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  • 1. Amazon RDS Nguyen Trung Thanh LOGO1

2. Outline Concept RDS Features, Functionality Scalability Compare to SQL Azure Conclusion Q&A2 3. Solution for DatabaseBuild your own For example - MySQL on EC2, Postgres , Acquire instances Install the database according to your architecture Self manage your database Database-as-a-Service For example - Amazon RDS,Xeround, Azure SQL. ,3 4. Amazon RDSRDS = Relational Data Storage A Service make it easy to + Set up + Operate + ScaleRelational Database on Cloud 4 5. Elasticity 5 6. Similarities Web Portal Your AppChange Connection String 6 7. RDS Features, FunctionalitiesPre-configured ParametersMonitoring and MetricsAutomatic Software PatchingAutomated BackupsDB SnapshotsPush-Button ScalingAutomatic Host ReplacementReplication: two features Multi-AZ Deployment, Read Replica 7 8. Amazon RDS Tooling MySQL WorkBench All the Oracle Tools AWS Management Console CLI ( Command Line Interface ) APIs8 9. Scalability-Two Types of Scaling 9 10. Scalability Scale Up vs. Scale Out Scale Up/Vertical Scaling Select next available configuration (EC2, RDS) Relatively simple but limited scalability Scale Out/Horizontal Scaling Add additional resources Complicated but high scalability RDS Read replicas10 11. Amazon RDS Scale Up11 12. Shared Everything vs. Shared Nothing Shared Everything Scale throughput but limited due to shared resources Storage and networking limitations in the cloud ScaleDB Shared Nothing Horizontal data partition / sharding Unlimited scalability Many design and implementation challenges12 13. Stategies for scalingRead Replicas Read replicas, also known as master-slave deployments. A good option for applications with a high read to write ratio. A single master database is responsible for handling all writes. The writes are then replicated to the slaves which are designated to handle just reads.Partioning/Sharding Breaking a larger database up into smaller databases + Splitting tables that are not joined in the same query onto different hosts + Duplicating a table across multiple hosts and then splitting where a row goes.13 14. Read ReplicasLoad Balancer MasterR RRRR14 15. Read Replicas15 16. Multi-AZ DeployementAvailability Zones: are distinct locations within a Region that are engineered to be isolated from failures in other Availability Zones.Run a DB Instance as a Multi-AZ deployment, the primary serves database writes and reads. Amazon RDS provisions and maintains a standby behind the scenes, which is an up-to-date replica of the primary. The standby is promoted in failover scenarios. After failover, the standby becomes the primary and accepts your database operations.16 17. Multi-AZ DeployementDouble the price17 18. Sharding 18 19. ScaleBase-Auto Sharding19 20. Compare to SQL AzureAmazon RDSLess CloudyBuilt on MySQL/OracleAmazon RDS wins Scale UpSQL AzureMore CloudyBuilt on SQL ServerSQL Azure wins Scale Out 20 21. Pricing21 22. Main Amazon RDS Pricing - MySQL22 23. Main SQL Azure Pricing 23 24. 24 25. 25 26. ConclusionSimple to DeployManagedCompatibleScalableReliableDesigned for use with other Amazon Web ServicesSecureInexpensive: On-Demand DB Instances, Reserved DB Instances26 27. Q&A27