ALL PUPILS - PUPILS *ASSEMBLIES - TODAY– S4; ... Sketch Book Club ... Theatre S1-6 Homework Club – Room 113 *N5 ENGLISH PUPILS

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    FEBRUARY 2018


    *ASSEMBLIES - TODAY S4; Tuesday S5/6; Wednesday S1; Thursday S2; Friday S3. Miss Lomas



    MONDAY S1-6 Indoor Rowing Room 100 S1-3 Badminton Club Games Hall

    S2 Games Club Room 121 Gymnastics Club (for School Team) Gym

    Puppetry Club Room 67 Figure Drawing Class Art Dept

    S1-6 Homework Club Room 113 Junior Badminton - 3.40-4.40pm

    S1-6 Wind Band, Room 63

    TUESDAY S1/2 Table Tennis Gym S2-6 Girls Basketball Games Hall

    S1-3 Science Club Room 23 S3-4 Boys Rugby Training Pitches

    S6 (AH Art) Sketch Book Club Art Dept S1-6 Musical Rehearsals Theatre

    S1-6 Homework Club Room 113

    *N5 ENGLISH PUPILS - The final submission date for your Writing Folio is Friday 23rd

    February. If you

    need help to present your work on the SQA Template, go to Room 113 at lunchtime on Thursday 15th


    English Department

    SPRING CONCERT - Those pupils who have signed up for piano auditions should come along to the music

    department at the start of lunchtime on Tuesday. Auditions will take place in Room 62. Music Department

    *HARP AND CLARSACH- COME AND TRY - There are two free sessions running in the Inverness Ice

    Centre for anyone who would like to try the harp or the Clarsach (instruments provided). These sessions are

    open to all ages with no previous experience necessary and start at 1pm and 2pm on Saturday 24th February. To

    book a place contact or Tel. 07791-018761. Music Department

    *EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE/WORK PERMIT - If you are under the age of 16 years of age and have

    a part time job it is a legal requirement that you need an Employment Certificate/Work Permit. If you have

    more than one job or change jobs then you need to reapply for a new certificate. The application form can be

    found on the noticeboard outside my office. The form needs to be completed by you, your employer and then

    handed in to me and I will authorise them and then submit them to Area Office. If you have any questions,

    please see me. Miss Lomas

    *S4-6 STUDENT DROP OFF - Today is the deadline to sign up for tomorrows minibus drop off. If you

    would like to use this service, please make sure you sign up on the sheet outside Miss Lomas office by the end

    of today. You must be at reception at 5pm sharp and if you decide not to stay late it is your responsibility to let

    Miss Lomas know so the bus is not delayed. Many thanks Miss Lomas


    approached by the University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission and Outreach team as they would like to

    come and speak to students and families who may be considering applying for Oxford. The talk is aimed at S5

    pupils who are interested in applying to Oxford and think they are likely to get the required grades. Younger

    pupils who have a clear ambition to attend Oxford may also attend. The talk will be at 10.30am on Monday 12th

    March at Culloden Academy and aims to cover all aspects of student life and the admissions process for

    Oxford. If you think you would like to attend the talk, please see your Year Head or Guidance Teacher for a

    letter. Miss Lomas

    *SKI TRIP MEETING All must attend the final meeting on Wednesday at Interval in the Theatre. Ski


  • THE SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB is looking for more dancers to make up a team. No experience

    is needed. Please give your name to Mrs Spence in Room 126 if you would like to join. We will re-start the

    club in two weeks time. Mrs Spence

    MILITARY DROP IN - Helen Martin from the MOD welfare service will be available in Room 3 next

    Thursday, 15th

    February, at lunchtime for a drop in session for any of our pupils from military families. She will

    have fruit, snacks and juice and will be there for an informal get to know you session if you want to swing by

    and see her. Miss Lomas

    SPRING CONCERT - Those pupils who have signed up for vocal auditions should come along to the music

    department at the start of lunchtime TODAY (Monday). Auditions will take place in Room 63 with space in the

    department for you to prepare. Music Department