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    ANTH 3471.1 Forensic Skeletal Identification

    It is a great privilege to study the physical remains of the dead. We have to remember that these skeletons were a living person like you and I and they “belonged” to someone: they were someone’s mother, father, brother, sister, or child. We need to treat them with the utmost respect and care. Skeletal remains are also expensive and therefore a precious resource. Please tread carefully when in the lab, e.g. watch that your backpack does not hit one of the skeletons and damage them. Students must refrain from mistreating or disrespecting any real or cast skeletal remains in this lab. You need to maintain respectful and professional behaviour at all times while working in the lab otherwise you will be asked to leave. Saint Mary’s University Department of Anthropology Professor: Dr. Tanya Peckmann Office: McNally South 217, Tel: 902 496 8719, Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10 am – 1 pm or by appointment. Course description: A detailed examination of bones of the human skeleton for forensic purposes. Prerequisite: 30 credit hours, including ANTH 2282, or permission of the instructor. Time & location: Tuesdays 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm, MM 226 (Forensic Anthropology Lab)

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    Required textbooks: Human Osteology by Tim D. White Introduction to Forensic Anthropology by Steven N. Byers (This text will be used less often in this course but is required for ANTH 3472) My lecture notes are NOT available for students who miss class. You will have to ask a fellow classmate (very nicely) if you can borrow their notes. Audiotaping and/or videotaping are not permitted during class unless you obtain my written permission. Grading:

    6 quizzes (10% each x 6) = 60% Lab exam = 20% (cumulative exam) 1 group assignment = 20% Total = 100%

    There is NO extra credit option. Every point counts!

    Your grade will be assessed based on the following scale:

    A+ 90-100% A 85-89% A- 80-84% B+ 77-79% B 73-76% B- 70-72% C+ 67-69% C 63-66% C- 60-62% D 50-59% F 0-49%

    Non-negotiable Facts: I do NOT curve grades; the only exception is if you earn (for example) 59.5% then I will round up your mark to 60%. Otherwise, the grade you earn is the grade you will receive on your final transcript. If your final mark is 49.4% you will receive an “F” in this course. There are NO exceptions.

    **All quizzes and exams will be written in class and handed in during the class period. All assignments must be submitted by email on the due date in pdf format. Any assignments left at the secretary’s office or under my door (before, during, or after the class period in which it is due) will be considered late and will receive ZERO.

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    I do not accept late assignments, i.e. they will receive a zero, unless you have a valid reason that can be verified (i.e. medical certificate, death in your immediate family). Some extreme situations may be considered, however students should make an effort to contact me immediately and explain the situation. If you are unable to contact me personally, have a relative or a close friend contact me (e.g. telephone, email). However, I have the right to verify the excuse therefore you must provide me with contact details of the medical professional responsible for your case. If you do not provide me with these details you will receive ZERO for that assignment. Make-Up Quizzes/Exam: There are no make-up quizzes/exams for this class. If you provide a medical note, within 5 calendar days of the missed quiz, the next quiz will be worth double, i.e. 20%. You can only make-up one quiz; if you miss more than one quiz you can only receive credit for one make-up quiz, i.e. you will receive ZERO for any missed quizzes in addition to the one allowed. Anyone who approaches me after the 5-day grace period will NOT be given the chance to have the next quiz worth double (i.e. 20%)and will receive a ZERO for that quiz. There is no make-up possible for the final exam. The Academic Calendar also cites regulations on Special Examinations (Academic regulation 10). Note: Consistent with Saint Mary’s University policy, the following instructions will apply to all essay assignments.

    Answer in proper essay form, using proper sentence and paragraph structure. Support generalizations with facts. Be concrete. The more you write, the better your answer will be, as long as what you write is relevant and correct. The quality of your writing, including grammar and spelling, the content of your answers, and the effectiveness of your reasoning will be taken into account in the assigning of letter grades.

    Academic Dishonesty: Please refer to the Saint Mary’s University Academic Calendar “Examples of Academic Offences” for the complete policy regarding academic dishonesty, plagiarism, and cheating including examination impersonation. If you hand in work that has been plagiarized from any source (e.g. written text, internet, personal communication) you will receive a ZERO for that assignment. Students with disabilities are responsible for making their needs known to the professor and are responsible for seeking available assistance, as soon as possible, and certainly prior to the first assignment/quiz/test.


    September 10 Introduction, Bone Biology, Anatomical Terminology White Ch 1-3, Byers Ch 1

    Skull White p. 43-74, Byers Ch 2 17 Skull White p. 75-99, Byers Ch 2 24 Quiz #1 (White p. 43-74; Byers Ch2)

    Skull White p. 75-99, Byers Ch 2 Dentition White Ch 5, Byers Ch 2

    October 1 Quiz #2 (White p. 75-99, Byers Ch 2)

    Dentition White Ch 5, Byers Ch 2 Hyoid & Vertebrae White Ch 6, Byers Ch 2

    8 Quiz #3 (Dentition) Thorax & Shoulder White Ch 7 & 8, Byers Ch 2

    15 Quiz #4 (Hyoid & Vertebrae, Thorax & Shoulder) Arm & Hand White Ch 9 & 10, Byers Ch 2

    22 Arm & Hand 29 Quiz #5 (Arm & Hand)

    Pelvic Girdle White Ch 11, Byers Ch 2 November

    5 Quiz #6 (Pelvic Girdle) Leg & Foot White Ch 12 & 13, Byers Ch 2

    11-15 Fall Break 19 Leg & Foot 26 Lab Exam

    December 3 Assignment #1

    16 Assignment #1 DUE