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Introduction of Amoluxe

Text of Amoluxe Introductio

  • Mar. 2011

  • *Vertical IntegrationThe company, AMOLUXE is positioning of the business in the market to provide total lighting system whom are looking for energy saving solution and performed lighting distribution based on advanced light technologies.The AMOLUXE team focuses only on customer satisfaction for their needs.Vertical IntegrationPower LED by AmoLEDsLED Lighting Business by AmoLiteLED Lighting Business by Well-Light

  • Multi SpotsMulti LayerMulti Spot (Amoluxe)

  • Multi Spots* each blocks focused oneach other angle Installed Circle Array Section ViewMulti Spot (Amoluxe)

  • Various Light Distribution*

  • Uniformity* Conventional streetlight (Metal Halide 100W) vs. Maalstrom 100W

  • Design* Sloped top allows natural water flow between the fins which helps keep the fixture clean System Efficiency : Concave LensOur Uniquely designed concave lens reducesinter-reflections normally caused by flat glass surface, improving system efficiency at high distribution angles.

  • Thermal Management & IP Rating*LED Block & Heat sink located on the side of lighting fixture No thermal fatigue by heat Max. Temperature on the MPCB/Block : 48 Higher Reliability & Increased Durability & Reduced Maintenance cost

  • Replacement*Power Driver ReplacementModule Replacement

  • Mar. 2011

  • Copenhagen, Denmark HeadlineTo celebrate open the Bella Center (UN ClimateChange Conference Center), Denmark EnvironmentDept. Minister, Korean Ambassador, Mr. Lee, Dong-Energy (The Biggest Electricity Company in Europe)CEO, participate LED Street Light Switch-On Ceremony on Nov-05.

    *Reference - Press Release Korean LED Street Light On CopenhagenIn Copenhagen, when the UN Climate Change Conference washeld, the Korean LED street light has installed for the first time inEurope. A Korean LED Lighting Company, Amoluxe got the official approvalfrom Denmark government to install 20 set LED street Light . Denmark government had a Switch-On ceremony to celebrate theEurope first LED Street Lights. Many VIP participated this ceremony, including Denmark Environment Dept. Minister, Korean Ambassador,Mr. Lee, CEO Dong-Energy (The Biggest Electricity Company inEurope). 2009-Dec-21 YTN

  • LED Street Light Test Site At Laborelec, Belgium*Reference - Street LightCopenhagenDenmarkCopenhagenDenmarkHalderbergeNetherlands*Golf Club (SICC)SingaporeLTA Singapore

  • Lenin Square - RussiaReference - Street LightMexico City- MexicoJakarta Airport-IndonesiaClementi County- Singapore `

  • *Reference - Street LightRichmond- CanadaColima City- Mexico Panama city - PanamaAirport Expressway-PanamaMcDonald, Calle 50- Panama Panama Tunnel - Panama

  • *Seoul Olympic Park, KoreaReference - Street LightYeosu 2012 Expo Park Road, ,Korea

    Gumi Toll Gate IC, KoreaBuyeo Museum Buyeo, KoreaJumunjin, KoreaChungJu G-Well City, Korea

  • *Reference - Street LightChungJu G-Well City, KoreaQingDao Olympic Theme Park, ChinaQingdao Night Market, China

    Solar LED Street Light at Great Wall Rd. (3.5Km) Liuting, QingDao, ChinaQingdao Cheungyang, China

  • *Reference Light tube2009 Agromek-exhibitionBest New Product AwardCharing Cross Hospital - UKBefore-Fluorescent LampAfter Lumorigo Light TubeSchott Industrial Refrigerator- Germany

  • Sunbokeum Church, KoreaReference Retrofit lampGumi Geumosan Hotel, KoreaExport Package available by English & Spanish version (box & clamshell type), Brazil


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