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Text of Albury Wodonga NewsWeekly, Issue #152, Friday, 21 September, 2012

  • #152 Friday, September, 21 2012

    School Holiday Movie Guide


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  • Page 2w Friday, 21 September, 2012 Connecting people and


    ./73(/7).'Madagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted 3D [PG] Also available in 2DNew York Zoo escapees Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippopotamus decide to go on a quest to return home in a scheme dreamed up by their crafty penguin and chimpanzee friends. Unfortunately, the plan doesnt go quite as anticipated when they nd themselves stranded in Monte Carlo. In order to escape a tenacious animal control captain, the group catches a ride with a rundown travelling circus. When they nd out the circus is headed for America, they come up with an act so they can pose as part of the show.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days [PG] School is out and Greg Hefey (Zachary Gordon) is excited to get started on his summer plans. His idea of a great holiday is spending every day playing video games, but his father Frank (Steve Zahn) would prefer him to be outdoors.Gregs best friend Rowley Jefferson (Robert Capron) invites him to spend the summer at the country club. Excited about the free food, swimming pools, and the fact that his crush Holly works there, Greg accepts. Unfortunately, his plans are soon foiled when he gets kicked out of the club.

    The Watch [MA15+] A group of overworked, exhausted suburban fathers decide to start a fake neighborhood watch group as a way to escape their families and get in some male bonding time. However, when one of their meetings turns out to be the setting for a real alien invasion, the men are forced to step up and protect their neighborhood as a team in a battle against the extraterrestrial creatures.

    Hotel Transylvania 3D [PG] Also available in 2DAt Draculas (voiced by Adam Sandler) ve-star resort, Hotel Transylvania, monsters and their families, including Frankenstein (voiced by Kevin James) and his bride, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and a family of werewolves, can live it up without worrying about frightening or offending anyone in the human world. Dracula, an overprotective dad, has a teenage daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). He makes up stories about terrible dangers in order to keep her from wanting to leave the hotel. But his world may come crashing down when an ordinary guy, who just happens to walk into the hotel, falls for Mavis.





    Tinker Bell: Secret of the wings [PG]Journey with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends into the mystical and forbidden world of the Mysterious Winter Woods, where curiosity and adventure leads Tinker Bell to an amazing discovery that will not only change her life forever, but will eventually unite the warm and cold seasons, bringing all of Pixie Hollow together.

  • Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28that 11am, 12:30pm & 2pm

    Centre Court, Olive Street end



    By PETER SWEENEYCHUM Ried laughed when he heard Barney Cain say he was 75 and had been knocking around Al-bury footy club for 60 years.

    Barneys just a boy. Im 85 and this has been my home for 65 years, maybe more, Chum said.

    Chum and Barney are the A-team at Tigerland. And on Sunday, the close mates, daily visitors to the ground, are tipping an A-class performance from the Tigers

    against Yarrawonga.It will have a lot to do with inju-

    ries, Barney says of Alburys goal of a fourth straight flag in the Ov-ens and Murray League.

    Dont worry, well be right, Chum said.

    Clasping the hat-trick of cups the Tigers have won against the Pi-geons, the pair walked the ground they lovingly look after and had a stopover in the grandstand.

    This place is good enough for

    The Queen, Barney said.Sure is, she sat in this spot in

    54, Chum replied.The pair who have done this,

    that and everything at Tigerland call themselves rouseabouts.

    Well do anything, Barney said. And I dont think the ground would look as good as it does if we werent here, Chum chipped in.

    We spend a bit of time here, so much so were often told to bring our beds down.

    Sleeping is far from the minds of this active duo, life members of the Albury Football Club.

    Weve got to keep working, we still pay to get into the footy, Chum said.

    Oh, and for those who have for-gotten, or who have no idea, Chum has Keith as a christian name and Barney is Brian.

    Nobody would know that, Bar-ney said. We hardly remember our names.

    Issue #152 Friday, 21 September, 2012

    Old boys on board

    DONT let his boyish face fool you, Eric Kerr is ready to step up into a mans world. And come late next month, and the recently out-of-school Eric may be making decisions that affect every ratepayer in the city of Wodonga. He mightnt come from a local government background, but young Kerr is standing for election to the local council. TREVOR JACKSON spends time with this man on a mission. See page 4.

    Time for change

    TWO teenagers who had abor-tions in Albury have revealed their heart-rending stories of regret and remorse on a just launched nation-al website.

    They wrote candidly of the mental anguish they had suffered since having their pregnancies terminated. Their feelings follow recent verbal attacks on a pro-life group by an obstetrician, coun-sellor and Anglican priest in this newspaper in recent weeks.

    PETER SWEENEY watched a protest by the pro-life group and spoke to women about their beliefs. Stories, page 3.

    DECRIMINALISE illicit drug use called a former senior police detective when we launched our Say No To Drugs campaign a fortnight ago.

    And what have medical au-thorities, police hierarchy and community groups been saying since? Exactly what NewsWeekly told you on the front page of the 7 September edition.

    The policeman claimed the es-calating crime rate would lessen if illicit drug use was decriminalised.

    His call hasnt fallen on death ears. Turn to page 6 for more on Say No To Drugs.

    Abortion anger

    Drop charges call

    CUP RUNNETH NOT OVER Barney Cain (left) and Chum Ried are ready for another cup. Picture: PETER SWEENEY.

  • Page 2 Friday, 21 September, 2012 Connecting people and


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    And while melan

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    We can provide

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    With our equipm

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    Dr Evans began

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    After moving to

    the Border, he s

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    a skin


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    In the last year, I

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    done around 800

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    his practice are

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    He said back wh

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    people knew littl

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    of skin

    cancer through

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    bathed, soaked in

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    But he says early

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