Android Apps for Graphic Designers

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  1. 1. Android Apps for Graphic Designers The popularity index of laptop and computers are shifted towards smart phones and tablets, and it's quite obvious. The time when people have less time and more work, the balancing in time becomes necessary for maintaining a rhythm of life. For maintaining this rhythm we have to steal time from our busy schedule. Smartphone gives us this chance to steal the time and earn the knowledge. With the smart phone we can learn anywhere, anytime without the tension of accessibility of laptop or desktop. For the smart phones, mobiles apps are the best thing to learn, to play or for entertainment. On the mobile apps platform you can find apps for almost your every need. Today we are going to discuss some useful mobile apps for graphic designers, which can help them to understand about the tools and techniques of graphic designing.
  2. 2. Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet The most popular app in the category of graphic designing is Paperless-Draw, sketch, tablet. This is a software with which you can access 6 different tools which allow you to color, sketch and insert text annotations. With this app you can save your work and give them a shape of books, you can also share your work without leaving the app. The best thing about this app is, it gives an opportunity to create different layers and also can manage opacity of different layers. Sketchem This app is totally free and very useful for the beginners. Artist who wants to learn graphic designing at starting level this app is good for them. Once you download this app you will get many tutorials which teach you about the basics of designing. With this app you can learn graphic designing and create your own portfolio. Like Paperless you can also share your work on social media without leaving the app. AutoCAD 360 This mobile application is good for professionals because it not merely a photo manipulation or a graphic designing tool. This is a tool which is used by designers, engineers and architects in creating their projects. This app is a great drafting and drawing mobile application which allows viewing and editing your work. With this you can create impressive designs for your professional work. SketchBook Pro This app gives freedom to your imaginations and you can create beautiful designs with this app and your imaginations. This application
  3. 3. has all the facilities we use on our desktop the main difference is here our finger work as a cursor. If we compare this mobile app with Paperless app, then the difference is the formation of layers. With this app you cannot make layers of your work. View more :-