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  • What Started The Mexican War? In 1845 Texas became a state. After this Mexico broke off all diplomatic relations with the the United States because Mexico still considered Texas to be a Mexican territory. Shortly after a dispute arose between Texas and Mexico about where the boundary between them was. Texas--Rio Grande MEXICO--Nueces river Both sides claimed they owned the land between the 2 rivers.
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  • AMERICANS WANTED WAR!!!! -Many citizens thought the U.S. should force Mexico to pay $3 million for property taken or destroyed. -Others believed it was the manifest destiny of the U. S. to move into the new territory out West.
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  • Steps Towards War President Polk decided to have Zachary Taylor move 3,000 troops from the Nueces River to the Rio Grande Just north of the river a small number of U. S. cavalrymen were defeated by a larger Mexican force.
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  • Steps Towards War President Polk considered this battle to be on U.S. territory and used this incident to ask Congress to declare war on Mexico. On May 13, 1846 Congress passed a war declaration.
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  • Bear Flag Revolution Americans were commanded by Stephen Kearny He led men to Sante Fe and on to California There a group of settlers overthrew the Mexican government in northern California This was the bear flag revolution because the settlers carried a flag with a grizzly bear facing a single red star.
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  • Bear Flag Revolution Robert F. Stockton, John Freemont and Stephen Kearny led U.S, forces against Mexican forces in Southern California near San Diego and Los Angeles. This ended Mexican rule in California.
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  • Battles General Zachary Taylor crossed the Rio Grande and captured the city of Monterey. Taylor defeated Santa Anna and a large Mexican army at the battle of Buena vista. Santa Anna was the president of Mexico and the commander of the armed forces. Santa Anna
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  • A National Hero Taylors victories made him a hero in the U. S. And later became president in 1848.
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  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo General Winfield Scott led a 10,000 man army. Crossed gulf of Mexico and landed at Veracruz Veracruz surrended American army now moves inland toward Mexico city Series of battles
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  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Scott then marched triumphantly into the Mexican capitol. This led to the signing the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and end of the war. The war lasted from 1846-1848.
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  • End of the War -Mexico gave the U.S. A huge part of land called the Mexican cession. -The U.S. Paid Mexico $15 million in return for land.
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  • New Borders Rio Grande recognized as new border. Mexico recognized new southern border.
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  • The End

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