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All about energy consumption, poverty and feasibility

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Access to energy is now a basic need as is food, clothing and shelter. Not just consume, it’s time to contribute to energy, better if green!

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    All About Energy: Consumption, Poverty And Feasibility

    Energy is a property of object that neither can be created nor be destroyed, can only change its

    form. Physics names it potential, kinetic, thermal, chemical, electrical and many more. But

    talking globally, energy means electricity or power.

    In this internet era, access to electricity has become a basic need in human life. Picture a day

    without power! Life seems to stop right there. We all use huge KW-h per year. China tops the

    highest consumer chart, next comes US; and then the European Union. These three also top

    consecutively for energy production.

    Per capita energy consumption descends from the US, Russia, France, Germany, Japan and so

    on. These top-listed countries entertain and often waste energy at some point. Sad is the fact

    that some countries cannot afford to give grid to remote places. Some rural dwellers do not

    even have access to electricity for basic needs like warming or cooking. This is where Energy

    Poverty peeps in. Defined as the lack of access to power, it is prevalent among at least 1.3

    Billion people around the world. Another 2.6 billion do not have clean cooking facilities. Africa

    alone has 600 million people without power. Rural areas in Asia suffer the most, experiencing

    shortage of food, medical facilities and employment opportunities. World Bank fears that

    $40billion is required to make electricity universal to everyone by 2030. And this generation can

    go green with 150 times the estimation. Energy poverty also shares lack of access to clean

    cooking facilities. 80% of African consumption relies on fossil fuels; Asia is the next big user. The

    biomass users vastly suffer from indoor pollution and Tuberculosis; while the wood users are

    depleting woods and adding to carbon emission. 25% of China, which has shown the highest

    upward trend in electricity production and consumption, still rely on traditional fueling.

    Research locates the cause for this poverty to low government intervention, terrorism, fragile

    framework, growing or weak economy, expertise, funding and most seriously, high rate of

    population growth.

    The more the consumption of electricity, the higher the economic growth. In developing

    countries, a little less than 50% of industries rely on electricity. 68% of African agriculture is

    deprived of power while in Asia, its 25%. Health and education sectors suffer nonetheless. One

    statistics show that ~1.5million premature deaths occur in Sub-Saharan Africa alone due to

    biomass pollution.

  • Greenshine New Energy

    Specialists try a way out to this colossal crisis. One big resolution can be renewable energy if the

    initially high construction cost is to overcome. Africa opened one such wind farm (worth

    210million pound) late 2013. Considering recent solar achievements, China again tops the chart.

    Hydroelectric seems another potential for developing countries. Last but not the least, nuclear

    power is feasible but requires protection.

    Today, energy remains important outside the science lab. It is more of an empowering tool for a

    country, one that has options and potential but not necessary fund and talent. Access to energy

    is now a basic need as is food, clothing and shelter. Not just consume, its time to contribute to

    energy, better if green!

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