All our Microfinance suite is Mobile Enabled Web enabled PDA enabled Geography cognizant

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Enabler. All our Microfinance suite is Mobile Enabled Web enabled PDA enabled Geography cognizant Voice enabled IVR enabled User cognizant Smart card support. M obile enabled Micro F inance A ccounting SYS tem. M icrofinance m EMB ers R ating and A udit NE t work. MFAYSYS with ERP. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of All our Microfinance suite is Mobile Enabled Web enabled PDA enabled Geography cognizant

  • All our Microfinance suite is Mobile EnabledWeb enabledPDA enabledGeography cognizantVoice enabledIVR enabledUser cognizantSmart card supportEnabler

  • Online and Opportunity based Learning

  • MOBILE and WEB enabled SystemUser friendly screensEasy monitoring of status through mobileCash lending and collectionCreation of collection demands every week or month or fortnight,Savings and Insurance packages for membersAccounting, Trial balance, Balance sheet etc

  • Internal expenses and purchasesEasy transaction operationsCash disbursement monitoring and collectionComplete Microfinance accountingRating members Branches MIS reports for BanksRatio analysisPortfolio at risk

  • Member planningCenter planningLoan product creationFunder management and reportFund planning Branch and division planningMIS reports (various reports user definable CGAP compliant)Logistics planningDe-dupingFraud managementEarly warningJoint liability group (supported)Self help group (supported)Individual lending (supported)

  • RegistrationRegistration for DEReg Approval FormsLoan ApplicationLoan Application for DELoan ApprovalDisbursementDivisionAreaBranchCentreAssignment and DeDivision AssignmentArea AssignmentBranch AssignmentFDO AssignmentFunding AgencyLoan SchemeFDO trackingFDO rating

    DemandCreate DemandCollectionCollectionCollection ApprovalCash from Head OfficeCash To Head OfficeCash To BankExpenditurePreclosureCentre & Group Head AssignmentChange Meeting DateChange Meeting Date TemporaryChange Meeting Date - PermanentOther ParametersFund SettingsLoan ActivityLoan CategoryReligionCasteOccupationMarital StatusArea UnitKYC Norms

    Forms and TRANSACTIONDaily Collection Report (DCR)Demand Collection Balance (DCB)Receipts & payments ReportTrial Balance ReportAttendance ReportFunding ReportWaiting BorrowersPortfolio At RiskList of Members ReportDisbursement ReportDaily Status ReportAge wise ReportCentre Meeting ReportTotal Collection ReportWeekly Portfolio ReportAdvance ReportGrowth Ratio s ReportCollection Ratios ReportCurrent Ratios ReportDynamic Member ReportDemand Collection Report


  • Prevention of FraudEarly info to Branch Manager, FDO collection report Info to Center Head, Early warning systems, FDO management, Internal admin and accountsLogistics management and insurance.Fund management, Business opportunity creationBranch rent and real estate managementMobile FDO tracking

  • Organization inventoryPayroll for employeesHR managementAdministration AccountsSecurity Special project management Banks and reportsMembers Complaint managementMember credit managementMobile based branch management

  • To prevent fraud by Microfinance members

  • Biometric based fraud detectionPhoto based fraud detectionFraud pattern Based detectionRFID based fraud detection

  • Model centres, branchesModel professions, age, caste of MFI membersModel payment patterns of members

    Model investment needed Model pattern of lendingModel disaster and create solutionInsert risk, insert fraud, insert new regulation and see the impact your microfinancePredict profit/loss, analyse futuristic balance sheets, predict disasters, predict patterns of membersPredict futuristic ratio analysis

  • Mobile enable existing MFI softwareWEB and Mobile Enable existing MFI softwareADD in Fraud management ADD in MIS reports and GraphsADD in New features in existing softwareScale up your existing softwarePerformance upgrade your existing software

  • MFI/Banks aided Online and Opportunity based Learning systemBusiness opportunity and learning system for Microfinance membersMFI membersOpportunityMFISOnline InteractiveTraining &Offline TrainingPost learning Industry opportunitySelf employment Opportunity

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