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Top food photography tips


  • 1. alexandrapatrickTop food photography tipsThis document is a blog post taken

2. Top food photography tipsHeres our top 10 tips!1. Be prepared. Make sure you have everything to hand before you start shooting. Theres nothing worse than having a beautifully plated shot only to realise you dont have the garnish to complete the picture.2. Shoot seasonal produce whenever possible. The fresher and more authentic the product the better it will look. The devil, as they say, is in the 3. Top food photography tipsHeres our top 10 tips!3. Only use natural light. Never use flash. Position your food by a large window, ideally north facing. If its too bright, diffuse the light with a white curtain. If youre shooting outside, shoot early and late for a lovely soft light.4. Think about light. Set the plate so that the light falls across the food from left to right . Get a few small mirrors and some white card. Use them to bounce the light around the plate and fill in shadows. 4. Top food photography tipsHeres our top 10 tips!5. Get a spray bottle and some glycerin. Mix it with water and spray it on fruit and salads to give it the just picked, dew on the leaf look.6. Get in close. Use the close up setting on your compact camera (usually a flower symbol) or invest in a macro lens for your DSLR. Close-up food photography has the greatest visual impact and your camera will pick up fine detail missed by your 5. Top food photography tipsHeres our top 10 tips!7. Take care with presentation. Stray hairs, bits of unwanted food and a streaky plate will be magnified when you get in close. Look carefully before firing the shutter.8. Shoot loads. Walk around the food and keep firing the shutter from different angles. The more you shoot the greater the chance of that killer 6. Top food photography tipsHeres our top 10 tips!9. Work quickly. Food loses its lustre and fresh from the oven appeal very quickly. Get everything in place and shoot a plate of dummy food to get the light and exposure just right.10. Have fun! If youre passionate about what youre doingthis will be reflected in your 7. Top food photography tipsSo are you ready to get shooting food? Join the conversation and follow us on TwitterYou may view this post at patrick/alexandrapatrick%E2%80%99s-food- photography-tips/ 8. alexandrapatrickWest ViewMarsh RoadRuckingeKentTN26 2PUT 01233 733864M 07961 9. alexandrapatrickmarketing services, sharing expertise