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Text of Alaska Historical .Alaska State Library Historical Collections Bayers, Lloyd H., 1911-1968 Captain

  • Alaska State Library

    Historical Collections

    Bayers, Lloyd H., 1911-1968 Captain Lloyd H. Kinky Bayers Collection, 1898-1967

    MS 10

    Alaska Historical Files 907 465-2925

    PO Box 110571 Juneau, Alaska 99811-0571

  • OCEAN GURREN1'SAny and all.

    GUlf Stream----see S1'RAlNGERIVfR pp , 18 S&S Winter 1955Emp. 7/19/1940/6 in a story on Sitka men chartering Shell

    Simmonsand his Lockheed to look tor albacore tuna100 miles off Sitka---the Japanese current 1s caL'Led"Koshiwlrou

    (Somewhere I have something on Japanese current in whichit 1s called "xur-o-c" or some such name , ) CHECK~

  • r OCEANS, OCEANOGRAPHY, ETC.Salt watv r-, etc.

    -11(26-/-:k9-2-8f:>--A-aG-'-w;'le-'-e-ee-arr'-ha be el'l-t'!-1s-covered-nea-r-the geo~aphical center of the u:~. A sAlt-water poolnear Cawker 01ty, Kansas. It is known as Waconda springs

    -(-Ind-1. a11".....-1' or-Gre-a~-Sp-:tr1-t-)-~leve r---tTe-e-z'e"s-o-r-changeNs-le'vs"l-,

    5/25/1948/8 Tuna caught ne"r Ketchikan Ocean temp 640--


    ee card-this fj] e on lll!USlIAL-MMES-OF-P-lACES'- _

  • OIL. Some History of

    Piots. and story in Large Envelope No. 20.-?A.Dis1O. 11/23/1914 1010.3; Petroleum was known in 2000 BC

    D.A.Dis1O. 12/18/1900 History of discovery of oil in AlaskaA V.G. account---summer or-rS9S. ~-"mp~7-/-1-2/-192218-W-.-G-.-Cl:lene.IL.--i'-ins t man---.t_o_drillfor 011

    in Alaska (at Katalla) 1s in Juneau.~~-O-l~/~,_~~;_~~4K-a-~~lk~:~-i-~t;-t~~-~~;-~d~~e~_~PA~-~~g;;g;_~?._~heEmp. 9Ll~L1922L3 All fuel oil will be found in the Cold

    Bay area. (Something in every paper since Sept. 5th'ae0~~~1~8tampede-e~e. .Emp. 1/26/1923/5 all drllling started at Cold Bay.Emp: 3(1071923 Most powerful oil drilling plan~i~n~t~h~e--

    w'o-r-l-d-ha-s---b ee n- -se-t-U-f,>~by-the--B-t---4-.-----G-i-l-Ce-. -a t--Co1d-Ba:y-.--Emp. 7/16/1923/8 Associated Oil Co. abandons well in Cold

    Bas area.-E-mllo-J:c2/-1-2-/-1-9-24-j2--He-a-v-y-f--0w-o-f-g-a-s---a-1r--K-ana-t-ack-stolOB~d-~

    Oil from dctllln.g...f-UX-tber. ----llo.wn--3-D.l5-ft,,=======

  • Emp. 3/23/1926 Standard Oil Co. stops drilling in one'part of Cold Bay and may start in another place.Emp. 4/3/1926 ';.J.Erskine of Kodiak says the Standard Oil

    quit drilling at Kanatak because of t~e high costs underpresent conditions. '.Emp~ 5/20/1926/8 General Petroleum Co. ready to drill forbil at Yakataga.Emp. 6/23/1926 Std. Oil Co. quits Kanatak oil drilling ..Emp, 1/5/1927/7 V.G. History of ~irst oil well in 1859

    in Pennsylvania. Edwin L. Drake had Wm. A. Smith. drlllit for him. 691 down they struck oil, etc ...

    Emp. 1/10/1927/6 General Petroleum Co; files articles ofincorporation in Alaska.Emp. 7/7/1927/8 Yakataga oil well down 1500' Gen. Petro CoPATHFINDEr. May, 1925 The Coal Bay oil fields. Cold Bay,

    Salmon creek-Bear creek Anticline; Oil creek area,Ugashik creek Anticline. manadak all to~n end PortageBay oil drilling. V.G, with plots.

