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Alfred Adler

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Alfred Adler. Michelle Billy. Alfred Adler’s life. Born on February 7, 1870 in the suburbs of Vienna He didn’t walk until he was four because he had rickets Rickets is when the bones are very weak and start to soften because of a lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Alfred Adler

  • ALFRED ADLER Michelle Billy

  • ALFRED ADLERS LIFE Born on February 7, 1870 in the suburbs of ViennaHe didnt walk until he was four because he had ricketsRickets is when the bones are very weak and start to soften because of a lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphate When he was five, he almost died of pneumoniaAll of these situations made him want to become a doctor

  • ALFRED ADLERS LIFE CONTINUED 1895 graduated from the University of Vienna with a medical degreeFirst he was an ophthalmologist then a general doctorLater he was a doctor in a childrens hospital for the Austrian Army1926 became a lecturer for the Long Island College of medicineMoved to the U.S. and became an psychiatrist1937 died of a heart attack while giving a lecture

  • INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ADLERBecause he was failing math, his math teacher talked to his dad and told him that he should be removed from school Adler worked harder and became the top of his class in mathAdler was the first feminist theorist Wrote about women in his theory booksHe learned to speak English on his own he wanted to teach Americans about his theory

  • ALFRED ADLERS INDIVIDUAL PSYCHOLOGY THEORY Believed that everyones success was determined by their personal motivation and will to succeed Believed that each person was unique and that all of the other theories were not made for everyoneParts to his theory:Goal OrientationUnity of personalitySelf-Determination and UniquenessSocial ContextThe Feeling of Community

  • Goal OrientationEveryone determines their own success by their goalsTheir goals are not always consciousWe make goals without knowing that we made themWe make goals to make everything we do worth while and feel accomplished

  • Unity of PersonalityThoughts feelings, emotions and behaviors can be understood through a persons life styleThe reasoning behind these are different for everyone because everyone is uniquely differentEach of these things can be linked together

  • SOCIAL CONTEXT Three important life task:OccupationLoveRelationships with others Larger systems that we are apart of:Family Community All of humanity Our planet The way we respond to the first system is related to our views on life

  • COMMUNITY OF FEELINGS We have set narratives in order to cope with being in the worldSomeone without these narratives is considered self-absorbed We use these narratives because we think there is a benefitIf we dont think there will be a benefit, the narratives wont be used

  • ALFRED ADLERS DREAM THEORY Dreams are problem solving devicesThe more dreams someone has, the more problems they are likely to have The opposite is also trueIt is important to learn from your dreamsDreams are an open pathway to your thoughts, emotions and actionsSituations that occur in real life are made easier in dreams

  • LIFE APPLICATIONS The child is encouraged to overcome their bad feelings Both parents and teacher can help their child/ student by sending them positive encouragement/ messages The child is encouraged to correct assumptions, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings about themselves and the world that have been mistakenTeachers and parents should model what they want to see from the child

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