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ALCOHOL Jan -J · PDF file at Fort Benning. Ga.. in June. Captain Clark is regularly assigned as the supply officer at the 3,11th General Hospital, Minot. N.D. He is a 1940 graduate

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Text of ALCOHOL Jan -J · PDF file at Fort Benning. Ga.. in June. Captain Clark is regularly...

  • 8-4 THE PRESS' Thursday, May II, 1961

    SALUTE Army Pvt. Ronald M. Bo-

    hannan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris B o h a n n a n, 2150'! Honker Ave., Torra-nco, Calif.,

    (graduated from the 82nd Air- | borne Division Jump School at Fort Bragg, N. C., April 28.

    Bohannan received his par- achutist wings'after complet- ing- four weeks of intensive ground and aerial training which included five parachute jumps.

    The 82nd, a major Strategic Army Corps (STflAC) unit, constantly maintains an im- mediate readiness for ce for

    airborne deplayment to any area of the world.

    He entered the Army last November and -was last sta- tioned at Fort Ord, Calif.

    The 18-year-old soldier is a HHiO graduate of Narbonne High School in Lomita.

    + * * * Army Specialist Five Leo

    R. Crocker, whose wife, Bar- bara, lives at 51'5 S. 516 S. 4nth West Ave., Tulsa, Okla., participated in Exercise Spring Tonic, a V Corps field training exercise in Germany which ended April 27.

    Spring Tonic was designed to test the ability of signal units to privide fast, efficient field communications between

    V. Corps headquarters and other corps under simulated combat conditions.

    Specialist Crocker, a cook in the corps' 35th Transporta- tion Company, which is regu- lary located in Frankfurt, en- tered the Army in February 1054 and arrived overseas, on this tour of duty, in Decem- ber 1959.

    The 28-year-old soldier, son of Mrs. Lois T. Crocker, 22700 Orchard St., Torrance, Calif. He attended Los Angeles Har- bor Junior College, Wilming- ton.

    * * * * Jam«* W. Mork, apprentice

    petty officer second class. USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil-

    liam B. Mork.of 25909 Lucille Ave., Lomita, was graduated.] April 21, from nine weeks of] Recruit Training at the Naval] Training Center. San Diego,! Calif. ii

    Apprentice petty officers are chosen from the ranks of the seaman recruits to assist Company Commanders. The selection is based on indivi- dual aptitude and leadership qualities.

    * * + * Capt. Kenneth I). Clark, 38.

    son of Mrs. Hoy Lloyd, 1608 W. 220th. Torrance. is com- peting in the Fifth U.S. Army rifle and pistol matches at Fort Rilev, Kan. The matches were scheduled to end May 6.1

    During these matches, top Al Gerds of 22523 Warmsida:{ marckmen from units throug-jAve., Torrance, is serving- out the 13-state Fifth Armyjwith the Third Marine Air- area are competing for tro- craft Wing at the El Toro Ma- phies and the opportunity tojrine Corps Air Station, Santa} represent the Fifth Army at! \na Califrepresent the All-Army championships at Fort Benning. Ga.. in June.

    Captain Clark is regularly assigned as the supply officer at the 3,11th General Hospital, Minot. N.D.

    He is a 1940 graduate of Minot (N. D.) High School

    Ana, Calif. The wing provides helicopJ-

    ter. transport ami jet air sup- port for infantrymen of the First Marine Division at near* by Camp Pendleton. Calif. t ;

    * * * » . * Marine Pfc. Richard A.

    and was employed by the Post!Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs'. Richard R. Fisher of 17103 Ardath Ave.. Torrance, is serving with the Third Ma-

    * * * * irine Aircraft Wing at the El Marine MSgt. Millard D. (Torn Marine Corps Air Sta-

    Savage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ition. Santa Ana. Calif.

    Office Department before en- tering the Army. His wife, Thelma, lives in Minot, N.D.

    ANYWHERE YOU GO D. E. Stonar modal« tha luit thai takes th« man anywhere comfortably clear around the calendar. Spring-weave tailored by Palm Beach Co., the luit it available at the Torrance Men'* Shop, corner of Sartori and Marcelina St«., in downtown Torrance.



    '".'' " ' "'" '. '" , ."'' Y

    ',,.' , .- . . -., i . r."'. • • '' riant »oik . ari'l th- f the grade of the -. he acquired for ' ; ' '' .

    ,,,d to h« Improved under "iings.

    ,,,' he work or ImprovemenU , aid »h*ll h» don« and performed

    own on and in accordance, with , -hr :^ s dea ehown on aaid plana , ' t IneluoVd In aaid "R«-

    i,il*'ir IIHI^ iinTii 1'iny ivnifi. The firitt. Interest, payment shall l»e pny-

    ahle to the Treasurer on tha April 15th next succeeding 'he March 1st or the October 15th next ri'icip«l of the bonds laxued to represent the

    The bond* inn II benr lnt«rest at. ft rste to lie determined on the sale there- of provided, however, that said rate hall not. exceed the maximum rate of afx per cent per nnniim.

    The proceedings for the aforesaid ar- nulslHon, work and Improvement shnll be under nnd In accordance with the provision* of «n Act. of the Le«l

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