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  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    20 1 1 edition

    Quarterly Panoramaof European business statistics

    S t a t i s t i c a l b o o k s

    ISSN 1725-485X

    4 -20 1 1

  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    20 1 1 edition

    S t a t i s t i c a l b o o k s

    Quarterly panoramaof European business statistics4 - 20 11

  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


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    Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2011

    ISSN 1725-485XCat. No KS-DL-11-0 0 4 -EN-N

    Theme: Industry, trade and servicesCollection: Statistical books

    European Union, 2011Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.
  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    Te Quarterly panorama o European business statistics has the objective o urnishing readerswith an instrument which will allow them to ollow the evolution o short-term economic trends inrelation to the business sector o the economy (as de ned by NACE Rev. 2 Sections B to N).

    Tis is the ourth edition o the publication in 2011; it is produced by Eurostat Unit G3 - responsibleor short-term business statistics (S S). Te publication is released on a regular, quarterly basis.

    Te S S database is based on the NACE Rev. 2 classi cation and the base year or indices is currently 2005=100. Te classi cation (NACE Rev. 2) has been modernised by introducing new detail tore ect di erent orms o production and emerging industries. Te detail o the classi cation hassubstantially increased in service-producing activities. NACE Rev. 2 provides a better picture o theoverall economy and acilitates international comparisons.Te publication ollows the structure o the S S Regulation, inso ar as it presents a selection o key indicators or industry, construction, retail trade and other services. Among the most importantindicators are a set o Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs) that are essential to theEuropean Central Bank or reviewing monetary policy within the euro area.

    Data sources are included under each table and graph throughout the publication. Te codesthat may be ound as part o the source have been introduced to allow readers to easily access themost recent data on Eurostats website. By clicking on these hyper-links in the PDF version o thepublication, users are led directly to the relevant table on Eurostats website. Te links open completedata sets in a web browser using Eurostats Data Explorer application. Note that the data on thewebsite is requently updated and may also be more detailed or be available in a variety o di erent

    measurement units (these can be modi ed by using the Select Data tab in the application).Editors-in-chie :

    Ulrich Eidmann,e-mail:[email protected] Jaegerse-mail:[email protected],Btiment Joseph Bech,L-2721 Luxembourg

    Data processing:

    Digna Amil, Anastassios Giannoplidis, Enrico In ante, Carmen Lipp-Lingua, Liselott hman,Jane Scho eld, Sarmite Visocka

    Production, desktop publishing:

    INFORMA srl

    Giovanni Albertone, Simon Allen, Andrew Redpath

    Te opinions expressed in this publication are those o the individual authors alone and do notnecessarily re ect the position o the European Commission.

    For more in ormation on the activities o Eurostat, please consult the Internet at the ollowingaddress:

    Data extracted: 23-11-2011

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    2 Quarterly panorama of European business statistics issue 4-2011

    Table o contents

    1. Newsletter 5

    Industry - index o production 6Industry - index o new orders 8Industry - indices o employment, hours worked and wages and salaries 8Industry - index o output prices 9Construction - index o production 11Construction - indices o employment, hours worked and wages and salaries 11Construction - indices o construction costs and number o permits 12Retail trade - index o the volume o sales 13Services - index o turnover 13Services - index o employment 14

    Services - index o services prices 162. Industry 17

    Index o production - total industry 18Index o production - main industrial groupings 21Index o production - or the Member States 26Index o production - by activity 29New orders - total new orders 51New orders - domestic new orders 54New orders - non-domestic new orders 55New orders - or the Member States 56New orders - total new orders by activity 59Labour input - index o employment 66Labour input - index o hours worked 68Labour input - index o gross wages and salaries 70Labour input - main industrial groupings 72Labour input - or the Member States 82Labour input - index o employment by activity 85Labour input - index o hours worked by activity 90Labour input - index o gross wages and salaries by activity 95Output prices - domestic output prices or total industry 100

    Output prices - total output prices or total industry 103Output prices - non-domestic output prices or total industry 104Output prices - domestic output prices or main industrial groupings 105Output prices - or the Member States 110Output prices - domestic output prices by activity 113Import prices 135

  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    3Quarterly panorama of European business statistics issue 4-2011

    3. Construction 141

    Index o production 142Index o new orders 146Indices o employment, hours worked and wages and salaries 147Index o construction costs 149Index o building permits 150

    4. Services 153

    Overview o services activities 154Indices o turnover & employment - motor trade 157Indices o turnover & employment - wholesale trade 158Indices o turnover & employment - retail trade 159Index o volume o sales - retail trade 160Index o employment - retail trade 169Indices o turnover & employment - transportation and storage 171Indices o turnover & employment - accomodation and ood services 174Indices o turnover & employment - in ormation & communication 175Indices o turnover & employment - pro essional, scienti c and technical activities 178Index o turnover - legal and accounting activities;architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis 179Index o turnover - advertising and market research;other pro essional, scienti c and technical activities 180

    Indices o turnover & employment - administrative and supporting service activities 181Index o turnover - employment activities; travel agency,tour operator reservation services and related activities 182Index o turnover - security and investigation activities;o ce administrative, o ce support and other business support activities 183Indices o output prices or services 184

    5. Methodological notes 187

  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    Readers may be interested to learn that a set o main tables are available or S S on the Eurostat website. Tese cover someo the key short-term business statistics across the whole o the business economy. Te data is automatically updated romthe latest in ormation available within Eurostat databases. Te indicators are divided according to the annexes o the short-term statistics regulation (S S-R).

    In order to access these tables use the ollowing link:
  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


  • 8/2/2019 Analiza economica UE 2011


    1 Newsletter

    6 Quarterly panorama of European business statistics issue 4-2011

    while the reduction in activity was around20 % in Bulgaria, Italy and Finland. In contrast,industrial production had returned to its pre-crisis level in Ireland, Austria and Romania,and was higher than be ore the crisis in Slovakia(4.1 %), Belgium (5.6 %) and Poland (12.7 %).

    Te slowdown in industrial activity in September2011 was evident or each o the main industrialgroupings (MIGs). Seasonally adjusted indiceso production in the EU-27 ell at a relatively modest pace (-0.3 %) or the manu acture o consumer non-durables between August andSeptember 2011, while the declines or energy-related activities (-1.2 %), and the manu actureo intermediate goods (-1.7 %) and consumerdurables (-1.9 %) were similar in magnitudeto the overall losses recorded or the whole o industry; by ar the largest contraction in activity was posted or the manu acture o capital go