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  • 1. Android is the worlds most popular mobileplatform. With Android you can use all theGoogle apps you know and love, plus thereare more than 600,000 apps and gamesavailable on Google Play to keep youentertained, alongside millions of songs andbooks, and thousands of movies. Androiddevices are already smart, and will only getsmarter, with new features you wont find onany other platform, letting you focus onwhats important and putting you in controlof your mobile experience.

2. The fastest, easiest way to find what youneed on the web and your phone ortablet. Enjoy the power of Googlesearch wherever you are. Browse fast onyour Android phone or tablet withChrome. Bring your personalized Chromeexperience with you anywhere you go. 3. When you sign in to your phone or tablet withGoogle, you can access all of your Google stuff(contacts, photos, Gmail and more) quickly andeasily. You can also enjoy all of your favoriteentertainment across your Android devices and evenyour computer no wires, no syncing. Play everywhere you go Google Play is the easiest way to enjoy all yourfavorites no wires, no hassle, just pureentertainment. You can now read, listen and watchanywhere you want on your tablet, phone, or inany browser at Forget aboutcables and syncing: your favorite music, movies,books, apps and games are instantly available acrossall of your devices and on the web. 4. Millions of people already use Androidbecause it makes your mobile device somuch more powerful and useful. OnAndroid, the home screen, web browser,email and everything in between aredesigned to make your life easier. Andbecause Android is open, you cancreate a unique mobile experiencethats just right for you. 5. Put the important stuff right within reachand interact with your favorite appsdirectly from your home screen withwidgets see the latest sport scores,view your favorite photos, check theweather or peek at your inbox all withouthaving to open different apps or leavethe home screen. 6. An easy-to-read notification tray givesyou quick access to your calls, incomingtexts, and new emails in a non-intrusiveway. 7. With Android, you can quickly andseamlessly switch between apps andpick up whatever you were doing.Juggling multiple tasks at once on amobile device has never been easier. 8. Control your Android device with yourvoice. Simply touch the microphone onthe keyboard and start talking to writeemails, SMS, or any other text morethan 30 languages supported. Textappears in real time, so theres nowaiting. 9. Capture special moments with greatphotos and videos, explore your shotsand quickly share your favorites in anyway that you want. 10. Your Android device is already smart, andits only going to get smarter. Android wasthe first to bring you features on certaindevices like Face Unlock which uses facialrecognition to let you unlock your devicewith a smile, Android Beam which lets youshare contacts, directions and more bytouching two devices together, andGoogle Now which brings you just the rightinformation, before you even ask. 11. 1. Know Your Device It is important that you learn about the capabilitiesand drawbacks of your phone. Dont overburdenyour phone with resource-hungry apps which wouldotherwise degrade your phones performance atyour expense. 2. Update Your Android If you havent updated your Android phone to thelatest firmware, you should. Google brings greatimprovements to each new release of the Androidoperating system, including updates that ensurestability, higher performance speed and connectivityalong with other user-friendly new features. 12. 3. Remove Unwanted Apps Every app you install in your phone takesome storage space and runs somebackground processes. The more storagespace occupied or the more backgroundprocesses running on your phone, theslower your phones performance. Dont install apps you hardly use. Keep onlythe apps that you need and if you have gotan app that isnt really useful, you canuninstall or disable it. 13. 4. Disable Unnecessary Apps Performance assistant was introduced in Android ICS tohelp you disable apps that you dont need. Disabling appsis different from uninstalling apps uninstallation removeapplication files from the phone but no file isremoved/deleted when you disable it. These disabledapps are not shown on the home screen or app tray butyou can re-enable them for use whenever you need them.5. Update Apps You should regularly update your phones installed appsfrom Google Play. Try to get updates your apps when theyare available in Google Play. Developers fix bugs and addfeatures in new released versions of apps. Updated appsperform better and faster, and will less likely crash yourphone. 14. 6. Use High-Speed Memory Card The memory card is the storage space of yourphone. Phones with low internal memory canget a boost from high-capacity memory cardsfor maximum storage space. But it adds notonly capacity but also speed to the mix. Youcan get between 2GB to 32GB worth ofstorage space to support high speedread/write operations. Always go for memorycards of Class 6 or Class 10 for your Androidphone if you seek performance for your phone. 15. 7. Keep Fewer Widgets Widgets are not apps, which only run once youchoose to activate them. No, widgets are alwaysrunning in the background; they are active all thetime. While some Android users use it to keep track ofthe weather, and their important dates, others usewidgets like Extended controls for quick access foressential configurations such as switching Wi-Fi,Bluetooth or their GPS on or off. They do have their uses but bear in mind that havingtoo many of them running on your homescreen willcause your devices performance to slow down. 16. 8. Avoid Live Wallpapers You must be loving Androids live wallpaperfeature. Phones (from differentmanufacturers) come with different livewallpapers but you should know that livewallpapers that are badly made will needmore CPU cycles to run, thus draining thebattery faster. Everytime you activate thehome screen, you run not only your appsbut also your live wallpaper. 17. 9. Stop Syncing Sync is a very good feature which synchronizesyour data with Google servers. Keeping syncon, you can get notifications whenever newmail comes in or when you get newnotifications or updates for apps. To do this, itdoes a refresh at every preset interval (e.g. itchecks your mail every 5 minutes for newincoming mail), and this will eat into yourandroids performance for other activities. You can keep Sync off for unrequiredservices or only have it on when you need totransfer or upload materials to Google servers. 18. 10. Turn Off Animations What animations? Well, if you havent noticed, yourphone screen actually fades out and in as you switchfrom one task to the other. To see this in action Goto Settings > Developer Options > Window AnimationScale > Animation scale 10x. Then choose WindowAnimation Scale again to see the fade in effect inslow-mo. When you choose Animation off, the screen just snapsto position without animation. You can also turnoff Transition Animation Scale in the same way. If youare a heavy user, youd probably notice that yourAndroid performs faster with all animations off. 19. BONUS: Root Your Android As Android is built on the Linux kernel, like any other OS, italso can be rooted. Rooting your Android gives youadministrator level access on your phone, which meansthat you can uninstall the apps that came with yourphone but may not be what you want to use. When Not to Root There are a number of factors against rooting yourAndroid device; for one thing, most manufacturers deemyour phone warranty voided if your phone has beenrooted. You also need to know what you are doingto avoid screwing everything up, beyond repair. This iscalled bricking a.k.a. turning your phone into a uselessbrick. So think it through before you use this method toenhance the performance of your Android.