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<ul><li><p>7/23/2019 All Things Current -- Oct. 7, 2015</p><p> 1/2</p><p>All Things Current: What you'll find in your Oct. 7, 2015, edition</p><p>ALCOHOL LICENSING</p><p>Georgetown and Glover Park community leaders are weighing changes to their longstanding alcohollicense moratoriums in order to allow more restaurants to o!en in the neigh"orhoods# $Georgetown</p><p>Current% &amp;u!ont Current'</p><p>()SINESS</p><p> *he &amp;a"ney is set to "ring locally sourced dishes to (lagden Alley + "ut don,t ask the new</p><p>restaurant,s owner what the menu will "e until his su!!liers have weighed in# $all editions'</p><p>C# CO)NCIL</p><p> -ard . C# Council mem"er /ary Cheh is ho!ing that Cali0ornia,s new 1death with dignity2 law will</p><p>hel! s!ur momentum 0or her similar initiative in the &amp;istrict# $all editions'</p><p> At the urging o0 community grou!s% the C# Council is e3!ected to consider a "ill to rename the</p><p>Emery 4ecreation Center as the Emery Heights Community Center# $all editions'</p><p>&amp;E5ELOP/EN*</p><p> A 1!o!u!2 row house conversion in 67thStreet Heights received reluctant a!!roval 0rom the (oard o0</p><p>8oning Ad9ustment last *uesday% as mem"ers concluded that new restrictions on such develo!ments</p><p>came too late to "lock the sevenunit !ro9ect# $all editions'</p><p>EN5I4ON/EN*</p><p> Growing rates o0 insect in0estation among the &amp;istrict,s willow oak trees have !rom!ted a scram"le 0or</p><p>solutions across the city# $all editions'</p><p>HIS*O4IC P4ESE45A*ION</p><p> *he owners o0 a -esley Heights home can !roceed with !lans to demolish and re!lace it a0ter aresident dro!!ed his "id to !rotect it with landmark status# $Northwest Current west% Georgetown</p><p>Current'</p><p>4EC4EA*ION</p><p> *he :/CA will close its longtime National Ca!ital center in &amp;u!ont Circle at the end o0 this year%</p><p>selling the land to a develo!er and !lanning to use the !roceeds to e3!and and "olster services</p><p>elsewhere# $Northwest Current% &amp;u!ont Current% ;oggy (ottom Current'</p><p>*4ANSPO4*A*ION</p><p> A0ter a yearlong study% the C# &amp;e!artment o0 *rans!ortation last week unrolled three "road o!tions</p><p>to address ine00iciencies on the congested 67th Street N- "us corridor# $Northwest Current east%</p><p>&amp;u!ont Current% ;oggy (ottom Current'</p><p>O*HE4 NE-S</p><p> City !lanners last week unveiled some core 0indings 0or their dra0t vision 0or Adams /organ</p></li><li><p>7/23/2019 All Things Current -- Oct. 7, 2015</p><p> 2/2</p><p>we think incentives may "e the "etter a!!roach#</p><p> EditorialD *he &amp;istrict is long overdue in 0illing vacant store0ronts at the -ashington Convention</p><p>Center% "ut we,re !leased to see movement toward this goal at last#</p><p> SherwoodD ;ormer /ayor 5incent Gray may enter a C# Council race% where he,ll 0ace o00 not only</p><p>against rivals 0or the seat "ut also against 0ederal !rosecutors still !oking around his FB6B cam!aign#</p><p>SPO4*S $Northwest Current% Georgetown Current'</p><p> A0ter !lenty o0 tough talk% the St# ohn,s 0oot"all team 0ell hard against &amp;e/atha on Saturday% losing</p><p>the Cadets, homecoming game BB#</p><p> National Cathedral soccer is o00 to a slow start this season without last year,s stars% "ut the Eagles still</p><p>ho!e to "e contenders "y the end o0 the year#</p><p> A0ter a lackluster rookie season% 0ormer Georgetown )niversity star Otto Porter r# showedim!rovement in his second year with the -ashington -iards and is e3!ected to "e a starting !layer</p><p>this season#</p><p>&amp;ISPA*CHES $all editions'</p><p> Hearst 0irstgraders 0reed a !enny 0rom an ice cu"e% -ashington International u!!erschoolers were</p><p>ins!ired to hel! Syrians% and other re!orts 0rom local schools#</p><p>ALSO IN *HE C)44EN*</p><p> Crime re!ort</p><p> Advisory neigh"orhood commission re!orts and agendas</p><p> 4e!orts 0rom local citiens associations</p><p> Calendar o0 the week,s events Classi0ied ads and service directory</p><p>Email usto receive this newsletter every Wednesday.</p><p>*he Current comes out in !rint every -ednesday and is !osted online on *hursdays at</p><p>currentnews!a!ers#comJarchive#!h!and issuu#comJcurrentnews!a!ers# *o reach *he Current with a news ti!%</p><p>correction% advertising inuiry% or other uestion or comment% email newsdeskKcurrentnews!a!ers#comor</p><p>call FBFFFF.#</p><p>*he Current News!a!ers?6&gt;? /acArthur (lvd# N-% Suite 6BF</p><p>Mailing address:Post O00ice (o3 BBB</p><p>-ashington% C# FBB67BBB</p><p>Co!yright FB6?% *he Current News!a!ers% all rights reserved</p></li></ul>