All about my wow day!!!!. I LOVE IT ALL But I decided to tell you about walt disney!

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Text of All about my wow day!!!!. I LOVE IT ALL But I decided to tell you about walt disney!

  • All about my wow day!!!!

  • I LOVE IT ALLBut I decided to tell you about walt disney!

  • Walt DisneyWe went to Miss Mithans class for Walt Disney, we enjoyed it so much that I wanted to tell you more about it.

  • This is the man who made Disney films and came up with it.

  • Fact file about him.Born Roy Oliver DisneyJune 24, 1893Chicago, Illinois, U.S.Died December 20, 1971 (aged 78)Burbank, California, U.S.Occupation Entertainment industry executiveYears active 19241971Spouse Edna Francis (m. 1925-1971)Children Roy E. DisneyParents Elias DisneyFlora Call DisneyRelatives Walt Disney (brother)


  • All about Winne the pooh and his gang 1.Winne loves honey.2.Eeyore loves to go to sleep and build a tent to sleep in.3.tigger loves to bounce and play.4.Winne is sometimes is called pooh or called pooh bear but never and ever would he be called Winne.

  • Mickey mouse and friendsThese are the main characters

  • Winne the pooh

    CinderellaSleeping beautyDumbo101 dalmatiansAladdinSnow whiteThe lion kingPeter panJungle bookRoger rabbitAnd lots more

  • 101 dalmatiansA lovable litter of puppies,an enchanting London setting and animation's most flamboyant villainess all add up to 101 dalmatians,Disney's vintage classic!The fun starts the moments dalmatians Pogo and Perdita,settle into their owners' flat to because proud parents of 15 precocious pups.It's one big happy dog family- until the outrageous Crella De Vil kidnaps the puppies,along with every other dalmatian in London!!!Now its up to Pogo and Perdita,using the magic of the twilight bark , to unite the entire animals population in a thrilling mission to help the courageous pups outsmart their evil captor.Bring back home all the dalmatian 101 dalmatian and rediscover the excitement,the love and the laughter of this timeless Disney treasure!

  • Where is Walt Disney theme parkWalt Disney is in: ParisAmerica

  • Do you know the song called when you wish upon a starWhen you wish upon a star,It make no difference how you are,Everything your heart desired,Will come to you.

    If your heart is in your dreams,No request is too extreme,When you wish upon a star,Like dreamers do.

    Like a bolt out of blue,Fate steps see you thorough,When you wish upon a star,Your dreams come true

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