Alcatel Mobile Communication Radio Network Engineering NETWORK ENGINEERING PROCESS Alcatel Mobile Communication ... - BSS topology - NSS topology - Transmission network - Network evolution plan

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Mobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 1RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 1RADIO NETWORK ENGINEERING PROCESSAlcatel Mobile Communication Radio Network EngineeringMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 2OperatorApplicationSupplierSelectionEquipmentInstallation TimeCommercial To ProjectMobileNetworkDesign(MND)RadioNetworkPlanning(RNP)RadioNetworkOperation & Optimisation(RNO)NetworkPlanningGSM NETWORK LIFE CYCLEVerifAccept.CommerciallaunchTuning (RNT)& Management (RNM)t GSM network life cyclet GSM network life cycleMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 3RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 3MOBILE NETWORK DESIGN (MND)MNDCustomer requirements- Traffic forecast- Coverage objectives- Quality of Service objectivesCountry data- Fixed network architecture- Frequency availability- Cartography data- Number and configuration of BTS- Frequency requirement- Expected quality of service- BSS topology- NSS topology- Transmission network- Network evolution plan Preliminary Network Design (PND) Mobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 4RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 4RNP : Step 1Customer answer to RNP questionaire- Traffic forecast- Coverage objectives maps- Available frequency bands- Quality of Service objectives- Fixed network architecture- Recommended cell sites- Scheduling requirementsPreliminary Network Survey- BSS architecture : BSC, BTS, transmission- Configuration of BTS and antenna system- Identification of site search area - Preliminary frequency allocation- Predicted quality of service- BSS evolution planInitial Network Design (IND)RADIO NETWORK PLANNING (RNP) - Step 1Analog Field MeasurementsRadio Model CalibrationTerrain data base- Topography- Morphostructure- Building databasePreliminary Network DesignMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 5RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 5Initial Network DesignAnalog Field MeasurementsSpecific Sites validationSites evaluation - Radio site and BTS details - BSC and transmission details - Initial frequency plan - Neighbouring cell relationship - Initial system parameters - Coverage maps - Interference probabilityBSS data population (DLS)Predicted quality of serviceInstallation & Commissioning requirementsDetailed BSS PlanRADIO NETWORK PLANNING (RNP) - Step 2RNP : Step 2Mobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 6RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 6RADIO NETWORK PLANNING (RNP) - Step 3Digital Field Measurements (trace mobile)RNP : Step 3Detailed BSS PlanOMC-R information- Cellular verification & parameter tuning- Preparation of network acceptanceInstallation &CommissioningInstallation &CommissioningRadio Network VerificationA & Abis interface dataMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 7RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 7RADIO NW OPERATION & OPTIMISATION (RNO)Digital Field Measurements- Mobile trace dataRNORadio Network VerificationOMC-R information- BSS configuration data- BSS fault management dataNetwork performance data- Traffic counters = BSS, NSS- Performance indicatorsQuality of Service Monitoring- Quality of Service Performance Report- BSS configuration optimisation (parameters, frequency plan, extension requirements, ...)Radio Network Tuning (RNT)Network Evaluation (Audit)- Quality of Service Performance Reports- Network Evaluation ReportsRadio Network Management (RNM)Mobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 8RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 8RADIO NETWORK TUNING (RNT)Quality of Service Performancce Report Detailed BSS PlanBSS Performance OptimisationBSS Performance OptimisationDigital Field Measurements (trace mobile) OMC-R informationA & Abis interface data NSS Counters- Evaluation of the Quality of Service (Call Drop, Call Establishmentsuccess rate, Handover Failure rate ...)- Establishment of the list of Radio Problems- Analysis of measurements of traffic and event rates (e.g Handover,Location Update ...)- Analysis of Call Mix, CongestionCustomersMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 9RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 9RADIO NETWORK TUNING (RNT)BSS Performance OptimisationBSS Performance OptimisationDetailed BSS PlanOMC : Operation TeamOMC : Operation TeamQuality Of ServicePerformance Report- Modification of antenna positionning: azimuth, downtilt- Modification of frequency plan- Tuning of BSS parameters: power, timers ...- Optimisation of the BSS configuration- Hardware extensions (transmission links, DTC ...)- Introduce GSM facilities : Power Control, DTX, Frequency Hopping, Handover stategy...RNP TeamRNP TeamInstallation TeamInstallation TeamModification of BSS Parameters Hardware ExtensionAntenna PositionningAntenna PositionningInterferersMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 10RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 10RNORNORNP/RNO MILESTONES & DELIVERABLESPND = Preliminary Network DesignIND = Initial Network Design (Report) DBP = Detailed BSS Plan (Report + data file)RNV = Radio Network Verification (Report)QSP = Quality of Service Performance (Report)RNS = Radio Network Status (Report)BCO = BSS Configuration Optimisation (Report + data file)timeOfferOffer TRANSFERTRANSFER INITIALISATIONINITIALISATION REALISATIONREALISATION CLOSINGCLOSING After Sales After Sales TRANSFERREVIEWTRANSFERREVIEWCLOSING REVIEWCLOSING REVIEWPROJECTLAUNCHREVIEWPROJECTLAUNCHREVIEWToCONTRACT PHASESRNPRNP = RNT + RNMMNDMNDPNDPND INDIND DBPDBP RNVRNV QSPQSP RNSRNS BCOBCOMobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 11RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 11RNEProjects RNPRNOExpertise Make propagationCellular systemToolsPrediction (A955 RNP)Measurements(A954 WA WD ...)Optimisation (A956 RNO)Operation (OMC-R, Peri -OMC)CS DevelopmentsITD DevelopmentsRADIO NETWORK ENGINEERING (RNE)Mobile Communication Division ACS/SR2RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 12RNE_Fund_02_05E04.ppt /Edition 04/ Page 12StuttgartStuttgartParisParisLocal (export)Local (export)ProjectsProjectsRNPRNP******** ****RNORNO****ExpertiseExpertiseRadio GSMRNP MethodologyRadio GSMRNP MethodologyRadio PMR, DECTRNO MethodologyRadio PMR, DECTRNO MethodologyToolsDevelopmentToolsDevelopmentA955 RNPA955 RNPA954 MeasuresA956 RNOA954 MeasuresA956 RNORNE ACTIVITIES


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