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  • Annual Student Chapter Report 2017

    Chapter Number of members Growth of members

    Orel State University Chapter 11 (12 with advisor) +10%

    Elected Officers for 2017

    Position President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor

    Name Olga Stelmashchuk Elena Zharkikh Evgeniya Seryogina Ksenia

    Kandurova Andrey Dunaev


    Chapter members

    № Name SPIE ID# 1 Olga Stelmashchuk 4028587 2 Elena Zharkikh 4027118 3 Evgeniya Seryogina 4028470 4 Ksenia Kandurova 4028467 5 Igor Kozlov 4002335 6 Marya Filina 4031148 7 Daria Makogon 4058170 8 Tatiana Sluchanko 4094541 9 Tatiana Shinkarenko 4094540 10 Irina Makovik 4002362 11 Gennadii Piavchenko 4078962

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    Chapter Activities in 2017 – beginning of 2018:

    February, 3 2017

    Our Chapter was born

    April, 16 Barbeque with Igor Meglinski. We had a good party and received amount of valuable

    advice about our scientific milestones and goals.

    April, 17 Open lecture by a leading scientist in the field of optics and biophotonics Professor Igor

    Meglinski (Oulu, Finland).

    May, 5 Little Biophotonics-Ice-Cream evening. President and Vice President together with the adviser discussed plans and tasks for the coming year.

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    May, 18 Our President organized a seminar about biophotonics in biotechnology and pharmacy for future pharmacists

    July, 1-3 Our Chapter participated in the Summer School on Optics and Photonics (Oulu,

    Finland). According to the results of the competition committee work, a poster by the representative of our Chapter, Irina Makovik, was awarded the prize for the best poster among all the works submitted for the contest.

    July, 8 We worked for a long time to create our corporate logo, which would include both the symbol of our beloved city and the symbol of SPIE. After long and heated discussions, we reached a unanimous decision. The logo shows an eagle (Orel is an eagle in English) in the laser warning symbol. Adviser is satisfied!

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    July, 9 A barbeque party for the SPIE Chapter members was organized at Green coast, Orel (a lovely secluded place near the lake). Despite the non-working atmosphere, the photonics did not let us go. The agenda included plans for the future activities of the Chapter.

    Sep 2017 – March 2018

    Organization of lectures series on the basics of optics and photonics for pupils of local schools and young university students in the framework of SPIE Education Outreach Grant for Orel State University Chapter. It was very exciting to share experience with them and see how interested they became.

    September, 19-22

    Participation and the victory in the poster competition at the IV Summer School “Photonics Meets Biology” (Tarragona, Spain)

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    September, 25-30

    Our chapters made several reports, and our Vice President won the First prize of the section.

    We spoke with other chapters from Oulu and Saratov for creating Super-Chapter Orel- Saratov-Oulu. Abbreviation was established – OSO!

    October 2017 Organization of invited lecture by Professor Igor Meglinski (Oulu, Finland) for master- degree students in the framework of “Biomedical Photonics and Electronics” Master course, started in September 2017. It was very interesting lecture, students raised their awareness in the field of biophotonics. Future joint research were discussed as well (

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    November, 2 Science day for pupils of middle and high school! Deparment of Chemistry of our University and SPIE Student Chapter made a performance about biotechnology, biophotonics and biochemistry in medical care and modern direction of science.

    November, 4 Organization of section of Festival "NAUKA 0+" for children, pupils and adults (Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, Orel, Russia). We demonstrated exciting optical effects and biomedical experiments with a laser based diagnostics devices.

    November, 13 PhD Viva of member of Our Chapter. Congrats!

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    November, 19 Organization of section "Biomedical photonics" in the framework of Day of Entertaining Science – 2017 for pupils (Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, Orel, Russia).

    November, 27 – December, 6

    Participation in Young scientist Chinese-Russian Optics & Photonics Symposium “CROPS 2017” and organization a master class "Experimental measurements of the blood microcirculation system" with the research group from ITMO University (

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    December, 15- 17

    Organization of seminars and master classes in section "Biomedical Optics and Photonics in Clinical Practice" of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Translational Medicine" (Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, Orel, Russia) (

    After conference, chapter members organized series of the seminars for students devoted to application of biophotonics methods and data processing

    December, 27 Happy-New-Year party! Secret Santa is here and anonymous gifts for all!

    February, 3 2018

    Our Chapter is one year old already! It was very awesome year! We underlined the achievements of the past scientific year and put milestones for next one

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    March, 2 Out chapter participated in All-Russians Popular science project! Advisor made a lection (with chapter help) about the frontiers of biomedical photonics.

    Planned Activities for the Future:

    Next year we plan to continue our last year's activities. In addition, we intend to increase the number of educational events, for example, a series of lectures on optics and photonics for students of local schools, popular science lectures for anyone interested. More seminars and workshops are planned for students studying disciplines related to photonics at our university. In addition to science popularization, we are engaged in purely scientific activities. We plan to hold interdisciplinary meetings with physicians, pharmacists, biotechnologists and scientists of other specializations.

    Tentative schedule of 2018 planned events:

    April 2018 Participation in SPIE Photonics Europe conference May 2018 Educational Outreach activities devoted to the International Day of Light July 2018 Participation in the International School on Light Sciences and Technologies July 2018 Organization of the invited lecture August 2018 Organization of Biophotonics educational cluster for middle school and high school

    pupils and students September 2018 Organization of Optics and Photonics stand in the framework of welcome days in

    our University for visitors including kids, pupils and their parents and other guests September 2018 Participation in Saratov Fall Meeting 2018 November 2018 Organization of Biophotonics stand in the framework of Science Festival November 2018 Organization of section "Biomedical photonics" in the framework of Day of

    Entertaining Science for pupils

    Grants and awards received in 2017 by Chapter Members:

    Name Membership number Grants and awards Igor Kozlov 4002335 2017 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship Irina Makovik 4002362 2017 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship Olga Stelmashchuk 4028587 2017 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship Elena Zharkikh 4027118 2017 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship Ksenia Kandurova 4028467 Officer Travel Grant

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    Financial Information:

    Opening balance In Russian rubles (RUB) In US dollars

    0 0 Income 2017 SPIE Activity Grant 27870 500 2017 SPIE Educational Outreach Grant

    136805.85 2389

    Orel State University funding 191400 3342.36 Expenses STS-VIS Spectroscopy Kit for Education (Ocean Optics)

    - 140880 -2460.15

    Organization of invited lectures and teambuilding sessions

    -12235 -213.66

    Creating logo, stickers, t-shirts and promotional materials for future meetings, conferences. lectures

    -9019 -157.5

    CROPS 2017 conference: organization expenses for master class

    -3935 -68.72

    Chapter meetings and dinners -859 -15 Participation in conferences -191400 -3342.36 Ending balance -2252.15 -37.5

    Report created by:

    Evgeniya Seryogina

    Ksenia Kandurova

    Elena Zharkikh

    Orel, 31.03.2018