Alcohol Should Be Banned

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  • 8/8/2019 Alcohol Should Be Banned



    Alcohol in the form of alcoholic beverages has been consumed by humans since pre-historic times, for a variety of hygienic, dietary, medicinal, religious, and recreational

    reasons. While infrequent consumption of alcohol in small quantities may be harmless or

    even beneficial, larger doses result in a state known as drunkenness or intoxication and,depending on the dose and regularity of use, can cause acute respiratory failure or death

    and with chronic use can cause severe health problems, such as liver and brain damage.

    As stated earlier, alcohol in small doses is harmless and can even be beneficial, but how

    many people can consume alcohol responsibly and sensibly? Very few I must say.

    It can be argued however, that some of the benefits of drinking alcohol can be harnessed

    when drank moderately, for example alcohol has been known to induce a relaxed feelingdue to its central nervous system depressant qualities. Secondly, alcohol has

    carbohydrates in large quantities which are digested to produce energy and therefore has

    some health value. Thirdly, it reduces tension in the muscles thereby, heightening the

    feeling of relaxation. Finally, alcohol has been known to lower inhibitions giving the userthe feeling of bravery and reducing shyness.

    However, Alcohol in large doses can be very detrimental to not only the user but to

    people around him/her. For instance alcohol has been known to damage the brain

    especially the frontal lobes. It also causes an overall reduction in brain size since when

    alcohol enters the brain it prevents the brain from growing and kills off cells. Secondly,heavy intake of alcohol can lead to dizziness, vomiting, impaired breathing and in

    extreme cases, unconsciousness and coma that can lead to death. Alcohol also causes a

    vitamin deficiency, B-1 to be exact. This is because the digestive system of mostalcoholics is unable to digest the above stated vitamin. Lack of this vitamin causes

    impaired memory, confusion and lack of coordination. Thirdly, chronic drinking can leadto dependence and addiction to alcohol and this may lead to additional neurologicalproblems.

    Another reason alcohol is such a dangerous drug is that it is not only harmful to the user,

    but also to the community. The harmful effects of this drug are seen everyday forexample, due to the ability of alcohol to impair judgment and slow down reaction time to

    stimulus, it becomes very dangerous when the intoxicated individual is behind the wheel

    of a moving vehicle in which case, he becomes a danger to himself and other road users.

    The statistics on drunk driving accidents are staggering and the lives lost are even morehorrendous.

    Other negative social impact of alcohol are social problems arising from alcoholism can

    include loss of employment, financial problems, marital conflict and divorce. alcohol usecan also cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Inside the mother, a fetus is fed through

    the placenta. Because alcohol passes easily through the placenta, every time the mother

    drinks alcohol, the developing fetus gets a dose of alcohol. Alcohol disrupts normal braindevelopment thus impairing the normal brain development of a fetus.

    alcoholism affects not only the addicted but can profoundly impact the family members

    around them. Children of alcoholics can be affected even after they are grown.

  • 8/8/2019 Alcohol Should Be Banned