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Alfred Adler

Alfred AdlerWho is alfred adler?!Born on February 7, 1870At 5, Alfred almost died of pneumonia which is what led him to being a physicianHe was an average student and was also very outgoing, popular and activeHe began his career as an ophthalmologist, but soon he switched to general practiceHis office was in a lower class part of Vienna, which was a combination of an amusement park and circusHis clients included circus people and their unusual strengths and weaknesses led to his insights into organ inferiorities and compensation

Organ inferiority and compensationSome organs may be more stronger than others. These biological imperfection cause problems in the persons life because of the stress put on them by the environment.However, some can be overdeveloped to compensate psychologically the real problem by developing certain personality styles or skills.

eXAMPLEEx). Someone that is extremely insecure about their height may invest all of their energy in working out to compensate for their inferiority.

Feelings of inferiorityThis is not a biological inferiority, but psychological. Adler pointed out that all humans start life with feelings of inferiority because we are completely dependent on adults for survival. Every person has feelings of weakness (femininity) femnint and an impulse to become strong (masculinity). When a person become more powerful meant to become more masculinity and as result less feminine. Femnin Therefore, men and women seek to become powerful enough to overcome inferiority feelings.Masculine ProtestAdler noted that boys were held in higher esteem than girls Boys wanted desperately to be thought of as strong, aggressive, in control ie. Masculine (does this point sound familiar class!) The idea of weakness and dependency is seen feminine

Masculine protest cntdEx). If a boy fusses or demands to have his own way (masculine protest) they say it is natural. If a girl is quiet and shy, she is praised for her femininity. However if a boy is quiet and shy, they worry he may grow up to be a sissy and if a girl is assertive, they call her a tomboy and hope she grows out of it.Adler asserted that men are no more successful or powerful because they are men but because they are encouraged to be assertive. Both genders begin life with a capacity to protest, what they protest though is largely shaped by what we expect them to be.

Feelings of inferiority as Motivational

The feelings of inferiority are the primary motivating force behind all personal accomplishments. However, even though feelings of inferiority act as a stimulus for all positive achievement, they can also create neurosis. This is when a person is overwhelmed by feelings of inferiority. At which point he or she is prevented from accomplishing anything. Such a person is said to have an inferiority complex.Inferiority ComplexDepending on whatever complex you may have (you may have more than one), you will develop an inferiority complexA person with inferiority complex tends to be vain and arrogant with others.

Striving for superiorityAdler said that this theory is the fundamental fact of life, which is superiority and perfection.Is the use of effort to obtain superiority over others.This motivates a person to do everything perfect and complete so he may get superiority over others.The first principal of Adlerian theory is: The one dynamic force behind peoples behavior is the striving for success or superiority.

Striving for superiorityTherefore, Adler reduced all motivation to a single drive it is the striving for success or superiority.It is the desire to fulfill our potentials and to come closer and closer to our idealAdler later asserted that striving for superiority can be unhealthy or neurotic

sources introduction to theories of personality by Matthew H. Olson