FRANCHISE PROGRAM The gold standard for the beauty industry.

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FRANCHISE PROGRAMThe gold standard for the beauty industry.

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[My lashes] are amazing. I lovehow I don’t have to wear a lot ofmakeup... it’ s a great investment. Irecommend anyone and everyoneto come here to get your lashesdone.

– Jana P., Yelp 2/21/2012






Ph: 281.661.1999 • www.amazinglashstudio.comEmail: [email protected]

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What makes Amazing Lash Studio so amazing…• Our mission statement says it all: Amazing Lash Studio is dedicated to raising the bar on perfection, lasting beauty, and professionalism in eyelash extensionsas well as promoting integrity and values in business ethics.

• Our backgrounds in international business, the healthcare and beauty fields, and in franchising have guided us as we have dedicated ourselves to refining ourbusiness model. We are committed to bringing the highest quality and safest products in the market to our clients, to ensure that every client visit is a safe andcomfortable experience, and that every franchise owner is well-supported in their business endeavors.

• Our passion for making a difference in the beauty industry is matched by our dedication to developing studio locations, procedures, and systems of thehighest caliber. We bring together a unique set of highly trained individuals, with the common goal to become the Gold Standard for the beauty industry.

• Our dedication, honesty, and commitment to customer service are our strengths and will help us reach our goal to be the leader in the industry.

Founder, Managing Member and Secretary: Jessica LeThe driving force behind the Amazing Lash Studio concept, Jessica Le co-founded the first Amazing Lash Studio business in August 2010and has operated that business since it first opened. With a diverse professional background in international business and healthcare,Jessica’s true passion is to help people feel beautiful, while developing a growing and dynamic business.

Founder and President: Edward LeAs a co-founder of the Amazing Lash Studio concept, Edward has been an integral part of the development and operation since itsbeginnings. Also with a broad-ranging career in business with multinational corporations as well as in the healthcare industry, Edward’sdrive and experience focus on the development of systems and procedures that help make businesses run efficiently.

Chief Executive Officer: John LeonesioA franchise industry legend, John Leonesio is renowned for his ability to bring convenient and affordable services to consumers. He isthe founder of Massage Envy, now a 1,000+ unit nationwide franchise. John also co-founded“Q”the Sports Club and Scandinavian HealthClubs, but that’s not all. For the last four years, he has served as the Chairman and CEO for The Joint, a chiropractic franchise he grew from12 to nearly 500 units. John is also the co-owner of another emerging franchise system, RedLine Athletics.

Today, John Leonesio brings decades of experience and leadership to Amazing Lash Studios, the first franchise specializing in eyelashextensions and eyelash-related products for women. John’s unparalleled knowledge of franchising, coupled with his ability to buildsuccessful ‘household’ brands, makes him a huge asset to the company…and its franchisees.

The Amazing Lash Studio Executive Team – Dedicated to Greatness

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[The] eye lash extension crazehas reached new heights…Long, luscious lashes areeverywhere you look thesedays, from the pages of glossyfashion magazines to the redcarpet to reality TV… starshave inspired millions of otherwomen to do the same.

– ABC’s Good Morning America


1 - http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2011/11/30/extreme-eyelashes-are-eyelash-extensions-the-answer/

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A New Experience andOpportunity in the BeautyIndustryWhat exactly are eyelash extensions?Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and made from synthetic fibersdesigned to replicate the curve and size of natural lashes. Each lash is appliedone by one to clients’ own natural lashes.

The extensions we use are made of soft and lush fibers with a high glossfinish. Amazing Lash Studio carries different colors, lengths, thicknesses,curls, and materials – including mink lashes. The customizable combinationsto fit each client’s specific look are nearly endless. With proper care andregular maintenance visits, lash extensions can last a long time, withtouch-ups usually needed about every two to four weeks, depending on theclients’ natural lash growth cycle and personal preferences.

And, of course, our products and services are SAFE. Synthetic eyelashes areadhered about one millimeter away from skin and Amazing Lash Studio onlyuses pharmaceutical grade adhesive, which never comes in contact with skin.

An Amazing Opportunityto Stand Out From the Rest• Be the vanguard in your area, operating in a fairly new market niche, withvery few competing franchise systems.

• Leverage a specialized business model, featuring streamlined, patentpending application procedures, that is head and shoulders above otherindependent salons.

• Manage a year-round, appointment-based, recurring business concept thatallows you to accurately project business volume and adapt for growthaccordingly.

• Provide top-quality, in-demand services with a broad target customer base;busy women of all walks of life – a wide range of age groups and economicprofiles – seek out the low-maintenance lifestyle and beauty of lashextensions.

• Take advantage of multiple potential revenue streams: lash servicesincluding initial full sets, partial sets and touch-ups, highlights (coloredlashes), and eyebrow threading plus mascaras, lash conditioning serums, andother private label beauty and skin care products.

The beauty industry… is plowing more time and moneyinto products [including] lash-by-lash extensions…cosmetics executives are rushing to satisfy volumeseekers’ voracious appetite for full, separated lashes.

– The Wall Street Journal



2 - http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703894304575047612960253270.html

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World-Class Franchise Support• Complete pre-opening training, at both a corporate location and onsite in your territory, including hands-on training for your stylists, using ourpatent-pending, efficiency-driven lash application techniques.

• Start-up assistance including advice on site selection, recommended studio layouts, equipment requirements, décor specifications, and more.

• Automated business systems, including recommendations on remote operated cameras to monitor the studios, plus software and phone systems that allowfor seamless communication across locations.

