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Algae Biodiesel

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Algae Biodiesel. By: Michael Bergamaschi. Overview. History of algae Current state of algae Organizations Pros/Cons Project 1-Solix Project 2-OriginOil Conclusion . History. First major research began in early 90’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Shutdown in 1996 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Algae Biodiesel

Algae Biodiesel

Algae BiodieselBy: Michael Bergamaschi

OverviewHistory of algaeCurrent state of algaeOrganizationsPros/ConsProject 1-SolixProject 2-OriginOilConclusion HistoryFirst major research began in early 90sNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)Shutdown in 1996 Restarted in 2006 with the renewed interest in biofuels as a whole

96 final review listed algae as best biofuel option in the future1984 first recorded idea of algae biodiesel3Current StateAlgae biodiesel is underdevelopment by just over 100 startup companies according to DOECheapest price per barrel is $400 (Aquaflow)Largest producer is Algenol (ethanol)Most funding from venture capitalChevron corporationNo truly commercialized facilities

$400-$1900 Aqualflow is newzealand company, waste water4OrganizationsAlgal Biomass OrganizationLevels of membershipBoeing, Solazyme, FedExBIOAdvanced Biofuels Association

Bio- biotechnology industry organization5ProsEstimates range from 3,000 to 15,000 gallons an acre per yearUses CO2 for growthNo undesirable byproducts

Easy integration into current systemCould provide 1 billion tons of biomass per year

40 gallons an acre a year soy, 175 from something starting with t (dont try to pronounce it)6ConsExpensive to produce and fund researchCO2 paradoxRetrofit warrantiesLocation and logisticsAcceptance

Project 1: Algae biodiesel producerLocated in Southwestern ColoradoDemonstration plant taking up of an acreBiology labs in Durango and Fort CollinsPerforms the full refinement of algae into its base byproducts

Coyote GulchLumian ASG4000 TechnologyWater from coal bed methane production CO2 from amine scrubbing plant

150,000 liters of algae being grownScaled 37x9SupportersLand provided by Southern Ute Alternative Energy FundCapital providers for Solix

Native American Fund10ImportanceGives an idea of ability to scale up operationsGave ideas on what not to doProvides final products for other sectors to modify

: Single-Step ExtractionTMLos Angeles based companyCreated specifically to commercialize algae to oil processPartnered with MBD Energy LimitedFirst site integration is located in Northern Queensland Australia

Quantum FracturingTMPatented process used to separate oil, water and biomassUses EM waves and pH modification to degrade cell walls

SupportersOriginOil has many supporting companies and organizationsSome have provided funding, others facilities and others have placed orders for products

ImportanceOriginOils process promises to be a cheap, quick and efficient way to extract oilHalf the cost of current oil production is extractionProvides a complete recycling of algae that is grown


Algae based oil isnt a new ideaIts completely renewable and sustainableCost can be reduced with proper fundingSolix and OriginOil examplesCall to ActionBecome informedBuy a diesel engine powered carWrite your congress man/womanLike algae companies on Facebook! That stuff works now


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