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  • 7/23/2019 All Things Current -- Oct. 7, 2015


    All Things Current: What you'll find in your Oct. 7, 2015, edition


    Georgetown and Glover Park community leaders are weighing changes to their longstanding alcohollicense moratoriums in order to allow more restaurants to o!en in the neigh"orhoods# $Georgetown

    Current% &u!ont Current'


    *he &a"ney is set to "ring locally sourced dishes to (lagden Alley + "ut don,t ask the new

    restaurant,s owner what the menu will "e until his su!!liers have weighed in# $all editions'

    C# CO)NCIL

    -ard . C# Council mem"er /ary Cheh is ho!ing that Cali0ornia,s new 1death with dignity2 law will

    hel! s!ur momentum 0or her similar initiative in the &istrict# $all editions'

    At the urging o0 community grou!s% the C# Council is e3!ected to consider a "ill to rename the

    Emery 4ecreation Center as the Emery Heights Community Center# $all editions'


    A 1!o!u!2 row house conversion in 67thStreet Heights received reluctant a!!roval 0rom the (oard o0

    8oning Ad9ustment last *uesday% as mem"ers concluded that new restrictions on such develo!ments

    came too late to "lock the sevenunit !ro9ect# $all editions'


    Growing rates o0 insect in0estation among the &istrict,s willow oak trees have !rom!ted a scram"le 0or

    solutions across the city# $all editions'


    *he owners o0 a -esley Heights home can !roceed with !lans to demolish and re!lace it a0ter aresident dro!!ed his "id to !rotect it with landmark status# $Northwest Current west% Georgetown



    *he :/CA will close its longtime National Ca!ital center in &u!ont Circle at the end o0 this year%

    selling the land to a develo!er and !lanning to use the !roceeds to e3!and and "olster services

    elsewhere# $Northwest Current% &u!ont Current% ;oggy (ottom Current'


    A0ter a yearlong study% the C# &e!artment o0 *rans!ortation last week unrolled three "road o!tions

    to address ine00iciencies on the congested 67th Street N- "us corridor# $Northwest Current east%

    &u!ont Current% ;oggy (ottom Current'

    O*HE4 NE-S

    City !lanners last week unveiled some core 0indings 0or their dra0t vision 0or Adams /organ

  • 7/23/2019 All Things Current -- Oct. 7, 2015


    we think incentives may "e the "etter a!!roach#

    EditorialD *he &istrict is long overdue in 0illing vacant store0ronts at the -ashington Convention

    Center% "ut we,re !leased to see movement toward this goal at last#

    SherwoodD ;ormer /ayor 5incent Gray may enter a C# Council race% where he,ll 0ace o00 not only

    against rivals 0or the seat "ut also against 0ederal !rosecutors still !oking around his FB6B cam!aign#

    SPO4*S $Northwest Current% Georgetown Current'

    A0ter !lenty o0 tough talk% the St# ohn,s 0oot"all team 0ell hard against &e/atha on Saturday% losing

    the Cadets, homecoming game BB#

    National Cathedral soccer is o00 to a slow start this season without last year,s stars% "ut the Eagles still

    ho!e to "e contenders "y the end o0 the year#

    A0ter a lackluster rookie season% 0ormer Georgetown )niversity star Otto Porter r# showedim!rovement in his second year with the -ashington -iards and is e3!ected to "e a starting !layer

    this season#

    &ISPA*CHES $all editions'

    Hearst 0irstgraders 0reed a !enny 0rom an ice cu"e% -ashington International u!!erschoolers were

    ins!ired to hel! Syrians% and other re!orts 0rom local schools#

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