An Introduction to Unit 3: Exploring your future.

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  • An Introduction to Unit 3: Exploring your future
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  • Unit 3 CATs CAT 3a: Complete table 3a in order of your top 5 UCAS choices Write an assignment to justify your top 2 choices (750 words) CAT 3b: Complete table 3b listing 2 career choices and 2 HE options Write an assignment to compare and contrast one of your career choices and one HE option.
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  • Purpose of Unit 3 Start to put your Career Action Plan into practice HE and career research and decision making Choosing the right path for you Gain better understanding of entry requirements academic and other Enable you to be realistic and set achievable targets Develop your research skills
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  • Some HE statistics More than 43,000 courses available in the UK More than 300 institutions to study in In 2013, 677,373 people applied to HE 495,596 got places
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  • Why choose Higher Education? Academic interest Transferable skills Improve career prospects Earn more money average graduate starting salary in UK is approximately 25,000 - 30,000 Once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed!
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  • Choosing the right course Familiar or new subject? Vocational or non-vocational? Level of qualification? Entry requirements? Career prospects? Assessment methods?
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  • Understand and use the UCAS Tariff A Level Grade A*/ A140/120 pts Grade B/C100/80 pts Grade D/E60/40 pts BTEC Diploma DDD360 pts MMM240 pts PPP120 pts Many other qualifications and grades see UCAS website or back of UoH prospectus
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  • Choosing a university Home or away/distance from home? City or rural? Campus or non-campus based? Known for excellence in subject/department? Accommodation? Academic resources? Sports and leisure facilities? Nightlife and social scene?
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  • Your Choices Be sure of what you want to study Be realistic - dont price yourself out of the market - butdont underestimate yourself either Remember 5 courses, not 5 HEIs Use the UCAS Website
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  • Useful research tips Use the online Progression Module resources - web links Consider a range of factors: graduate employment stats, student satisfaction survey, as well as league table positioning Study prospectuses (paper copy and online) Talk to tutors, friends, family and current students
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  • Final points to remember Use the writing frame in Unit 3 booklet as a guide Write at least 750 words Dont copy and paste info from the web - plagiarism Unit 3 choices should link with Unit 1 CAP
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  • Final points to remember Use relevant websites and articles to inform your assignment (use online resources and links) Include a bibliography (at least 3 web sources remember to bookmark your sources when researching)


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