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ANCIENT CHINA. Developed along __________________ River River of Sorrows 1766 BC -- 1 st Dynasty = _________ 1122 BC Zhou Dyasty Used ________________________________ to justify conquering and ruling Divine Right of Kings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ANCIENT CHINADeveloped along __________________ RiverRiver of Sorrows1766 BC -- 1st Dynasty = _________ 1122 BC Zhou DyastyUsed ________________________________ to justify conquering and rulingDivine Right of KingsShang had upset gods, so gods pulled their favor and gave it to the Zhou to rule

  • Zhou allowed local lords to govern their own land = __________________________Zhou AccomplishmentsEconomy grewIronworkingNew cropsUse moneyTransportationPopulation grewControlled more territoryANCIENT CHINA

  • By 256 BC Zhou Dynasty had become to weak to govern local lordslocal lords ignored emperorlords fought each other for more power

    By 221 BC ____________ Dynasty had taken control



    CONFUCIUSLAOZI (Daoism)Kong FuziLow DzuhConcerned with social order and good governmentAccept place in societySuperiors are above inferiors and should care for and set exampleFilial Piety respect for ______________________Education is key to leadershipLead by exampleYin / Yang maintain balanceConcerned with living in harmony with natureOld MasterLook past everyday issues to focus on the _____________ (Way of the Universe)Reject conflict and strifeLive simply with naturebest government is one that governs the least

  • Qin Dynasty221 B.C. Zheng proclaims himself Shi Huangdi [shur hwang dee] (First Emperor)>stopped in-fighting centralized government>strict/harsh punishments ______Hanfeizi [hahn fay dzuh] The nature of man is ______. His goodness is acquired.

    *greed*order kept by being strict/harsh

  • Qin DynastyShi Huangdiused book burningsForced people to work on government jobsEnslaved law breakersAbolished fuedalismEst. 36 military districtsAppt. loyal official to governForced nobles to live in his capitalGave land to peasants


  • Fall of Qin Dynasty210 BC Shi Huangdi diedpeople revolted from cruel rule206 BC Gao Zu [gow dzoo] (peasant) started Han DynastyRISE OF HAN DYNASTYRestored orderLowered taxesEased harsh policies

  • Han Dynasty141 BC ____ [woo dee] becomes emperorScholar Officials Confucian trainedSchoolsRoads/canals _____________________4000 miles connected to MesopotamiaGranariesSold grain at affordable pricesExpansionismEst. Civil Servants merit

  • Han DynastyACCOMPLISHEMTSChemistry, zoology, botanySeismographWang Chong scientific theories accepted by proof, not godsAcupuncture_________[ky loon] paper from wood pulpBuddhism

  • Han Dynasty falls220 AD Warlords overthrewPoor maintenance w/in empireHeavy taxes/debtPeasants fled to mountainsRed EyebrowsGreen WoodsmenSeveral kingdoms developedinvasions

  • other CHINESE ACCOMPLISHMENTS365 day calendarImproved bronze makingSilkOracle bones (animal bones / Turtle shells)questions for gods written on bones/shellsHeatedCracks were interpretedCalligraphy