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  • 1. Amnesty International
  • 2. But what is Amnesty International? Amnesty International is a globalmovement of more than 3 millionsupporters, members and activists fightingfor the protection of internationallyrecognized human rights.
  • 3. There vision is a world where all peoplewill enjoy all the rights recognized by theUniversal Declaration of Human Rightsand other international standards. Therecore values of solidarity worldwide,impartiality and transparency, democracyand mutual respect.
  • 4. Also. Amnesty International takes action toend grave abuses of human rights,such as physical and mental integrity,freedom of expression and conscience,freedom from discrimination. Therework includes a very wide range oftopics.
  • 5. Defend prisoners of conscience, violence,and poverty. They fight to end violenceagainst women, the abolition of the deathpenalty, torture and restriction of freedomsin the name of the "war on terror." Tocombat discrimination against refugees,migrants, minorities, but and defenders ofhuman rights.
  • 6. UNITED AGAINST INJUSTICE At the heart of Amnesty International isthis idea: that they are at there mostpowerful when they stand together forhuman rights.
  • 7. They work together in manydifferent ways, so that all theresupporters can be involved,wherever they live and whatevertheir age, background or skills.
  • 8. There movement is driven by theremembers, supporters, there more than1,800 staff members and hundreds ofvolunteers around the world.
  • 9. They campaign to: defend freedom of expression protect womens rights abolish the death penalty demand justice for crimes againsthumanity demand corporate accountability wherecompanies have abused peoples rights
  • 10. INDEPENDENT ANDDEMOCRATIC They are democratic and self-governing every member has a say in deciding whatthey do and how they do it.
  • 11. Well.