Annandale Season's Magazine - Winter 2011

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A magazine about horses, nutrition and equestrian events in New Zealand.

Text of Annandale Season's Magazine - Winter 2011

  • Keeping winter woes at baySix steps to ensure you get through the colder months



    Get the most from your feeding regime

    a one year Pro5 subscription

    worth $120 from


    Savvy Touch

    Mud Fever and Skin Smoothie


    Great New Zealand

    Trail RideSpectacular scenery,

    making new friends and having a blast with


    Wellingtons endurance family

    Supporting the racing industry

    Fibre for winter

  • Inside

    Fibre for winterGet the most from your feeding regime

    Wellingtons endurance familyEndurance really is in the blood for Wellingtons Mason family.

    Mud FeverOne of Winters frustrating problems

    Olivia gives her all for Polocrosse World Cup 2011Olivia Gloyn reaches her goal

    Catch up with KatKats farewell

    Great New Zealand Trail RideSpectacular scenery, making new friends and having a blast with horses

    Which Fibre Source?Weigh up your options

    Dressage rewards on all levelsTaurangas Anna McIntyre

    Team AnnandaleQ & A on hardfeed

    Supporting the racing industryCanterbury horsewoman Fran Barcham

    Keeping winter woes awayMinimise the impact of illness on your horse

    Inter-Pacific Exchange

    Kidz Kartzgreat fun for kids and ponies













    Annandale Feeds Ltd P.O. Box 2167, Taupo 3330

    Phone (07) 333 7113Fax (07) 333 7994

    Annandale Seasons Magazine SurveyThank you to all those people who completed our survey. The response and number were beyond what we imagined.

    We have been questioning the value of the magazine to you the reader and to us the producer. The cost of printing and mail distribution was proving too expensive, even though we felt that you enjoyed receiving it and it was a relevant and valuable read for customers of Annandale we would need a minimum of at least 1000.

    The survey told us that 87.2% of you ALWAYS enjoy reading the Annandale Seasons Magazine. Which is great news as we love profiling horse owners, and events across the country as well as giving you factual helpful info on feeding and care of yours horses relevant to the season.

    You also told us that 73.5% of you would be happy to receive and read it in e-book form.Wow, this was great as we now had a way we could still deliver Seasons to you at a far reduced price than print and postage. So that is what we have decided to do.

    Unfortunately there are some of you that will not read the magazine on the computer due to a number of factors including still on dial up and just not the same as a leisurely read in the bath or over a cup of tea.

    Get your fingers doing the talking and email us your commitment to a subscriptionOver 30% of survey responses said you would pay a subscription to receive Seasons Magazine, but we would need at least minimum of 1000 of you to sign up at $4.95 per edition to be able to cover the cost of printing. It is something we are still prepared to look at if we get the numbers and responses for the option of subscription, so get your fingers doing the talking and email us your commitment to a subscription.

    Our Winter edition is 32 pages of a great read from all our profile stories covering Great NZ Trail Ride, Kidz Kartz, Endurance, Dressage, Supporting the racing industry and more. Packed full of relevant info for Fibre for Winter, Mud Fever and keeping winter woes away, not to mention the great competitionsa one year Pro 5 horse subscription worth $120 from FeedXL, Savvy Touch Products and 2 x auditor places at one of Peggy Cummings NZ clinics at the end of this year!

    Katrina Jackson, Editor

  • Competition winners

    Get profiled

    If you and your horse are a raving fans of Annandale products, contact us via email at and be in with a chance to be profiled within the pages of Annandales Seasons Magazine!

    Our winners of Equine Direct Rice Bran oil for updating / signing up to receive Annandale Seasons Magazine are:

    Cathie Wright, Raetihi M Taylor, New Plymouth

    Annandale Feed Sack CreationsMum Shona Chapman sent in these photos of Kourtney, Jorja, Klay, Maddisyn, Hunta, Hunter, Jaydon, Baylin and Baxter the dog being creative. The children had a lot of fun and enjoyed wearing what they had made or playing with what they had made. It was a good way to spend a sunny Saturday morning.

    We love to see how you use those empty bagssend us photos and details of uses for your empty Annandale chaff bags and be in to win a FREE bag of chaff or forage!

