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Android Applications. What’s An App?. An “App” (short for application) is a program on a phone or other device that does a certain job. Many types such as games, productivity apps, organization apps etc. Range in price from free-to high dollar prices. Statistics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Android Applications

Android ApplicationsWhats An App?An App (short for application) is a program on a phone or other device that does a certain job.Many types such as games, productivity apps, organization apps etc.Range in price from free-to high dollar prices.StatisticsDuring 2010, a total of 170,000 applications were publishedOnly a third of the applications available are paid for.$1 is also the minimum price (besides free) at which applications are sold. Conclusion: Half the paid applications are sold at the minimum price Statistics


CategoriesThere are thousands of apps on the Android Market and that number grows everyday. Some of the main types of apps are:

Business Reference Lifestyle Entertainment Games Utilities/Tools Communication

Business Evernote -Allow easy note taking by being able to snap a photo, take a screenshot, type in text, or speak your note to capture information on the go

-Once youve captured it, Evernote helps you organize and find it by making all of the information in your photos or notes searchable.

Business Documents To Go

-Allows users to create, edit and send Microsoft Office documents all from their hand held device

-Transfer your files from your Windows PC to your smartphone device over USBCommunication


First off, I thought the little guy was interesting and caught my eye. With thousands of apps out there anything that can reach out and reel people in is great.You can use this service for texting and keeping in touch with your other friends who use TextFreek on iPhone, iPod, Android and BlackBerry for free. This was a nice easy to read system to send not only messages but also photos out to friends. They have a cute little widget that you can put on your homepage and can see when new messages come in. I like that better than being bugged all the time, let me check messages when I have time. Cant TextInspired by Oprahs no-texting-while-driving campaignMutes incoming textsAutomatically responds to sender with a pre-written textA portion of annual proceeds go to the Alex Brown Foundation

CommunicationReferenceEnglish Thesaurus Dictionary

Allows for searches to find definitions, and similar words.Saves searches, allowing to build up an easy to access history. Price: Free

ReferenceGoogle Sky Map

Shows a map of the stars, planets etc.Zoom in and out on planets or stars.Point phone at sky and that is the part of the sky it will show you.Price: Free

GamesMAHJONGCalled the best tile matching game144 tiles to start with selecting a pair will remove the tiles from the layout.Free!Version 1.04Magma Mobile

GamesAngry Birds

Angry Birds features challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value.240 levels requires logic, skill, and force to solve.Free


My Coffee Card5 Star RatingPurchase Starbucks with your phoneAccess Starbucks Card accountGet directions to nearest StarbucksFree application for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry


4 Star ratingTrack your family in real timeLists sex offenders that live close byReceive and send safety check-insFree application for Android and iPhone


BatteryLifeInstalls a WidgetAlways on screenMonitors battery life percentageColor CodedFreeUtilitiesMy Backup Pro Hardly notice its there and if you need to get a new phone all your data is on this app.$4.99Version 3.8


Talking Louis Lion

This app does a lot. He responds to your voice and touch.He talks, kisses, whistles, roars, listens to you, and a ton of other things.This app has special sounds effects. 19Entertainment

PlayOn Mobile

Watch shows and movies on your droid from many different channels.Free app and a 14 day free trial, but costs $39.99 for 1st subscription and $19.99 for every year after.Must install PlayOn Media play to computer.Watch videos any were you can get internet access around the world.Shop Savvy Android App

21How It WorksScan a UPC code (barcode) of an item at any store with your android based smart phone

The Application matches the item to the UPC code online

Also searches the internet for the price of that item online and other stores that are local to the area you are in.

The aookicatrion compares the prices of the item that you scanned from other stores side by side.

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