Albury Wodonga olunteer Resource Bureau Know Your Gizmo

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Albury Wodonga olunteer Resource Bureau Know Your Gizmo

The issueOlder people often express their concerns about their understanding and use of new technologies.

The issueAlbury High School had expressed an interest in becoming involved in a suitable project whereby students could engage in the community.

FundingFunding for the project was provided through the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) Grants Scheme.

The operation of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is made possible by funding provided by the Commonwealth of Australia under section593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. This funding is recovered from charges on telecommunications carriers.

ObjectivesTrain Year 10 AHS student volunteers in skills needed for volunteering and communicating with older people.

Older people work with High School students for 8 weeks, learning how to get the best from their gizmos.ActivitiesStudents worked with older participants, helping them to understand and use their gizmos more effectively. They worked with mobile phones, ipads, laptops, cameras, GPS and ipods. SkillsSome of the areas students helped with were:Using touch screensNew applicationsSetting up email accountsEmailing, sending photosSetting up contact listsOrganising photos and photo editingManaging files.Outcomes14 students trained in skills required for volunteering and communicating with older people.

48 older participants attended at least one session. (some remain on a waiting list)

Students and older participants worked together over 8 sessions.

Outcomes for students

100% of students felt great about volunteering.They would volunteer again in this type of project and they would recommend it to other students.100% of students felt that their efforts were appreciated.Outcomes for studentsSome highlights mentioned by students:Helping people save their moneyJust connecting with people and helping them with their problemsThe pride you receive from helping people with everyday objects.Got to meet different people and helped me learn how to teach and be patient. Overall had a great time.

Outcomes for older participants100% of participants said they had learnt what they wanted to learn and that they were using their gizmos more effectively.

Outcomes for older participantsSome comments:The students coped very well with the lack of knowledge and endless questions. They were friendly, pleasant, tolerant and very knowledgeable about the ipad.Didnt matter if you didnt know anything made welcomeA great program for oldies!!Camaraderie was excellent!!Because of the students, I am more confident with GIZMOS than before. A big thank you.

12Future ActionsAWVRB can share the Know Your Gizmo plan and templates with other organisations that wish to run a similar project.