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  • People proudly supporting the Mighty Hawks by leaving a bequest


    People proudly supporting the mighty Hawks by

    leaving a bequest



    From its first VFL game in 1925, Hawthorn Football Club struggled to make its mark until The Club’s first premiership in 1961. Since that first glory, the Hawks have added another ten magnificent cups to the trophy cabinet over the next

    five decades.

    The Club enjoyed a golden era between 1971 and 1991 where it won eight flags, however this success did not equate to long term security and by

    1996 Hawthorn was at the point of merger.

    Hawthorn Football Club invites you to join the Bequest Club, an integral program within the Foundation, to help ensure the Club never reaches that point of

    uncertainty again, instead remaining strong and viable for generations to come.

    By leaving a bequest to the Club in your Will, you will help Hawthorn remain strong well into the future, providing for your children and grandchildren the

    same sense of joy and passion you have enjoyed over the years.

    By leaving your legacy in support of the Club, you will become a member of a very special group known as Always Hawthorn. You just have to inform us

    you have done this to become a member.

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    A HAWK ALWAYS AND FOREVER Your support as a member of Always Hawthorn ensures the Club will remain forever a place to belong. Everything it stands for will be preserved and prospered, ensuring that our yesterdays complement our tomorrows, always.

    Our vision is to not only stay ahead of the competition but become the benchmark for excellence, unity and success: the Destination Club. We strive to have the best resources and facilities, and to secure our home base so future generations can embody the same pride and passion in our Club as we enjoy today.

    Your bequest will provide much needed support to help realise our vision. After making provisions to support your family and friends, don’t forget us. Hawthorn Football Club has been an important part of your life.

    PRIVILEGES OF JOINING THE EXTENDED HAWKS FAMILY Members of Always Hawthorn share a special sense of belonging. You will be a part of a warm, open and friendly social environment.

    Joining this special group also allows the Club to thank you in your lifetime for your generosity and support.

    As a member, you will receive the following privileges:

    • Invitations to regular social gatherings and luncheons, sponsored by the Club

    • Your name will be immortalised on an honour board within the Club’s facilities

    • A special honourary Hawthorn Football Club Foundation lapel pin

    • An exclusive copy of One for All by Harry and Michael Gordon

    • A unique Always Hawthorn newsletter to keep you up to date with the Club’s activities

    Any request for anonymity is strictly honoured.

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    PEACE OF MIND It is fact that nearly one in two Australians do not have a valid Will. A Will is a way to show you care about family members and friends you love, and who have been important to you.

    Making a Will can give you peace of mind, knowing your special wishes for loved ones have been made clear and that you’ve made provision for them.

    A legal Will can also avoid confusion that may arise from time to time. Things such as favourite items and family mementos can be bequeathed through special notes contained in your Will.

    OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU Should you decide to join Always Hawthorn, your bequest will receive the respect it deserves.

    It will be invested into a fund that is managed by the Hawthorn Football Club Foundation which is governed by an independent Board of Directors. The main goal of the Foundation, is to provide Hawthorn Football Club with access to income and capital for specific projects which could not otherwise be funded from normal trading profits and reserves.

    It is also set up to ensure Hawthorn remains financially viable for the long term and has capital resources to achieve both on and off field success.

    Your bequest will assist Hawthorn to become the Destination Club by retaining and developing the very best players and staff, on and off the field.

    The proceeds will also fund any capital projects, ensuring Hawthorn’s home base is established as a world class administration and training facility, set up to deliver premiership success.

    Your legacy, will remain an everlasting one at the Hawks.

  • BEQUEST AMBASSADORS These Club greats are benefactors who have made a personal commitment to Always Hawthorn.

    GRAHAM ARTHUR Premiership captain 232 games HFC Legend AFL Hall of Fame

    ‘My legacy will be that the mighty Hawks remain mighty for my children and grandchildren – well into the future. I hope you will join me in considering a gift to the Club in your Will.’

    PETER HUDSON AM Premiership player 129 games HFC Legend AFL Legend

    ‘The Club is a large part of my history and I look forward to it being part of my future and my family’s future. By making a bequest, however large or small, you are helping to ensure Hawthorn Football Club is strong for future generations. I genuinely hope Hawks members will join me in leaving a gift in their Will.’

    DAVID PARKIN OAM Premiership captain HFC Coach HFC Legend AFL Hall of Fame

    ‘Not all of us have a lot of money to make large donations to the things we care about whilst we are alive, but by leaving a little something in our Will after first considering our families, can have a lasting effect well into the future. A bequest however large or small will help preserve the Hawks’ proud history.’

    HOW TO MAKE A BEQUEST Once you have ensured you’ve taken care of your family, friends and loved ones, your bequest to the Club can take a number of forms;

    • A percentage of the value of your Estate • The whole or part of the residue of the Estate after you’ve made provisions for

    family and other beneficiaries

    • A specified amount of money or items of property • A living bequest, where you can gift your bequest now rather than update or

    prepare a Will

    Hawthorn Football Club is not qualified or authorised to provide legal advice. To ensure that your wishes are clearly and legally stated, you may consider the following options:

    • Consulting a qualified Solicitor or Trustee • Inserting a paragraph into your existing Will • Completing a simple Codicil document


    I give to the Hawthorn Football Club Foundation Nominees Pty Ltd:

    % of my estate, OR % of the residue of my estate, OR the

    sum of $ OR proceeds from the sale of .

    I declare the receipt of an authorised officer of the Hawthorn Football Club

    will be sufficient discharge of this bequest to my Executor / Trustee.

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    Thank you for considering a future gift to Hawthorn Football Club. Your generous support can make a difference.

    Knowing about the existence of your gift allows us the opportunity to thank you and welcome you into Always Hawthorn. It also enables us to

    administer your gift properly.

    To ensure we can honour you accordingly, please make sure you notify the Club of your bequest by simply filling out the response form and

    returning it in the reply paid envelope provided.

    Your generous support can truly make a real difference.

  • For further information about how to join Always Hawthorn Bequest Club and make a bequest to Hawthorn Football

    Club, please contact:

    Mike Warren Hawthorn Football Club

    Bequest Officer

    PO Box 829 Stadium Circuit, Mulgrave VIC 3170

    Direct line: 03 9535 3063 Mobile: 0438 515 698


    For further information about how to join Always Hawthorn

    and make a bequest to Hawthorn Football Club, please contact:

    Mike Warren Hawthorn Football Club Bequest Officer

    PO Box 829 Stadium Circuit, Mulgrave VIC 3170

    Direct line: 03 9535 3063 Mobile: 0438 515 698