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All ~ about ~ me!! . BY: MAEGAN ELIZABETH NOPPER. Introduction :. I am 17 years old born June 6 1993 I am from Toledo, Ohio born and raised I am court ordered and came very far in this program and learned a lot from not making the right decisions to making good decisions now - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


All about me power point. !All ~ about ~ me!! BY: MAEGAN ELIZABETH NOPPER.Nice clean cover page. Nice use of the template.1Introduction :I am 17 years old born June 6 1993I am from Toledo, Ohio born and raisedI am court ordered and came very far in this program and learned a lot from not making the right decisions to making good decisions nowI am very caring and lovingGlad you are on the road to making good choices.2Family : I have one younger brother Tyler 15I have 2 younger sisters and one is not here today (r.i.p) but the other one is Taylor and is 16I have 3 older step sisters 23, 26, 28, and one older step brother 30I have 6 nephews and 2 nieces !!! : )I have a golden retriever summer I live with both my mom and dad shared parenting and I am a daddys girlMy mema (grandma) passed away in Feb. 2004 she was like my momWOW nice big family! I bet they are all proud of your changes.3Best friends : My dadMy momMy oldest sister CheriMandiKelseyDonDaniJaLishaMy little brother TylerFavorites :Food, pizza, taco bell, cheese sticks, ice cream, chicken alfredo, rolls, cereal. Music, Mariah Carey, Rascal Flatts, Gucci, Eminem, Tim McGraw, Cypers Hill, Chris Brown, Lil WayneShows or Movies, SpongeBob, I Carly, Thirteen, War of the Worlds, Uptown Girls, Man on Fire, Life Time Movie network, DisneyHolidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day , New YearsColors, red, yellow, pinkGreat faves!5Hobbies :SoftballSoccerFootballBasketballWalkingWritingStuff with FamilyChurchShoppingPutt Putt\golfing School workMoviesHelping with kids and older peopleListening to musicWOW you must be busy with all of your hobbies!6What makes me HAPPY : )Knowing that I am going somewhere in life. (Successfulness)My familyHelping peopleKids/Older peopleMusicSoftball7What makes me sad : (What I had done to my family and my life but all that matters now is that it is changed now. (NOT SEEING FAMILYIn some way when I think of my mema thats not here. That makes me sad and happy at times.Not being home/ with my family its a sad and happy though.GOODBYES. : (I am sure your mema would be proud of your changes. Keep the happy times with her close to your heart.8Some things you can KNOW.!Caring and lovingHelpfulStrongI hadn't made such good decisions at home which lead me into a lot of trouble but thats all behind me now and I have got back my focus and have my life together so very determined. !! (hard worker)Clean freakI am very athleticHave a big heartHas goals in lifeSmartConclusion : I liked doing this power point.Well Starr has helped me so much and guided me and got me on track. There's not much more to know.. Maegan Nopper. Thank you for being open and sharing so much about yourself. Nice job glad you liked the project!10