance- enhancing drugs3.

     More than 10% believe their competitors are also doping3.


  • How we have created Doping false-start

     This project wants to represent a key strategy to protect the integrity of sport. It informs

    students, young and amateur athletes, and fitness personnel about their antidoping rights and

    responsibilities, but also to engage young and pure human resources into the antidoping battle.

     Main goals:

     inform and train a group of experts in those sports fields more exposed to the doping


     spread an healthy anti-doping culture by sending these experts within crucial destinations:

    secondary schools, amateur track & fields athletes, and the world of fitness;

     to get rid of distorted and misleading models of present-day society: aesthetic hedonism,

    appearance, at-all-costs success, money&fame of top sports stars.

  • The beginning

     Recruitment of 50 experts: sport scientists, endocrinologists, exercise

    physiologists, coaches, sport psychologists, managers, etc.

     32 hours of didactic-training for the experts.

     48 hours of interactive-training for the experts.

     Seminars and workshops for fitness personnel, high school students, athletes

    and coaches.

     In the school year 2015 - 2016 we launched a pilot study in 6 Italian regions,

    reaching 4.000 high school students.

  • The school year 2016 - 2017

     Started in only Lombardy region, “Doping off-

    side” reached over 4.000 adolescents in 20

    high schools (lyceum).

     From January 2017, we spread the project in

    all the regions.

     During the entire school year 2016 – 2017 we

    reached 16.000 students in over 100 high


  • Seminars and Workshops

     Online questionnaires before the intervention in order to test the students’

    knowledges concerning doping.

     Discussion about the following themes:

     What is doping

     WADA prohibited substances list: classification and legitimacy

     Effects on health and behaviours induced by performance-enhancing drugs

     Doping diffusion: fitness club, internet, education sites, amateur sports fields.

     Doping legislation: national and WADA-

     Doping criminality

     Ethical and health reasons intended to form negative attitudes toward doping

     Online questionnaires after the intervention in order to test the efficiency of the


  • Results & Feedbacks

     Young students were found to be unaware of the doping phenomenon and its

    relevance on the health.

     Adolescents are more attracted by “clean” sports and champions who reach

    their goal without shortcuts. This has been confirmed by the many questions

    and request for further in-depth meeting received during each intervention.

  • “Doping off-side” in the scientific community

     The project has been presented in a scientific

    congress for the first time on September 30,

    2017 at IX° SISMES National Congress placed

    in Brescia, Italy, raising a notable successful.

     Importance of a great scientific support behind

    “Doping off-side” campaign in order to involve

    more and more experts every year.

  • Future perspective

     For the next school year 2017-2018, we foresee to extend the project

    nationwide to all type of schools, in order to reach 40.000 students.

     Cooperation with the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR).

     Creation of a possible link with other Doping prevention programs, like

    the European project “I Run Clean”.





    Culture of legality mainly means responsibility. It is the link between

    the single person and the group, the individual and the social justice, in

    order to built a common ideal. A common ideal often under siege by social

    inequality, leading corruption and a policy often unable to give effective

    answers to the community’s actual problems.