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Announcements and reports

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Page 1: Announcements and reports

Announcements and reports



July 8–9, 2013. 10th Conference of the Neurop sychological Rehabilita- tion Special Interest Group of WFNR. Maastrich t, The Netherlan ds.URL: http://www .mers.vpweb.c om.au/10th-S IG-Conf.ht ml

July 9–11, 2013. 3rd Biennial Conferenc e on Brain Injury in Children.Toronto, Canada .URL: http://www .sickkids.ca/ BrainNetwork /

July 10–13, 2013. INS (International Neuropsychol ogical Society)2013 Mid-Year Meeting. Amsterdam , The Netherlands .URL: http://ww w.the-ins.org /future-meet ing-of-ins

July 14–25, 2013. 11th San Servolo Course on Brain Exploration and Epilepsy Surgery. Venice, Italy.URL: http://c ommunity.ilae -epilepsy.org/ cea/home/

July 18–21, 2013. Portland Internation al Neuroscienc e Symposium.Portland, OR, USA.URL: http://www .ohsu.edu/xd /health/servic es/brain/he althcare-pro- fessionals/c ontinuing-educ ation/neuro science-sympo sium.cfm

August 18–23, 2013. 7th Baltic Sea Summe r School for Epilepsy (BSSSE7), Estonia.URL: http://ww w.epilepsiestif tung-wolf.de /

August 22–24, 2013. IASSID (International Association for the Scien- tific Study of Intellect ual Disabilities) Asia-Pa cific 3rd Regional conference. Tokyo, Japan.URL: https://ww w.iassid.org/

August 24–27, 2013. Australian College of Children and Young People’s Nurses (ACCYPN) Conference 2013. Melbourne,Australia.URL: http://ww w.accypnconf.c om.au/inde x.php

August 24–29, 2013. 27th Congress of the International Pediatric Asso- ciation. Melbourn e, Australia.URL: http://ww w2.kenes.co m/IPA/Pages/ home.aspx

August 27–29, 2013. Neuroinform atics 2013. Stockholm , Sweden.URL: http://n euroinformat ics2013.org /

August 28–30, 2013. 13th European Conferenc e on Epilepsy & Society.Ljubljana, Slovenia .URL: www.epilep syandsociety .org

August 31–September 4, 2013. 25th European Congress of Patholo gy.Lisbon, Portugal.URL: http://ww w.esp-congre ss.org/ecp-201 3.html

September 6–9, 2013. 45th meeting of the European Brain and Beha- viour Society. Munich, Germany.URL: http://www .ebbs2013.com /

September 8–13, 2013. 15th WFNS (World Federation of Neurosurgi- cal Societies) World Congress of Neurosurge ry. Seoul, Korea.E-mail: [email protected] u.ac.kr URL: http://www .wfns2013.org /

September 11–13, 2013. International Neurorehabili tation Symposium (INS) 2013. Zurich, Switzerla nd.URL: http://www.in rs2013.com /

September 12–15, 2013. 5th CAAE International Epilepsy Forum.Chongqing, China.URL: http://www .ilae.org/Visito rs/Congres s/congressin fo/5thCIEF _09-2013.png

September 14–18, 2013. 12th Asian Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology (AOCCN 2013). Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.URL: http://aocc n2013.com/

September 16–20, 2013. 1st Internat ional Neuropatho logy Summer School for Epilepsy Surgery (INES). Erlangen, Germany .URL: http://community.ilae-epilepsy.org/CEA/EVENTSMEETINGS/

September 19–22, 2013. 9th Joint Paediatric Endocrinolo gy Meeting.Milan, Italy.URL: http://www .jointmeeting2 013.org/

September 20–21, 2013. 2nd Internation al Symposium on Hypot hala- mic Hamart omas. Marseille, France.URL: http://www.sy mpohh201 3.mcocong res.com/en /

September 21–26, 2013. 21st World Congress of Neurology. Vienna,Austria.URL: http://www 2.kenes.com/wc n/pages/home .aspx

September 22–24, 2013. American College of Clinical Phamacology (ACCP) Annual Meeting. Bethesda, MD, USA.URL: http://www .accp1.org/mee tings_future.shtml

