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Alton W. Smith. E-Portfolio May 2010. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alton W. Smith

E-PortfolioMay 2010

1Introduction I am interested in a position as an administrator with Baltimore City Community College. Currently, I am a Professor in the Technology Division of the College. Lifelong learning is my passion and to share and promote it with others is my goal. My professional experience with the College and my doctorate in Community College Leadership make me an excellent candidate for the position. 2Individual Career GoalsTo be a more effective professorTo remain current with technology and avionics knowledge and skillsTo become an administrator at Baltimore City Community CollegeTo expand my knowledge of, and exhibit, quality leadership and effectivenessTo coordinate STEM programs for MHEC and MSDE standardsTo mentor colleagues 3Individual Competencies Commitment to Lifelong Learning;My commitment to lifelong learning is evident by my most recent positions as a Professor at Salt Lake City Community College and Baltimore City Community College. Additionally, my personal journey for continued learning is supported by my enrolling in a doctorate program at Morgan State University.Ethics & ValuesMy personal ethics statement: I am an objective professor and practitioner of technology in the avionics industry. I focus on teaching students and consulting work. Further, I abide by the Baltimore City Community College Code of Conduct.4Individual Competencies (Cont.) My values include integrity, honesty, professionalism, caring, teamwork, and stewardship. Individual Interests Technology is of interest to me both professionally and personally as is aviation. I am a licensed pilot.Individual Learning StyleMy individual learning style is logical (mathematical). I reason and look for patterns and connections in data and content to group for better comprehension. This learning style is supported by my field of expertise, technology, because my work is systematic and requires mathematical calculations.5Individual Competencies (Cont.) My communication and technology competencies include the follow strengths (see resume ):Interpersonal communicationsCommunications with diverse populations;Effective reading and writing skills;Listening behaviorsExtemporaneous speaking;Conflict resolutionDevelop and teach curriculum in Math and Physics; updated high technology coursesPresentation preparation and delivery Nonverbal communications Generating computer-based materials; Ethical computer behavior

6Skills and Abilities EvidenceThis November 16, 2009 letter from NCCER verifies my participation in Subject Matter Expert training related to Power Transmission and Distribution Systems Curriculum

7Skills and Abilities Evidence (Cont.)This January 11, 2010 letter from NCCER confirms that I am a subject matter expert in Solar Photovoltaics Systems Installer Curriculum.

8Documentation of Personal AchievementsProfessional LicensesPilot LicenseF.A.A. Avionics, Electronics, and Instrumentation CertificationCertified Electronics TechnicianFederal Communications License: First ClassC.D.L. 9ResumeEmployment HistoryOver 20 years experience teaching Electronic and Aviation in institutions of higher learningBaltimore City Community College (2007-Present)Assistant Professor, Technology DivisionSalt Lake Community College (2003-2007)Assistant Professor, Electricity and Electronic ProgramsU. S. Military contractor for 18 years in Avionics, Electronics, and Instrumentation Systems as well as course development and instruction for U. S. Army contractorsAvionics systems manager

10Resume (Cont.)EducationMaster of Science in EducationTroy University, Tampa, Florida

Bachelor of Science in ElectronicsAuburn University, Alabama

Associates Degree in ElectronicsAuburn University, Alabama

11Resume (Cont.)Professional AssociationsSouthern Association of Colleges and SchoolsNorthwest Association of Colleges and SchoolsWest Virginia Workforce DevelopmentU. S. Government - Secret Clearance Level12References Dr. Elwood ZauggExecutive DeanSale Lake City Community CollegeP.O. Box 30808Salt Lake City, Utah [email protected]

Dr. Paul LerdahlProfessorSalt Lake City Community College P.O. Box 30808Salt Lake City, Utah [email protected]

Dr. Ross McNamaraProfessorSalt Lake City Community College P.O. Box 30808Salt Lake City, Utah [email protected] Caroline WilliamsPresidentBaltimore City Community College2901 Liberty Heights BoulevardBaltimore, Maryland 21215-7807410.462.8000

Dr. Lewis FlowersF.A.A. Inspector and Professor105 Dogwood CircleOzark, Alabama 36360334.774.2053

James AdamDivision ManagerP.O. Box 44Loundesboro, Alabama 36752-0044334.278.3333

13Continuous Improvement SuggestionsNeed to obtain more supporting documents (e.g., pilots license, F.A.A. certifications, etc.) to add as supporting documents to the e-portfolioNeed to work on professional writings and statements that can be published and added to the e-portfolioE-portfolio should be revisited at the end of each semester and updated to keep current 14

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