All Things Current -- June 29, 2016

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  • 7/25/2019 All Things Current -- June 29, 2016


    All Things Current: What you'll find in your June 29, 2016, edition


    Cathedral Commons has reached a compromise with Cleveland Park's advisory neighborhood

    commission that will allow the new restaurant Silver to move into a vacant storeront there i the Board

    o !oning "d#ustment approves$ %Northwest Current& eorgetown Current(


    .he /ardman comple0 in /oodley Park could see ma#or changes and additions over the ne0t ew

    years& including the demolition o its -arriott hotel to make way or multiple residential buildings$ %all


    eorgetown )ay School has again pushed back !oning Commission consideration o its proposed

    mi0ed1use development at /isconsin "venue and )avenport Street N/& citing concerns about

    precedent rom a )$C$ Court o "ppeals ruling on a /ard 2 pro#ect$ %all editions(

    3IS.,4IC P4ESE4*".I,N

    Current plans or a large new apartment building at 5677 Columbia 4oad N/ 8 the "dams -organ

    Sun.rust property 8 are out o scale with the low1rise 56th Street corridor& the 3istoric Preservation

    4eview Board said last .hursday$ %all editions(


    4enovations to the Palisades 4ecreation Center will be more modest than originally planned&

    ollowing criticisms rom neighbors who worried about an e0panded acility becoming overly popular

    citywide$ %Northwest Current& eorgetown Current(


    .he roadway and sidewalks ad#acent to the eorgetown /aterront Park are slated or various saety&accessibility and aesthetic upgrades over the ne0t ew years& according to the eorgetown Business

    Improvement )istrict$ %all editions(

    ,.3E4 NE/S

    .he Palisades is getting ready to hold its annual 9ourth o :uly parade 8 with organi;ers hoping or

    the event's 27thstraight year without rain to usher in its golden anniversary$ %all editions(

    4esidents and visitors to )upont Circle and eorgetown might look at the neighborhoods a little

    dierently ater watching the PBS special

  • 7/25/2019 All Things Current -- June 29, 2016


    communicate in an emergency$

    SherwoodD Bicyclists and pedestrians who are in#ured on city streets will have to wait longer to come

    out o the legal shadows& ater the )$C$ Council put o consideration o a