    3/21/1939/8 Std. and Associated Oil Co's. resume drilling1n Jute Bay on the Alaska PeninuQla.

  • ) 2) OILDrill1n ex Lor-e t a.7~~~;i~~~'~3R2~;r~e~iigs~~ik~Q:tgH:{~:s::-f~~own.

    I grade too ....-5i2~!;5--~il search tcr-sEart n Yakuta area--- rom there__ do_wn-t o-Cape-Ea-l-:p-w6a.t-he-p--by-C.GGF-Rde-G-i_l_&_Ge;-s_. &0-.--

    million & a qtr. acre lease.len ann eQu pmen arr. a a u at to drill fo~ all for the

    1---LC.Q.IQ.Pa:do-O-i-1-&-G.a-s-C-0-.-Q.fl:8-ffi+1-J:-1-e.n-&-a-qt-p,_e:e-re-a-r-ea:-;--Geologists working between Yakutat Bay- and Mt.Fa~rweathe. eve a e lcopter. (KDN.67~/5b)--

    -S"trolleI'rl-/Z(f-~_..;. Anchorage T mea cams au geoLog-,1_~...'C; l=S-and-seepage.S--pI'-O-~--a._o_ll f.i el" __

    underlies the area.~7371938 Alaska all Exp~~ratlons to be pushed at once~--St-a-naard.-l].n1..-on-a-n"d-rr'-:hrew;;t-er -o-dr-l-1-1-an---A-l a enn.

    aCross from K 1 ..Jsl.E!Il.d.---: :-:_=-=-::---=-:-:-~--:-::-:-:-:_2/10/1938/8 MV. "Suaco" 63' here with S d. Oil drill1ngj crew for arsen ay. ~

  • 2/11/1938/2 More on 011----8. S. "Northwind" chartered byIniekin Bay Oil Co. Inlskin and Cold Bay both lookedgood last summer.

    5/12/1938/8 Geologists hunt for oil at Yakataga, Kata11aand Jute Bay for the Std and Associated 011 Companys.

    8/15/1938/8 Gas may gush at Iniskin Bay-o-pr-essur-ater-r-tr t.8/30/1938/6 Oil tests fizzle at Chitina Bay--Iniskin oildrilling operations.

    5/23/1939/8 Ten BBLS. oil flow from Iniskin Drilling Co.well which is down 7500'7/18/1939 Iniskin Oil Co. down 826o' in 'good sand and oil

    strata8 ..8/26/1939/3 Oil hole at Chitina Bay of Iniskin Oil Dri11il

    Co. is now down over g50Q' -a nd still passing throughshale and oil sands. .9/23/1939/6 Iniskln Oil Drilling Co. stops for this year.Are down over 87001 and no all yet.NOME NEWS 10/17/1902 VG Big gusher comes in at "CoteUa"

    (Katal1a) Before being capped the oil gushed to 150'See good description and story in VALDEZ PROSPECTfiR for


  • (3) - OILSeattle P. I. 2/24/1957--- \'Ihat malt 0 s the all in an oil, we.r.r SnOOL up ;lnto the air when the well is drilled?

    Nat1lrOiiJ 2)&, wh~-i-e-&---m'l:der pre-ssttre-irr--ttTe-pol'esof the rocks and sand where the oil is Loca t ed , As the.....--WC.LJ .LS cor-eo Ln't o the earth, this gas is released, and it

    s up to the SU~e-;----brl-ngi lie; o1.-3:-aTI8rnmt-wttll1 u DISCOVLRXAfD HISTOROF OIL. (NOTEBOOK No. 27~2-90--9lL5/14/1945./5 Navv drilling test well at Umiat (.JJ.arJ'Jl.Y1)9/12/1945 Petroleum indications in Western Alaska about

    .L:iO-mH-esvr:--or-KOdiaI< on lG:sliJja Penn._K.Ohron...Jht-l

  • D.A.Disp. 10/30/1S99 Petroieum discovered ,in Cook's Inletnear Kyak Island---with traces of oil fcund for 20 milssaround the Island.

    1/31/1903 ALASKAN (Sitka) VG Kayak Oil,field More 5/23/1903 and all thru this paper from Jan.on.


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