Anthem for a Doomed Youth Script by Mark

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<ul><li><p>8/10/2019 Anthem for a Doomed Youth Script by Mark</p><p> 1/4</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>SCRIPT TITLE</p><p>Written by</p><p>Name of First Writer</p><p>Based on, If Any</p><p>AddressPhone Number</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Anthem for a Doomed Youth Script by Mark</p><p> 2/4</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>INT. KITCHEN- EARLY MORNING</p><p>A young man is sat at a kitchen table. The place looks unkeptand dingy. He stares down at a letter in his hands as aboiling kettle slowly bubbles in the background. Beside itsits a bottle of pills.</p><p>C/U OF THE PIECE OF PAPER.</p><p>The letter is Russian. An on-screen caption appears revealingthe letter is headed: A call to arms for Mother Russia. Theyoung man looks nervous, his face solemn with a frown. Hebreathes rapidly.</p><p>Slowly, he rises from his chair and never taking his eyes offthe letter, walks slowly over to a bin, dragging his feet. Hestands- about to throw the letter into the bin when hesuddenly reconsiders. Almost as if in a trance, he stares</p><p>blankly at the letter hanging limply from his hand above thebin.</p><p>C/U of the kettle as it finishes boiling. It *clicks* off.</p><p>The sudden *click* of the kettle switch breaks the ambienceof the boiling sound in the background. The soundreverberates around the room as the man (in his own mind) issuddenly whisked far away into the thoughts of what couldawait him.</p><p>EXT. A BATTLE-ZONE- AFTERNOON (FLASH-FORWARD)</p><p>The man is now stood alone in the middle of a battle-zone.The ground shows signs of having been torn up by explosives,and smoke rises slowly from patches of grass which arealight. On the horizon, smog rises slowly, and in thebackground the sound of driving army vehicles can be heard.The area in which the man is currently stood is actually calmthough and he seems to be in no immediate danger.</p><p>The man looks at his surroundings, finally setting his eyesupon a nearby hill.</p><p>LONGSHOT of the man as he climbs the hill.</p><p>At the top of the hill, the man stares at the new view. It isof a destroyed city. Thick black clouds of smoke rise fromthe crumbling buildings, and every so often small explosionscan be heard as military vehicles slowly rumble through thecity streets.</p><p>There is a moment in which the young man looks at the scenewith absolute terror. His mouth open slightly, his eyes wideas he struggles to comprehend what he is seeing. Perhaps thiscity was once his home- but it is unrecognizable now.</p><p>Suddenly the sound of approaching aeroplanes can be heard.The man looks up and overhead several jets speed by.</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Anthem for a Doomed Youth Script by Mark</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>They then drop several bombs on the city, which causes amassive blast of light, which engulfs the young man.</p><p>INT. KITCHEN- EARLY MORNING</p><p>We find ourselves back in the kitchen. The young man is stillstood by the bin. He closes his eyes tight and shakes hishead as if trying to shake the thoughts of the flash-forwardawat and returns to the table still clutching the letter inhis hand. He places it back on the table and takes a seat.The man produces a mobile phone, and after a moment ofcontemplation, begins dialling the number.</p><p>C/U of the letter. The words Recruitment Hotline arewritten in Russian along with a telephone number.</p><p>As the man finishes dialling the number and begins to raise</p><p>the mobile phone to his ear to make the call, it is revealedthat the phone is now a handgun- which he places against histemple as if about to commit suicide.</p><p>EXT. A BATTLE-ZONE- AFTERNOON (SECOND FLASH FORWARD)</p><p>The man finds himself stood in a childrens playground. It isclose to the city from the first flash-forward. The variouschildrens rides are completely destroyed, some singed andsmoking slightly.</p><p>A voice barking orders can be heard in the background. This</p><p>startles the man, and he quickly hides under one of the parkrides. Several sets of legs run by.</p><p>Several seconds pass, and the young man cautiously crawls outfrom under the ride. He looks around, and then breathes asigh of relief. He has been spotted though.</p><p>C/U of an arm raising a pistol. It fires.</p><p>POV shot of the bullet shooting towards the man.</p><p>The man is hit in the back of his shoulder with a bullet. The</p><p>force of the bullet hitting him moves him forward slightly.He seems dazed, as if he doesnt know what just happened. Hethen slowly raises his right hand to feel his shoulder. Whenhe looks at it, it is dripping with blood.</p><p>The man passes out.</p><p>INT. KITCHEN- EARLY MORNING</p><p>Back in the kitchen and the man is still seated at the table,the phone raised to his ear. From the other end of the phonesomeone is saying Hello? In Russian. The man puts the phonedown and holds his head in his hands. He then looks at hishands which are shaking.</p><p>2.</p></li><li><p>8/10/2019 Anthem for a Doomed Youth Script by Mark</p><p> 4/4</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>Final Draft 8 Demo</p><p>He grabs one of the pills from next to the kettle andswallows it. He takes another look at the letter on the tablein front of him. He grabs it and in one swift movement standsand walks over to the bin.</p><p>POV Shot of the man from inside the bin.</p><p>The man takes one last look at the letter, and then drops itinto the bin.</p><p>The lid closes, causing the image to go black.</p><p>END</p><p>3.</p></li></ul>


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