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Ancient Rome Life in Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Life in Ancient Rome. Key Terms Gladiators Colosseum

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Text of Ancient Rome Life in Ancient Rome. Key Terms Gladiators Colosseum

  • Ancient RomeLife in Ancient Rome

  • Key TermsGladiatorsColosseum

  • Roman ValuesDisciplineStrengthLoyaltyIt you had all these qualities you were said to have the virtue of gravitasStrength > beautyPower > graceUsefulness > elegance

  • People of RomeMost lived in the countryside and worked on farmsMerchants, soldiers, slaves, foreigners, and philosophers lived in Rome and smaller citiesCrowded, noisy streetsDiverse society

  • Slavery in RomeWidespread and important to economyAbout 1/3 of populationPrisoners from conquered lands brought back by Roman armies (men, women, and children)

  • Slavery in RomeSlaves could be bought or soldConsidered property of their ownersCould be punished, rewarded, set free, or put to death as their masters saw fit

  • Slavery in RomeIn city and farmsUsually treated cruelly and did hard labor all day longUsually slaves of wealthy were treated betterSome strong, healthy male slaves forced to become gladiators, or professional fighters

  • ReligionPolytheisticGods and Goddesses were guardian spirits of each familySymbols of the statesPeople were expected to worship the godsClosely connected to Greek godsWorship of emperors also became part of religion

  • Life in RomeWealth and social status made a difference in how one livedRich lived extravagantlyLarge homes with gardens, slaves, and luxuriesParties for hours with foods that were rare and costlyRoman Table Manners

  • Life in RomeMost people barely had necessities for lifeMost of citys population was unemployedPoor people crowded in wood tenements, or apartmentsFire was always a danger

  • City Life in RomeRoman Toilets Video

  • Life in RomeBath Houses were a meeting place, bathing place, and socializing placeSame gender onlyRomans were very clean peopleDifferent types of poolsHad stores and places to eatPoor and slaves could not use

  • EntertainmentFree games, races, mock battles, and gladiator contests Provided by govtTo distract and control the large number of people in the city150 holidays a year

  • GladiatorsGladiators were used as entertainmentFight animalsStage battle re-enactmentsFight each otherUsually to the death of something, sometimes left up to the crowdGladiator Fights (Prisoner to Hero)

  • ReflectionExplain why you have wanted to or not wanted to live in the Ancient Roman cities during Pax Romana.