    Win a one year Pro 5 horse subscription worth $120! Send us the reason why you or your horse needs a free subscription to FeedXL and we will put you in the draw. Check out for more information on this great feeding tool.

    Win one of three sets of Savvy Touch Mud Fever and Skin Smoothie.

    Win one of three bottles of Equine Direct Rice Bran Oil.

    Win 1 x Peggy Cummings New Book and one of two Auditor places at one of Peggys NZ clinics at the end of this year! See advert on page 9 for clinic details

    Winter Draws:Update your details / sign up for the Annandale Seasons Magazine at and youll be put in the draw to win these fabulous prizes:

    Kourtney, Jorja, Klay, Maddisyn, Hunta, Hunter,

    Jaydon, Baylin, and Baxter the Dog

  • 2 W I N T E R 2 0 1 1 W W W . A N N A N D A L E . C O . N Z

    Fibre for winterWinter is often a time of year when there is the need to make a change to the feeding regime of your horse. By Gretal Webber

    With cold weather, limited pasture and a change in pasture composition, as well as many horses having a reduction in workload, there is often the need to re-evaluate the feeding programme that may have been very successful during the summer period.

    Horses and mud are synonymous with winter. Lovely fresh green paddocks are often quickly chewed out and turned to mud. Those green winter pastures are high in moisture and lower in fibre. Horses are often seen chewing rails and other sources of wood in an attempt to access more fibre. Providing hay and a good intake of chaff during this time will assist in meeting their fibre requirements.

    If your paddocks are more mud than pasture, additional fibre will also be required and is vital to your horses digestive health. Horses require a minimum of 1.5% of their body weight in hay, chaff or pasture daily, so it will be necessary to use hay and chaff to make up the shortfall of pasture. Never underestimate the benefit to your horse from an extra biscuit of hay or kg or two of chaff provided daily. Not only will this additional fibre ensure that the horses minimum requirement is satisfied, it will also make a sound contribution to the overall energy level of the diet.

    It is always surprising how horses can maintain their body condition on quite a limited pick of pasture during the summer when conditions are mild, however during winter the cold





  • W I N T E R 2 0 1 1 3W W W . A N N A N D A L E . C O . N Z

    and wind results in horses requiring extra energy to keep warm. If calorie requirements are not being met daily by pasture or supplementary feed, horses will quickly start to lose weight. Body condition lost during winter is very hard to regain without significant levels of supplementary feed and often it is not until spring that horses return to a satisfactory condition. Certainly prevention is ideal, so ensure horses have access to good shelter or are well rugged to significantly assist horses to maintain their condition and therefore be cheaper to keep.

    Owners often like to provide horses with large grain meals over winter and it makes us feel good on a cold miserable evening, however providing your horse with a good amount of hay and chaff in the first instance will not only be safer but also help in keeping them warm on those cold nights. Fibre is fermented in the horses hindgut and in doing so acts as an internal heater. In regard to the size of those grain meals, horses should not be fed more that 2.5kg of grain in a single meal. If needing to feed more, this will need to be fed over two or more feeds daily.

    For those horses that are working through winter or poor doers utilise the higher energy fibre sources, Annandale Lucerne Chaff, Lucerne Forage or Peavine & Clover Chaff. Most of these horses will require hardfeed to provide further calories daily and the addition of oil or a fat supplement will be a concentrate source of cool energy.

    For the better doers when winter seems to be the only time of year when their body condition is just about right, still ensure they receive enough fibre to maintain the health of their digestive tract and avoid conditions such as colic that can arise as a result of insufficient fibre in the diet. For these horses use the lower energy fibre products, Annandale Oat Straw Chaff or Meadow Chaff. In addition, a concentrate vitamin and mineral pellet/supplement will ensure these horses receive the nutrients they require for good health without the calories of the complete feed.

    So as you wade through the mud to your horse each day, throw an extra biscuit of hay over your shoulder and kg or two of chaff in the bucket.


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  • 4 W I N T E R 2 0 1 1 W W W . A N N A N D A L E . C O . N Z

    Endurance really is in the blood for Wellingtons Mason family. By Jo Bell

    Wellingtons endurance familyMum, Jacqui, is an FEI 4* Judge and Technical Delegate, her partn