Alpha Awning Series - .the Alpha Awning Series is a modern ... design, control your awning with a

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Text of Alpha Awning Series - .the Alpha Awning Series is a modern ... design, control your awning with a

  • Engineered & independentlytested to withstand the harsh

    Australian climate.

    Stylish, Robust & Energy Efficient

    Alpha Awning Series

  • Designed in Australia,the Alpha AwningSeries is a modernawning systemsuited to all exteriorbuildings.All 5 awning styles within theseries use common hardware for aconsistent appearance irrespectiveof which awning style you choose.Personalise the perfect awningto suit your external shadingrequirements in 5 easy steps.

    What areAlpha Awnings?


  • Did you know? Alpha Awningshave cleverly designed tube

    reducers allowing fabric to rollsmoothly reducing tracking and

    improving roll performance.

    Fixing components are available in durable zinc or

    304 grade stainless steel ideal for coastal



  • Straight Drop Sleek & simple with a modern aesthetic.

    Cable GuideIndustrial look allowing privacy & ventilation.

    STEP 1Awning Style

    Mix & match theawning styles whilststill maintaining aconsistent appearancefor your home.

    Side Retention SystemIdeal for high wind areas. Encloses an outside area, with no gaps for dust & dirt to enter.

    Pivot ArmPerfect for outward opening windows to circulate air flow & reduce direct sunlight into the home.


  • Closed HeadboxKeeps the fabric cleanfrom rain, UV & dirtenhancing longevity.

    Open RollerA cost effective optionoffering a modernindustrial look.

    Open HeadboxIncreased air circulationaround the roller minimisingheat build up for PVC skins.

    STEP 2Headbox Options

    STEP 3Operating Options

    Standard Spring OperationAllows you to manually adjust the height ofthe awning & secure using either the slidingbolt system or hold down clip option.

    Internal Cord WinchPerfect solution to operateyour awning when theweather is not ideal outside.Only available on 60mm tube.

    MotorisationIncorporating the best of technology &design, control your awning with a touch of abutton. A range of premium & cost effectivemotorisation solutions are available.See pages 19-22 for more information.

    Manual CrankThe geared crank ensureseasy operation that is notdependent on your strength.Available in: 9:1 ratio gear or 4:1 for smaller

    awnings. Black, grey or white colours and

    polished zinc in various lengths.

    Light LiftAn innovative operating option allowing you to raise & lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand. See page 14 for more information.


  • The Alpha Awning Series Bottom Rail holdsthe fabric taut & minimises any movementin windy situations.

    Weight BarAn additional weight bar can beinserted into the bottom rail forsmaller awnings that requireadditional weight to reduce bottomrail bounce & increase fabric tension.An additional 1.2kgs can be added per metre.

    Pile Brush & ValanceThe floor surface is often notperfectly level. When an awning isinstalled over a wide width therewill be room for light gaps, insects,debris, wind & rain to enter. A pilebrush or a fabric valance can beinserted eliminating this gap.

    Locking BoltSecures the awning into the sidechannel base, cable bracket orbreeching staple. As the bolt isinserted inside the base rail, thesystem maintains its clean aesthetic,and allows the bottom rail to bepositioned closer to the ground.

    Hold Down StrapHold down straps can be used to holdthe awning down at various pointsacross the width of the awning.Similar to the locking bolts, the holddown clips insert inside the bottomrail for a clean finish.

    STEP 4Bottom RailAccessories

    The unique bottom rail is designed for functionality and quick installation.


  • Air flowIf you are enclosing a verandah orpatio, consider if you still want tohave a nice cool breeze comingthrough. If this is required, ensureyou select an open weave fabricwith around 10% openness.

    Privacy & view throughThere are open & closed weaveawning fabrics. Consider if youwant day or night time privacy.An open weave fabric in a darkcolour gives fantastic viewthrough in the day, but alsoallows others to see in at night.

    DurabilityFabrics with Duraguard FabricProtector effectively repelmost stain causing agentswith its proven, water based,preventative, formula. It makescleaning & maintaining the fabricmuch easier.

    Colour fastnessEnsure the fabric you choosehas excellent fade resistance tothe sun. Any fabric with a faderesistance result of 6 & abovewill ensure your fabric remainsthe colour you selected for manyyears to come.

    There are numerouschoices of awningfabric on the market.When selecting yourfabric, keep thefollowing in mind.