September 25–28, 2013. 10th EPNS (European Pediatric Neurolo gySociety) Congress. Brussels, Belgium.URL: http://www .epns2013.be/

September 25–29, 2013. American Society of Head and Neck Radiol- ogy (ASHNR) 47th Annual Meeting. Milwauke e, WI, USA.URL: http://www .ashnr.org/futm tgs.html

September 26–28, 2013. 4th Europe an Conference on Schizophrenia Research. Berlin, Germany .URL: http://www .schizophren ianet.eu/

Page 2: Announcements and reports

September 28–October 1, 2013. 37th Annual Meeting of European Society of Neuroradiolo gy (ESNR). Frankfur t, Germany .URL: http://ww w.esnr.org/en /37th-annual- meeting-2013- frankfurt- germany/

September 29–October 3, 2013. 41th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (ISPN). Mainz,Germany.URL: http://www.is pneurosur gery.org/as sets/248/Invit ation_ISPN _Mainz_2013 .pdf

September 30–October 6, 2013. 5th Eilat International Educational Course on the Pharmaco logical Treatmen t of Epilepsy (5thEilatEdu). Jerusalem, Israel.URL: http://www .eilat-aeds.com /eilatedu5 /

October 1–4, 2013. World Parkinson Congress. Montreal, QC, Canada.URL: http://www .worldpdcongr ess.org/

October 1–4, 2013. 11th Annual Neuroc ritical Care Society Meeting.Philadelphia, PA, USA.URL: http://www.n eurocriticalc are.org/m eetings/11th- annual- meeting

October 5–9, 2013. 26th ECNP (European College of Neurop sycho- pharmacology ) Congress. Barcelona, Spain.URL: http://www.e cnp-congress.e u/sitecore/c ontent/Congr ess2013/ ECNP%20Co ngress.aspx?sc _lang=en

October 13–15, 2013. 138th Annual Meeting of American Neurological Association. New Orleans, LA, USA.URL: http://www .aneuroa.or g/

October 16–19, 2013. AANEM (American Associat ion of Neuromus -cular & Electrodiagn ostic Medicine ) Annual Meeting. San Antonio,TX, USA.URL: http://www .aanem.org/M eeting/Fut ure-Meeting s.aspx

October 17–19, 2013. 19th International Congress of Child Neurolo- gists of Mediterr anean. Budva, Monteneg ro.URL: http://www.c nmbudva2 013.eu/child -neurologists- of- mediterrane an/

October 17–20, 2013. 8th International Congress on Vascular Dementia& The First Cognitive Impairment European Meeting. Athens, Greece.URL: http://www2.kenes.com/vascular/Pages/home.aspx

October 17–20, 2013. 16th World Neuroson ology Meeting. Sofia,Bulgaria.URL: http://nsrg2 013.net/

October 22–27, 2013. 60th Annual Meeting of American Academy ofChild and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). Orland, FL, USA.URL: http://www.a acap.org/ cs/AnnualMe eting/2013

October 23–26, 2013. 24th International Symposium on the Auto- nomic Nervous System. Hawaii, USA.URL: http://www.a mericana utonomicsocie ty.org/

October 27–30, 2013. World Psychiatri c Association International Congress. Vienna, Austria.URL: http://www .wpaic2013.org/

October 27–30, 2013. 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Interna- tional Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS). Istanbul, Turkey.URL: http://www.is cos2013.o rg/

October 30–November 2, 2013. 42nd Annual Meeting of the Child Neurology Society. Austin, TX, USA.URL: http://www .childneurolo gysociety.org/ resources/m eetings

November 3–9, 2013. 7th Migrating Course on Epilepsy. Nicosia,Cyprus.URL: http://community.ilae-epilepsy.org/CEA/EVENTSMEETINGS/

November 8–12, 2013. 61st Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopath ology. Orlando, FL, USA.URL: http://cytop athologymee ting.org/2012/f uture-meeting -dates-2/

November 9–13, 2013. Neuroscienc e 2013. San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://www.sf n.org/