• A comprehensive confidential operations manual that provides you with details on our specialized procedures plus client service policies, operationalstandards, and more.

• Ongoing support, including periodic visits to your studios, refresher training, and access to our experienced support team.

• Alliances and relationships with approved vendors and established suppliers, and access to customized, top-rated business management software.

• Local marketing, branding and advertising assistance, including presence on the corporate umbrella website; plus guidance attracting and retaining clientsthrough promotions, membership programs, service packages, referral discounts, and more.

Ph: 281.661.1999 • www.amazinglashstudio.comEmail: [email protected]

Amazing Lash Studio has grown and flourished even beyondour own expectations, and we’re excited to offer this samegrowth opportunity to franchise owners, backed by theknowledge and expertise we’ve gathered over the years.

– Edward Le, Director & President,Amazing Lash Studio Franchise, LLC


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Whether the goal is to open a single studio to

start, or to open multiple locations on an

agreed -upon schedule, we have developed

the business structures, the operational tools,

and the support functions needed for

franchise owners to run an efficient, well

planned business – all in a popular and

growing market niche.






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Today’s real estate market is extremely compelling for business owners; availablespace and lease terms are far more accessible and negotiable than ever before.The Amazing Lash Studio support team will help you identify, build-out, and equipyour studio locations.

• Flexible. Our studios work in a variety of retail settings, typically near upscaleboutiques or in higher-end lifestyle retail centers.

• Efficient. Studio locations can range from 1,000 to 2,500 sq. feet. We anticipatethat most will fall between 1,500 and 2,100 sq. feet, with a variety of layout optionsand treatment room counts.

• Professional. Each of our studios carries forward our distinctive exterior andinterior design elements, approved décor elements, colors and furnishings.

Single UnitThe total investment necessary to begin operation of a single unit Amazing LashStudio franchise ranges from $200,000 to $340,500.

Area RepresentativeThe total investment necessary to begin operation of an Amazing Lash Studio arearepresentative business, which involves recruiting and establishing new AmazingLash Studio franchisees in a particular development area and providing on-goingsupport and assistance to those franchisees, ranges from $212,500 to $663,500.

State-of-the-art Studio SpaceTHE INVESTMENT

Ph: 281.661.1999 • www.amazinglashstudio.comEmail: [email protected]

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*Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for detailed information and explanations.

Relaxing and truly ‘amazing.’ The lashes feellike I’m not even wearing any and I getcompliments on them all the time, no onerealizing they aren’t really mine! ...This timeevery two weeks is something I really lookforward to. I highly recommend that you allcheck out Amazing Lash Studio... you won’tbe sorry!!

– Jessica C., Citysearch 11/1/10

Estimated Start-up Costs*Single UnitTYPE OF EXPENDITURE LOWCOST HIGH COSTInitial Franchise Fee $39,000 $39,000Architect, Plans & Designs $2,500 $7,500Lease Expenses, Improvements,& Security Deposits $94,000 $176,000Office/Computer Equipment,Signage & Supplies $34,750 $65,000Initial Training Costs (per person) $250 $3,000Grand Opening Marketing $10,000 $10,000Permits, Licenses & Insurance (first year) $2,000 $5,000Professional fees (first year) $2,500 $5,000Additional Funds (3 months) $15,000 $30,000TOTAL $200,000 $340,500

Area RepresentativeTYPE OF EXPENDITURE LOWCOST HIGH COSTArea Representative Fee $150,000 $500,000Training Travel & Expenses $1,000 $3,000Franchise Law Compliance $1,000 $10,000Office/Computer Equipment $1,500 $13,500Insurance (first year) $1,000 $5,000Advertising (first year) $30,000 $60,000Professional Fees $3,000 $12,000Additional Funds (3 Months) $25,000 $60,000TOTAL $212,500 $663,500

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What it takes to join Amazing Lash Studio• We are seeking motivated business professionals who can embark with us on this exciting business venture,and who can also appreciate our passion for helping to make people beautiful.

• Whether individual business owners or ownership teams, we are looking for franchise candidates who candemonstrate they have the drive, the solid business management skills, and an understanding of what it takes toprovide great customer service.

• You don’t need to have experience in the beauty or salon industry; you can hire the appropriate staff and yourinitial stylists will be trained by our skilled master trainers in the use of our exclusive techniques.

To be eligible for the Amazing Lash Studio program, you must have a minimum of $50,000 in liquid capital toinvest in a single unit franchise; or $150,000 in minimum liquid capital for an Area Representative agreement.

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Going to great lengthsWe focus our efforts on being the best at our signatureservice: applying eyelash extensions. In a very shorttime, Amazing Lash Studio has grown – both in ournumber of satisfied, loyal clients and in our number oflocations – to quickly become a recognized brandname in our founding city of Houston and beyond.Now, we have a vision: to bring our specialized servicesto more and more cities across the nation…

READYTODOSOMETHINGAMAZING?Take the next step toward thisincredible opportunity.

CONTACT USTODAY.281.661.1999www.amazinglashstudio.comfranchising@amazinglashstudio.com

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This advertisement is not an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for general informationalpurposes only. A franchise offer can only be made after delivery of an effective franchise disclosure document filed first with theappropriate agencies of the respective filing states, as applicable. Acceptance of such filing by a state agency does notconstitute approval or endorsement of the disclosure document by the applicable state agencies.


Houston, TX 77077Phone: 281.661.1999

Website: www.amazinglashstudio.comEmail: [email protected]