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  1. 1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands Nature uninterruptedAndaman and Nicobar Islands present a breathtaking view of Nature. You can view Nature in itsoriginal form.These days, our lives have turn into so much dull and boring ones as everyone is busy in daily jobs.However, we should derive some time for ourselves and take a break. Vacation is a great change andbreak from the monotonous routine. One of the beautiful places is the Andaman Islands situated awayfrom the hustle and bustle of daily hectic schedules. You can stay at wonderful hotels in Andaman andNicobar islands hotels or the Havelock island resorts during your trip and will Nature in her original best,as there is great combination of beaches, jungles, hills and the deep blue sea. These are group of islandslocated in the Bay of Bengal, near the Indian Ocean. These are one of the most adorned and admireddestinations shining like gem in the sea. A special feature of these islands is that they have beendeveloped as a tourist and vacation destination only in the near past. Because of this, its beauty is stilluntouched or unexplored. The combination of great landscapes of the island provides a splendiferousview of Nature at its best.The Andaman resorts help you discover the exquisiteness of this marvelous Island. The resorts arelocated on extravagant locations, which offer an enthralling view of the beaches. Andaman resortsprovide the finest services with lavish lodging. The rooms are ready with superb furnishings andarchitecture. There are magnificent swimming pools, poolside bars and restaurants. All the facilities areprovided in the resort with beautiful relics, portraying the work and culture of the natives.There are restaurants in these resorts that offer delectable and exotic cuisines. The food served is classand full care is taken for visitors. High standard of food and hygiene is maintained together with highquality. There are exquisite seafood restaurants offering range of seafood like prawns, crabs, lobstersand other fishes. There are numbers of and wide variety of cuisines served in these restaurants likeSouth-East Asian, South Indian, continental. There are many international cuisines also which includeMexican, Thai, and Chinese. Therefore, a trip to these wonderful islands is sure to rejuvenate you.Reference URL: Us: Holidays77/43,2nd floor,Chamiers road,Chennai 600028P:+91-44