November 11–14, 2013. EANS (European Association of Neurosurgi- cal Societies) Annual Meeting with the American Association ofNeurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurologic al Surgeons (AANS/CNS) Section on Tumors. Tel Aviv, Israel.URL: http://www2.kenes.com /eans2013/Page s/Home.asp x

November 13–16, 2013. Indian Epilepsy School 2013. Delhi, India.URL: http://www.ila e.org/Vi sitors/Congr ess/congres sinfo/Indian Epi- lepsySchool-20 13.pdf

November 19–22, 2013. 8th World Congress on Pediatric Infectious Diseases. Cape Town, South Africa.URL: http://www2.kenes.com /wspid/pages/ home.aspx

November 21–23, 2013. 3rd International Congre ss on Neurolo gy and Epidemiology (ICNE). Abu Dhabi, UAR.URL: http://www.ic ne2013.com /

December 1–6, 2013. RSNA (Radiological Society of North America)Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, USA.URL: http://rsna2 011.rsna.or g/Meetings.c fm

December 6–10, 2013. 67th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. Washing ton, DC, USA.URL: http://www.a esnet.org/

December 8–11, 2013. 20th World Congress on Parkinson ’s Disease and Related Disorder s. Geneva, Switzerla nd.URL: http://www2.kenes.com /parkinson/P ages/Home .aspx

December 8–12, 2013. 52nd Annual Meeting of The American College of Neuropsychop harmacolog y (ACNP). Hollywoo d, FL, USA.URL: http://www.a cnp.org/ annualmeet ing/dates.aspx


February 12–15, 2014. 42nd Annual Meeting of International Neurop- sychological Society (INS). Seattle, WA, USA.URL: http://www.t he-ins.org/futu re-meeting -of-ins

March 1–4, 2014. EPA 2014: 22nd European Congress of Psychiatry .Munich, Germany URL: http://www.e pa-congress.o rg/

March 1–7, 2014. 103rd United States & Canadian Academy ofPathology. San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://www.u scap.org/ne windex.htm?f uture.htm

March 5–7, 2014. International Scientific Confere nce ‘‘Neurological Restoration 2014’’. Havana, Cuba.URL: http://www.re stauracionne urologica.com /

March 18–22, 2014. 115th The American Society for Clinical Pharma -cology and Therapeu tics (ASCPT) Annual Meeting. Atlant a, GA,USA.URL: http://www.a scpt.org/

II Announcement s and reports

Page 3: Announcements and reports

March 19–23, 2014. 10th World Congress on Brain Injury. San Fran- cisco, CA, USA.URL: http://www .internationalb rain.org/

March 20–25, 2014. 30th International Congress of Clinical Neurophy- siology (ICCN) and 58th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Clinical Neurophy siology and Functional Imaging (DGKN). Berlin,Germany.URL: http://www .iccn2014.de /

March 22–27, 2014. SIR (Society of Interventio nal Radiology) Annual Scientific Meeting. San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://ww w.sirmeeting .org/

March 26–29, 2014. 13th Internat ional Geneve/Sprin gfield Symposium on Advance s in Alzheimer Therapy. Geneva, Switzerland .URL: http://ww w.siumed.ed u/cme/alzheim er/

April 5–9, 2014. 82nd American Association of Neurologic al Surgeons (AANS) Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA, USA.URL: http://ww w.aans.org/

April 8–12, 2014. 8th World Congress for NeuroReh abilitation. Istan- bul, Turkey.URL: http://wfn r.co.uk/en /events/wo rld-congress/

April 26–May 3, 2014. 66th AAN (American Academy of Neurology)Annual Meeting. Philade lphia, PA, USA.URL: http://ww w.aan.com/

April 27–29, 2014. 35th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES). Boston, MA, USA.URL: http://ww w.endocrinesu rgery.org/me eting/meet ing.html

May 2–6, 2014. AAI (the American Association of immunol ogists)Annual Meeting. Pittsbu rgh, PA, USA.URL: http://ww w.aai.org/Mee tings/Future_ Meeting.htm l

