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Ann Marie Plubell, CEO The Plubell Firm East-West Business Bridge JD, LLM, MBA Law Ecosystem IPv6 Success 安 玛莉 普鲁贝尔咨询公司 - 中西文化商务之桥梁 律师,法学博士,

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Text of Ann Marie Plubell, CEO The Plubell Firm East-West Business Bridge JD, LLM, MBA Law Ecosystem IPv6...

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  • Ann Marie Plubell, CEO The Plubell Firm East-West Business Bridge JD, LLM, MBA Law Ecosystem IPv6 Success - Copyright 2012 All rights reserved. 11 th April 2012 Beijing China
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  • 1 The Plubell Firm Gateway Router and Bridge to translate law: IPv4 policy to IPv6 policy China to US Business to Government Clients include government, Internet enterprises, and international NGOs Vice Chair, US-ABA China Law Committee (ABA=450,000 lawyers) Support research, preservation and protection of the Giant Panda at WoLong, Sichuan, China
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  • 2 Agenda Where We are Now The Past Predicts the Future Law and Government Policy Legal Traps for the Unwary on the Way to IPv6 Business Opportunity Legal Environment for IPv6 Success China Can Lead the Way Timeline and Next Steps
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  • 3 IPv4 is Hou Hai Lake IPv4 4.5 billion IP Addresses IPv6 is All the Worlds Oceans IPv6 2 to the 128 th power of IP Addresses Crossing the River Stone by Stone:
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  • 4 The Past Predicts the Future Internet users as percentage of population 1969: First two nodes of what would become the ARPANET were interconnected. 1982: Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) standardized / world-wide network of fully interconnected TCP/IP networks called the Internet was introduced. mid-1990s : Internet has a tremendous impact on culture and commerce. 1994 : China joins the Internet. The development of Internet 2003 : Chinese government : CNGI (China Next Generation Internet)
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  • 5 The Past Predicts the Future Number of IPv4 address being used in China Like Moores law, IP address uptake accelerates IPv6 What will happen to IPv6? Moore law or More fast? IPv6 What will happen to IPv6? Moore law or More fast?
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  • 6 China Policy March 27, 2012 National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) Report Renewed Commitment and funding for full IPv6 by 2014 China 513 million Internet users (38.3% of population) BUT only has 332 million Ipv4 addresses
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  • 7 United States Policy 2008 United States Department of Defense (DOD) IPv6 Standard Profiles for IPv6 Capable Products v.3 2010 DOD, NASA, General Services Administration (GSA) new rules for Federal Acquisition Process and IPv6 capability 2012 Goal: Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ALL federal agency network backbones to support IPv6 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Policy Declaration set up to certify IPv6 acquisition as IPv6 compliant or IPv6 capable
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  • 8 Some US Federal IPv6 Contracts During Past 12 Months $3.8 million contract awarded for task order to support DOD IPv6 Transition Office $24, 548,433 contract for advanced metering infrastructure with IPv6 capability $9,990,048 contract awarded for installation of systems including IPv6 routers
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  • 9 European Union Policy and Privacy Yin Yang EU recognizes Fundamental Human Right to be Forgotten 1995 European Data Protection Directive (EDPD) 2012 proposal for European Data Protection Regulation Supersedes EDPD
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  • 10 US and Privacy /Security Tension Yin and Yang US Constitution recognizes Right to Privacy 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act-CALEA Warrantless search of telecom and Internet and real time monitoring ISP must comply Secret - No notice to the observed 2004-07 VoIP and Broadband Internet included 62% expansion in government use since enactment CALEA Hugely controversial will go to US Supreme Court
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  • 11 You Cannot Catch Tigers Without Entering the Tigers Den Local/Provincial IPv6 Next Generation Internet Networks Improve Quality of Life Health Care and Common Shared databases Private Sector Wal-Mart-worlds largest retailer could use RFID-IPv6 Legal Services Sector-$650 billion of global GDP by 2015 could use Smart paper, IPsec always on
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  • 12 One Cannot Talk to Summer Insects About the Ice Because of 2007-08 recession, the government holds Board of Directors of publicly and privately tradable companies accountable for Risk Decisions and Disclosures Be aware of shifts in legal and policy focus Example: US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) April, 2012 Meetings with Boards of Directors of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and others
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  • 13 Competitors: The Mantis Stalks the Cricket-The Oriole Eyes the Mantis Dont forget the local Competitor who will eat you Have your own legal team in the country capital Example: Chinese Company tries to buy failing US company Good plan, Law seemed to be on their sides, WTO support Large US corporation wanted same target generates Congressional attention-suspicion Chinese company had no credible voice in the capital
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  • 14 Dont Wait Until You are Thirsty to Build a Well Law as an element of design for IPv6 business development at early stages Build-in legal protections and defense as business moves across borders Consider all aspects of law IPv6 traffic and Taxation IPv6 invention, innovation and Intellectual Property IPv6 disagreements and Dispute Resolution
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  • 15 Favorable Time to Promote IPv6 Enterprise Future for rapid commercialization is good Only limit is the imagination Cloud cost-saving credibility proven business model Economic Environment in US favorable Government support is committed Technical Challenges are Addressed
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  • 16 China Can Show the Way Use Local Law to Achieve Global Goal US Leadership Model ICANN a non-profit, California corporation with a transparent, independent international board elected by worlds regions and driven by bottom-up consensus decision model inclusive of the diversity of global Internet community China can lead in the same way for IPv6
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  • 17 Next Steps and Timeline June 6, 2012 World IPv6 Launch! Join in! Start an IPv6 Business model today could be implemented in 6-9 months! Go forward with Confidence
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  • 18 Congratulations Wishes for Rapid Success! The Plubell Firm East-West Business Bridge Thanks and appreciation to Guo Xinran, He Tiantian, Li Hongyu

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