    STEP 5ExternalFabric


  • A traditional awningstyle that uses noguides making itideal for sun/UVprotection, air flow &where channels arenot suitable.This is the entry level product forthe Alpha Awning Series.

    Alpha AwningStraight Drop


  • Bottom Rail End CapsProvide a neat, clean finish for the drop awning.


  • A greatcontemporarystraight dropoption for sun/UVprotection, air flow& where channelsare not suitable.The cables are high tensile2.5mm 316 grade marinestainless steel, making themperfect for coastal applications.

    Alpha AwningCable Guide


  • Bottom Rail End CapsBy floating in and out of the bottom rail the awning operates smoothly without putting pressure on the cable.


  • This awningprojects the fabricoff the window,with the arms &fabric forming anarc that allows airto flow behind theawning.This system is a heavy dutycontemporary design ideal forlarger windows that can beopened whilst the awning isprojected.

    Alpha AwningPivot Arm


  • Front RailDesigned to have the same curve as the Straight Drop bottom rail allowing flexibility to mix & match the awnings throughout your home maintaining a design consistency.

    Heavy Duty Pivot ArmProvides excellent fabric tension, even with awning widths up to 5 metres.

    The arms are a modern anodised finish complementing our standard Silver Pearl hardware.

    Sliding ArmAn optional sliding arm set facilitates changing the pivot point of the Awning by simply moving the arms up or down the sliding rails. This allows the awning to operate like a normal Pivot Arm in the down position, and in the raised position it allows head clearance over doorways providing a canopy effect.


  • A straight dropoption ideal forsun/UV protection,insect resistance,windy applications,enclosing a balconyand creating privacy.The fabric is tensioned by utilisinga floating channel, located withinthe special two piece side channel,eliminating the possibility of fabricblow outs or light gaps.

    Alpha AwningSide RetentionSystem (SRS)


  • Light Lift Operating Option with SRS

    Allows you to raise & lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand.

    The internal smooth spring mechanism provides lightweight & effortless

    operation without resistance.

    Width Max: 5.0m - Width Min 1.1m

    Drop Max: 3m (at max width 4.25m) - Max 12.75sqm*

    *Maximum square metres will varydepending on the measured width and drop.

    The sleek side channels and floating

    guide ensures the awning remains in the

    desired position in windy environments.


  • Alpha Awnings have been independently tested & proven to significantly reduce cooling energy costs by keeping a standard* home at a consistent & comfortable temperature throughout the summer months.

    Alpha Awningsproven toreduce coolingenergy costs byup to 60%*

    Wind LoadAlpha Awnings have been tested to comply with a Class 3 level of Wind Resistance under European standard EN13561: 2009 - 01.

    This level of Wind Resistance equates to a rating of 6 on the Beaufort Scale, which is equivalent to a wind speed of 49 km/h. It is recommended that all awnings be retracted in windy conditions.

    *Results based on a single storey, brick veneer home on a concrete slab using ducted air-conditioning and equally distributed windows with Alpha Awnings installed with Canvas fabric. Based on independent modelling conducted by White Box Technologies in conjunction with Peter Lyons & Associates June 2013.

    Perth 48%Adelaide 35%Melbourne 13%Canberra 35%Sydney 44%Coffs Harbour 60%Brisbane 58%Rockhampton 48%Cairns 47%Darwin 34%


  • With an Alpha


    Without an Alpha


    Reflects HeatKeeps Interiors cool

    Reduces Energy Costs 16

  • Incorporating thebest of technology &design, control yourawning with a touchof a button.

    PhotonOneCompletely solar powered with nohardwiring electricity required formotor operation, eliminating theneed for a certified electrician.

    Simple & easy to install saving youmoney & reducing energy costs.

    Alpha AwningSolarMotorisation

    Timer Remote

    Wireless WallSwitch

    PlatinumRemote Control


  • Flexible Mounting OptionsFacilitates multiple mounting positions such as:

    Front of head-box

    Home fascia or gutter

    Remote mounting

    For awnings positioned out of direct sunlight, a 3 metre power extension cable is included.

    Optional 5 & 10 metre power extension cables are available separately.

    Battery Heat ProtectionEngineered with a heat shield enclosure to protectthe in-built battery from extreme exposure to thesun ensuring its durability for years to come.

    Fabric Tensioning Back-OffIncludes an advanced fabric tensioning featurewhich allows for lock-down bolts or straps to beapplied and the