May 3–6, 2014. PAS (Pediatrics Academic Societies) Annual Meeting.Vancouver, Canada .URL: http://ww w.pas-meeting.o rg/2013DC/f uture_meetings.a sp

May 3–7, 2014. 16th European Congress of Endocrinolo gy (ECE).Wroclaw, Poland URL: http://ww w.ese-hormone s.org/mee tings/

May 3–7, 2014. 167th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatri cAssociation (APA). New York, NY, USA.URL: http://www.psychiatry.org /learn/meetin gs/future-an nual-and- institute-m eetings

May 3–7, 2014. 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biologica lPsychiatry (SOBP). New York, NY, USA.URL: http://ww w.sobp.org/

May 4–7, 2014. 7th World Congress on Pediatric Intensi ve and Critical Care. Istanbul, Turkey.URL: http://www 2.kenes.com/p icc2014/page s/home.asp x

May 4–9, 2014. 13th ICNC (International Child Neurology Congress ).Iguazu Falls, Brazil.URL: http://ww w.icnapedia.o rg/icnc2014-sym posia-propo sals

May 8–10, 2014. 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biologica lPsychiatry (SOBP). New York, NY, USA.URL: https://ww w.sobp.org/

May 10–16, 2014. Joint Annual Meeting of International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) – European Society for Magnetic Resonan ce in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) 2014.Milan, Italy.URL: http://www.is mrm.org/m eetings-work shops/future -ismrm- meetings/

May 13–17, 2014. SPR (the Society of Pediatric Radiol ogy) Annual Meeting. Washing ton, DC, USA.URL:http://www.pedrad.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=470#SPR_2013

May 14–18, 2014. American association of Clinical Endocrino logists (AACE) 23rd Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress. Las Vegas,NV, USA.URL: https://www.aace.com/

May 17–22, 2014. 52nd American Society of Neurora diology (ASNR)Annual Meeting. Montre ´al, QC, Canada.URL: http://www .asnr.org/2013/ future/

May 18–20, 2014. Annual Meeting of Society of Neurologic alSurgeons. Rochester, MN, USA.URL: http://www.so cietyns.org /meeting_info .html

May 21–24, 2014. American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 17th Annual Meeting. Washington , DC, USA.URL: http://www .asgct.org/

May 31–June 3, 2014. Joint Congress of Europe an Neurology.Istanbul, Turkey.URL: http://www.jo intcongresso feuropeann eurology.org/

June 2–6, 2014. 51st Annual Meeting and 37th post Graduate Course of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology. Amsterdam ,The Netherlands .URL: http://www.e spr.org/inde x.php?option= com_conte nt&view= article&id=2 32&Itemid= 211

June 8–12, 2014. 18th Internati onal Congress of Parkinson ’s Disease and Movement Disorders. Stockholm , Sweden.URL: http://www.m ovementdiso rders.org/co ngress/past_an d_future.php

June 8–14, 2014. 20th Annual Meeting of the Organizati on for Human Brain Mapping. Hamburg, Germany.URL: http://ww w.humanbra inmapping.org /i4a/pages /index.cfm? pageid=3298

June 14–18, 2014. 14th World Congress of World Associat ion for Infant Mental Health . Edinburgh, UK.URL: http://www.w aimh.org/i4a/ pages/index .cfm?page id=3279

June 29–July 3, 2014. 11th European Congress on Epileptolog y. Stock- holm, Sweden.URL: http://www.e pilepsysto ckholm2014 .org/

July 5–9, 2014. 9th FENS Forum of Neuroscien ce. Milan, Italy.URL: http://fens20 14.neuroscie nces.asso.fr/

July 28–August 2, 2014. Interna tional Congress of Neuroe thology.Sapporo, Japan.URL: http://icn2 014.wordp ress.com/

August 11–15, 2014. 21st World Congress of the Internario nal Associa- tion for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professio ns.Durban, South Africa.URL: http://iacap ap2014.co.za /

Announceme nts and reports III

Page 4: Announcements and reports

August 24–27, 2014. 10th Asian & Oceanian Epilepsy Congress.Singapore.URL: http://www.e pilepsyresea rcheurope.o rg/future-co ngresses/10th- asian-and-o ceanian-epil epsy-congress- singapore-au gust-2014.324.html

