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All about Me. Let Me Introduce Myself. My name is Jacob Samuel Wilkins I am 13 years old I am interested in reading because I like to learn new things. I have lived in Traverse City for 13 years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


All about me

All about Me

Let Me Introduce MyselfMy name is Jacob Samuel WilkinsI am 13 years oldI am interested in reading because I like to learn new things.I have lived in Traverse City for 13 yearsOne of my favorite things about living here is because I can swim and I really like to spend time in the water

Let Me Introduce My FamilyMy family includes my Mom Carissa, my Dad Ken, and my brother MatthewMy brother is in elementary school and goes to Immaculate Conception. Also his full name Matthew addamedward WilkinsMy parents say to respect everyone and to always be nice to everyoneOne thing unique or interesting about my family is that we can work together well and help each other out A Few Of My Favorite ThingsA few of my favorite things are video games, soccer, basketball, computers, swimming, and readingI especially like video games because I can talk to my friends and play games with them

My Best FriendMy best friend is Evan DrowI like him so much because he has the same likes as me and we play Xbox 360 together all the timeI remember when we wasted a whole period just talking about a movie Evan saw Dream VacationIf I could take a dream vacation I would go to Los Angelus because Id like to see the Hollywood sign and all the attractions I would tour by the stars and see all the amazing sites that California has to offer. Also go swimming in the ocean

Night Owl or Morning PersonI am by far a night owl. I generally stay up late and watch TV or something like that. The reason I stay up is because I cant fall asleep and so I stay up. But I only stay up in weekends, school is already hard enough without being tired.

My Favorite MealMy favorite meal is ribs Ribs are very good and well they look like ribs. I like any type of ribs, riblets and any other type of rib with or without flavoring

What I Want to Do With My LifeWhen I graduate I would like to pursue a career in computer programingI am especially interested in this field because Im a fast learner, I can work good with computers, and because computers interest me a lot.