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GOING ROMANCE 31 Bucharest, 7-9 December 2017 Amfiteatrul Odobescu

Amfiteatrul Odobescu - UNIBUCinfoub.unibuc.ro/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/GR.Programme.Poster.pdfGoing Romance 31, Bucharest Location: Faculty of Letters (5-7, Edgar Quinet) Room: Amfiteatrul

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    Bucharest, 7-9 December 2017Amfiteatrul Odobescu

  • Going Romance 31, Bucharest Location: Faculty of Letters (5-7, Edgar Quinet)

    Room: Amfiteatrul Odobescu (ground floor)


    Thursday, December 7

    8.20-9.00 Registration

    9.00-9.10 Welcome address


    Chair: Irina Nicula

    9.10-10.10 Invited speaker

    Donca Steriade, Cyclic and pseudo-cyclic evaluations: evidence from Romanian

    Chair: Adam Ledgeway

    10.10-10.45 Michelle Sheehan & Sonia Cyrino, Why do some ECM verbs resist

    passivisation? A phase-based explanation

    10.45-11.20 Ángel Gallego & Maria Bañeras, Case Assignment and Incorporation in Spanish

    Impersonal Passives

    11.20-11.45 Coffee break

    Chair: Luigi Andriani

    11.45-12.20 Gabriela Bîlbîie, Experimental and corpus-based approaches to embedded

    gapping in Romance

    12.20-12.55 Benjamin Storme, A new case of paradigmatic contrast: Haitian Creole third

    person pronouns

    12.55-13.30 Celina Agostinho & Anna Gavarró, The acquisition of verbal passives by

    Portuguese-speaking children: Some data from comprehension

    13.30-15.00 Lunch

    Chair: Adina Dragomirescu

    15.00-15.35 Michelle Sheehan, PCC effects in causatives and ditransitives and the

    dative/locative distinction

    15.35-16.10 Valentina Colasanti, “Zero > multiple > single”. Complementation from Latin to


    16.10-16.45 María Eugenia Mangialavori Rasia, Transitivity alternation, nontrivial minimal

    pairs and a non-minimal variation

    16.45-17.10 Coffee break

    17.10-18.30 POSTER SESSION (1st floor, Department of Linguistics)

    Pascal Amsili & Claire Beyssade, Some specificities of the n-word plus in


    Pilar Barbosa, Are “partial control” inflected infinitives obligatorily controlled?

    Lorena Castillo Ros, Case Competition under ECM. Evidence from Spanish


    Lorena Castillo Ros & Samanta Planells Medina, On the D/P nature of C in

    Romance complementation. A micro-parametric account

    Kim Groothuis, The grammaticalization of irrealis subordinating particles in

    Romanian, Salentino and Calabrese: a case of downwards


  • Bradley Hoot & Shane Ebert, The that-trace effect and the status of Spanish

    subjects: Evidence from code-switching

    Bradley Hoot & Tania Leal, Information Focus in Monolingual and Bilingual

    Yucatec Spanish: Processing Evidence

    Ángel L. Jiménez-Fernández, Negative Preposing as a root/non-root

    phenomenon: the Spanish conspiracy

    Andreea-Alexandra Loizo, An OT account of variation in Romanian consonant

    clusters and sequences

    Anna Paradís, On the non-restructuring nature of Clitic Climbing: Evidence

    from Catalan

    Edward J. Rubin, Clitic-doubling with Type 3 Psych-Verbs in Bulgnaiṡ

    Elena Soare, Moving towards an event: the Romanian Prepositional Supine


    Ramona Wallner, French wh-in-situ questions have to be prosodically minimal,

    not given

    19.00 – Cocktail (Capitol Restaurant)

    Friday, December 8


    Chair: Alexandru Nicolae

    9.00-10.00 Invited speaker

    Adam Ledgeway, Indirect object passives in southern Italy

    10.00-10.35 Francesca Ramaglia, Information Structure, copular constructions and there-

    sentences: exploring patterns of microvariation in Romance languages

    10.35-11.10 Mara Frascarelli, Romance pro-drop languages at the interfaces: A comparative


    11.10-11.35 Coffee break

    Chair: Rodica Zafiu

    11.35-12.10 Guido Mensching & Franziska Werner, On another apparent violation of the

    subject-island constraint in French

    12.10-12.45 Carlos Muñoz Pérez, Predicate doubling in Spanish: an analysis based on

    informational structure

    12.45-13.20 Ion Giurgea, Verum focus and Romanian polar questions

    13.20-14.50 Lunch

    Chair: Donca Steriade

    14.50-15.25 Monica Alexandrina Irimia, Decomposing DOM

    15.25-16.00 Alexandra Cornilescu & Alina Tigău, On the competition between Differentially

    Object Marked Direct Objects and Indirect Objects in Romanian

    16.00-16.35 Kenyon Branan, Determining what gets in the way

    16.35-17.00 Coffee break

    Chair: Ionuț Geană

    17.00-17.35 Caterina Bonan, Low WhPs and the Internal Structure of Wh-Words

    17.35-18.10 Gabriel Martínez Vera, On wh-extraction in de+que constructions in Spanish

    18.10-18.45 Luigi Andriani, Morphological syncretisms as triggers for the spread of inflected

    forms in Apulo-Barese aspectual periphrases

    19.30- Conference dinner

  • Saturday, December 9


    Chair: Andra Vasilescu

    10.00-10.35 Grant Armstrong, Inalienable possession with and without reflexive clitics: a

    split analysis

    10.35-11.10 Klaus von Heusinger & Alina Tigău, Dative clitics in Romanian Ditransitives

    11.10-11.30 Coffee break

    11.30-12.05 M. Pilar Colomina Samitier, Clitic Splitting: a Case Study in Romance

    12.05-12.40 Alejo Alcaraz, Deep and Surface Clitics

    12.40-14.00 Lunch


    Substratum and adstratum in the development of Romance morphosyntax

    Convenors: Adam Ledgeway, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae

    14.00-14.05 Introduction

    14.05-14.40 Cristina Guardiano, Dimitris Michelioudakis, Guido Cordoni, Giuseppe

    Longobardi, Deep and spurious parallels through the lens of parametric


    14.40-15.15 Alice Corr, Distance-distributive numeral reduplication in Old Ibero-Romance:

    a contact hypothesis

    15.15-15.40 Coffee break

    15.40-16.15 Andra Vasilescu, The Romanian Case: syntactic vs. pragmatic passive

    16.15-16.50 Robert Laub, The effects of language ecology on syntactic structure: A look at

    Kristang and Makista

    17.00-18.00 City walk

    First alternate:

    Elena Soare – Moving towards an event: the Romanian Prepositional Supine construction

    Second alternate:

    Kim Groothuis – The grammaticalization of irrealis subordinating particles in Romanian,

    Salentino and Calabrese: a case of downwards grammaticalization?

    Third alternate:

    Lorena Castillo Ros – Case Competition under ECM. Evidence from Spanish dialects