August 30–September 3, 2014. 27th ECNP (European College ofNeuropsycho pharmacology ) Congre ss. Helsinki, Finland .URL: http://www .ecnp.eu/en/ meetings/age nda.aspx

August 31–September 3, 2014. 12th Eilat Conference on New Antiepi- leptic Drugs (Eilat VII). Madrid, Spain.URL: http://www.e ilat-aeds.c om/

September 7–12, 2014. 20th Sympos ium Neuroradio logicum. Istanbul,Turkey.URL: http://www.w fnrs.org/

September 10–13, 2014. 12th Annual Neurocrit ical Care Society Meet- ing. Seattle, WA, USA.URL: http://www.n eurocriticalc are.org/annu al-meeting/ future- meetings

September 10–14, 2014. American Society of Head and Neck Radiol- ogy (ASHNR) 48th Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA, USA.URL: http://www .ashnr.org/futm tgs.html

September 14–16, 2014. American College of Clinical Phamacol ogy (ACCP) Annual Meeting. Atlanta, GA, USA.URL: http://www .accp1.org/mee tings_future.shtml

September 14–18, 2014. 18th Internati onal Congress of Neuro- pathology. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.URL: http://www .intsocneurop athol.com/

September 18–21, 2014. ESPE (European Society for Paediatric Endo- crinology). Dublin, Ireland.URL: http://www .eurospe.org/m eetings/

October 9–12, 2014. 11th Meeting of the European Association ofNeuro-Oncolo gy. Turin, Italy.URL: http://www .eano.eu/con tent.aspx?id=C ongress/upco ming

October 12–14, 2014. 139th Annual Meeting of American Neurological Association. Baltimore, MD, USA.URL: http://www .aneuroa.or g/

October 21–26, 2014. 61st Annual Meeting of American Academy ofChild and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://www.a acap.org/ cs/upcoming_ meetings/fut ure_annual _meetings

October 29–November 1, 2014. AANEM (American Associat ion ofNeuromus cular & Electrodi agnostic Medicine) Annual Meeting.Savannah, GA, USA.URL: http://www .aanem.org/M eeting/Fut ure-Meeting s.aspx

November 14–18, 2014. 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopath ology. Dallas, TX, USA.URL: http://c ytopathology meeting.org/2 012/future-m eeting-dates -2/

November 15–19, 2014. Neuroscien ce 2014. Washingt on, DC, USA.URL: http://www.sf n.org/annual- meeting/past-an d-future-annu al- meetings

November 30–December 5, 2014. RSNA (Radiological Society ofNorth America) Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, USA.URL: http://www .rsna.org/Pa st_Meetings.as px

December 5–9, 2014. 68th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. Seattle, WA, USA.URL: http://www.a esnet.org/

December 7–11, 2014. 53rd Annual Meeting of The American College of Neuropsyc hopharmaco logy (ACNP). Phoenix, AZ, USA.URL: http://www.a cnp.org/ annualmeet ing/dates.aspx


March 4–7, 2015. 116th The American Society for Clinical Pharmacolog y and Therapeu tics (ASCPT) Annual Meeting.New Orleans, LA, USA.URL: http://www.a scpt.org/

March 14–19, 2015. SIR (Society of Interventio nal Radiology ) Annual Scientific Meeting. Atlant a, GA, USA.URL: http://www.si rmeeting.o rg/

March 21–27, 2015. 104th United States & Canadian Academy ofPathology. Boston, MA, USA.URL: http://www.u scap.org/ne windex.htm?f uture.htm

March 28–31, 2015. EPA 2015: 23rd European Congress of Psychiatry .Vienna, Austria.URL: http://www.e pa-congress.o rg/

April 18–25, 2015. 67th AAN (American Academy of Neurology)Annual Meeting. Washingt on, DC, USA.URL: http://www.a an.com/

April 25–28, 2015. PAS (Pediatrics Academic Societies) Annual Meeting. San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://www.p as-meeting.o rg/2013DC/fu ture_meeting s.asp

April 25–30, 2015. 53rd American Society of Neurora diology (ASNR)Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, USA.URL: http://www.a snr.org/201 3/future/

April 27–May 1, 2015. SPR (Society for Pediatric Radiology ) Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA, USA.URL: http://www.pedrad.org/displaycommon.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=470#SPR_2013

May 2–6, 2015. 83rd American Associat ion of Neurolo gical Surgeons (AANS) Annual Meeting. Washington , DC, USA.URL: http://www.a ans.org/

May 8–12, 2015. 102nd AAI (American Association of immunologist s)Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, USA.URL: http://aai.or g/Meetings/F uture_Meet ing.html

May 13–16, 2015. American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 18th Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA, USA.URL: http://www.a sgct.org /

May 13–17, 2015. American association of Clinical Endocrinol ogists (AACE) 24th Annual Scientific and Clinical Congress. Nashville,TN, USA.URL: https://www.a ace.com/

May 14–16, 2015. 70th Annual Meeting of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP). Toronto , Canada.URL: https://www.s obp.org /

May 16–20, 2015. 17th European Congress of Endocrinol ogy (ECE).Dublin, Ireland.URL: http://www.e se-hormone s.org/meeting s/

IV Announcement s and reports

Page 5: Announcements and reports

May 16–20, 2015. 168th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatri cAssociation (APA). Tronto, Canada.URL: http://www.psychiatry.org /learn/meetin gs/future-an nual-and- institute-m eetings

May 17–19, 2015. 36th Annual Meeting of the American Associat ion of Endocrine Surgeons (AAES). Nashvill e, TN, USA.URL: http://www .endocrinesu rgery.org/me eting/meet ing.html

May 30–June 5, 2015. 23rd Annual Meeting of International Society for Magnetic Resonan ce in Medicine (ISMRM). Toronto, ON, Canada.URL: http://www .ismrm.org/m eetings-work shops/future -ismrm- meetings/

June 6–11, 2015. 8th World Congress of the Internati onal Society ofPhysical and Rehabilitatio n Medicine. Berlin, Germany .E–mail: [email protected] onventus.de URL: http://ww w.isprm2015 .org/

June 14–18, 2015. Annual Meeting of the Organizatio n for Human Brain Mapping. Honolul u, HI, USA.URL: http://www.h umanbrainmap ping.org/i4a/p ages/index.c fm? pageid=3 298

June 14–18, 2015. 19th Internat ional Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movemen t Disorder s. San Diego, CA, USA.URL: http://www.m ovementdiso rders.org/cong ress/past_an d_future.php

August 29–September 2, 2015. 28th ECNP (European College ofNeuropsyc hopharmaco logy) Congress. Amsterdam , The Netherlan ds.URL: http://ww w.ecnp.eu/en/ meetings/age nda.aspx

September 9–12, 2015. 54th ESPE (European Society for Paediatric Endocrinolo gy) Meeting. Barcelona, Spain.URL: http://www .eurospe.org/m eetings/

September 27–29, 2015. 140th Annual Meeting of American Neuro- logical Associati on. Chicago, IL, USA.URL: http://www .aneuroa.org/

October 17–21, 2015. Neurosc ience 2015. Chicago, IL, USA.URL: http://www.sfn .org/annual-m eeting/pa st-and-future-a nnual- meetings

October 27–November 1, 2015. 62nd Annual Meeting of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP). San Anton io,TX, USA.URL: http://www.a acap.org/ cs/upcoming_ meetings/fut ure_annual_ meetings

October 28–31, 2015. AAN EM (America n Asso cia tion of Neur omus cu- lar & Elec trod iagn ost ic Med icin e) Ann ual Mee ting . Hono lulu , HI, USA.URL: http://ww w.a ane m.or g/

December 4–8, 2015. 69th Annual Meeting of the American Epilepsy Society. Philadelphia, PA, USA.URL: http://www .aesnet.org/

December 6–10, 2015. 54th Annual Meeting of The American College of Neuropsycho pharmacology (ACNP). Hollywoo d, FL, USA.URL: http://www .acnp.org/ann ualmeeting/d ates.aspx

Announceme nts and reports V